Jill came home early from work and was extremely confused as to why her stomach was so upset. She had been stressed out the last couple of weeks about her deadlines but that usually didn't bother her stomach. She sat down and tried to figure out what was happening to her. As she thought about all the things that it could be there was one reason she didn't think, one thing that never even came to mind and that was the one thing it happened to be. Tim walked in the garage door and said, "Hey honey what's up?" Jill caught off guard said, "What, oh Hi sweetie." Tim looked at her and said, "Jill is there something wrong?" Jill said, "No I don't think so but you know I have been having stomach problems recently and I am trying to figure out what is going on." Jokingly Tim said, "Oh yeah, you are probably pregnant." He laughed at his joke but Jill's face went white. Tim said, "Come on I was just kidding." Looking seriously at him Jill said, "Do you remember that night about two months ago when you said 'don't worry Jill, just trust me?'" Tim smiled, shook his head and said, "Do I remember that night." He had a big smile on his face as he thought back….

Two months prior……

Jill had been out of town visiting one of her sisters and was about to return home. The boys were out for the night with their friends and Tim was anxiously awaiting her arrival from the airport. It had only been three days but to him it had felt like three weeks. He had missed her so much and couldn't wait to show her. When she pulled up in front of the house he was immediately outside helping her with her bags. Jill was thinking great what did he blow up while I was gone. He had gone through a toaster, a blender, and a TV but he would mention those later right now he was anxious to get her inside. Their time was limited since the boys would be home soon.

When Jill got inside she was upset to see that the boys were out but when she turned around Tim gave her a big hug and she noticed the yearning in his eyes. When they separated he put his hand on her face and caressed her check then worked his way down her body. He said, "I missed you." She smiled at him and said, "Oh really I never would have known." He continued caressing her and added kisses to her neck and shoulders. His desire was building and he guided her to the couch and said, "Maybe we should get more comfortable." They undressed each other and Tim was eager to get on with things when Jill said, "Wait I don't have my" Tim interrupted her, not wanting to stop he said, "Don't worry Jill, everything will be alright, trust me." Jill was very excited as well and thought surely once without birth control won't hurt. They continued on, Tim ran his hands down the side of Jill's body and followed it with kisses. She started laughing because it tickled and tried to push Tim's hand away but he grabbed her arms and pinned her down while continuing with his method of torture. She wriggled free and flipped them over so she was on top and could cause a little torture herself, she started with rubbing his chest. She worked her way down his body until he couldn't handle it anymore and had to have her. They slowly made love, when they finish they were both very happy and content.

As Jill was lying on top of him he began to rub her back. She picked her head up with surprise and said, "Again." He had a glimmer in his eyes and said, "Did you think I was done with you?" Tim rolled them over so she was on the bottom and fondled her breasts with his hands and then he was kissing and sucking on them. Jill was enjoying this immensely and then he was inside her again. They were in rhythm with each other as always. Afterwards they were laying on the couch entwined in each other until Jill said, "Maybe we should take this upstairs since the boys will be home soon." They gathered their clothes and went up to their bed where they made love again in a slow and steady rhythm and then finally fell asleep in each others arms.

Present Day…..

Jill saw the smile on Tim's face and knew he was thinking back to the night that she had come home from her sisters. She watched him and thought to herself it really was a great night but could I be pregnant from it? She hoped not since they had decided their family was complete, even though they hadn't taken permanent measures. They already had the three boys and she knew with her luck if she was pregnant it would be with another boy. She thought back to the last time she had her period and realized that she couldn't remember. She frantically searched for a calendar and studied the dates, if she was pregnant she was already about 10 weeks along. She decided she needed to make an appointment with her doctor for the next day. She looked at Tim and decided not to tell him until she knew something for sure. She excused herself and went to take a hot shower to try and relax. Tim watched her leave and thought I hope she's not mad at me.

While she was in the shower she thought about how another baby would affect her life. She would probably have to quit her job, she would be sleep deprived again and not to mention the breastfeeding. Could she handle it and how would the boys react to having another sibling, would Tim be happy? She decided to push all those thoughts out of her mind until she knew for sure.

That night when they were getting ready for bed Tim said, "Jill you do know I was only kidding about the pregnancy thing. I'm sure you are not pregnant. Probably just some kind of stomach bug that is taking a while to get over."" Jill just agreed and gave Tim a kiss goodnight but had already convinced herself this was not just a stomach bug.