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Warnings: dark, mentions of non-con, slavery, slash, AU


Reign of Darkness

Chapter 1:

The war had been lost. All it took was a little well placed poison. Its victims: Dumbledore, Arthur and Molly Weasley, Lupin, the whole Auror contingent, every member of the Wizengamot and several ministry workers.

The transition had been swift and nearly without struggle. Voldemort's plan left his price whole instead of in ruins.

Muggleborns and resisting wizard children were auctioned off into slavery to the pure-blooded families with the provision that they couldn't be killed and had to be able to provide offspring.

Hogwarts was still standing and was still used as a school. There were new teachers and several new subjects, but no torture or humiliation. There were still four Houses and four Head of Houses.

And most surprising of all, there was still a Harry Potter.

It was September the first and the Hogwarts students were slowly filling the Great Hall. There was no sneering or mocking, treaded threats between members of different Houses, it was forbidden and the punishment could range anywhere between suspension, expulsion and slavery.

Lord Voldemort had made his dislike on that topic quite clear and not one student had any illusions regarding their fate if they were stupid enough to break that rule. After Pansy Parkinson had lost all standing as a pureblood and had been auctioned off as a breeding slave to the Goyle family, it was obvious that not even their parents' rank could protect them from the consequences of breaking that particular rule.

The new first years were lead into the Great Hall and the Sorting began. There weren't many first years, because half bloods were only allowed to attend if they were exceptionally powerful and raised in the Wizarding World and muggleborns weren't allowed to attend at all.

There was a special school where breeding slaves were allowed to attend after faithfully serving their owner family for at least a year, the common time it took to break their spirit, where they learned useful household charms and everything about child care. The students' ages varied between twelve and sixteen. With sixteen they were sent back to their owner families to start their breeding duties. There weren't many sixteen years old attending though, more often than not the students were called back with fourteen or fifteen.

After the Sorting the new Headmistress, Minerva McGonagall, stood up from her place at the head table and recited the most important school rules: "Any strife between different Houses is forbidden and will face certain expulsion and slavery. Anyone breaking curfew will be suspended for two weeks. Anyone not capable of common civility when dealing with his peers will be suspended for two weeks. Remember that you are all of even standing here in Hogwarts and only your academic achievements will make you stand out. That being said, enjoy your meal!"

Severus Snape smirked lightly and asked her: "Still not used to reciting the rules and the consequences of breaking them?"

Minerva smiled weakly. "I am afraid I will never get used to see more justice and equality at a Hogwarts under Lord Voldemort's rule than under the former ministry and Headmasters'. Who would have thought Lord Voldemort able of bringing peace to the four Houses?"

Severus raised an eyebrow. "Certainly not me. After drinking the restorative potion and the eternal youth draught he beat his madness, though his prejudices remained intact."

Both teachers had been surprised when Voldemort first offered them their respective positions at Hogwarts instead of killing them. He had been very persuasive: "I want a Hogwarts were all students and all Houses are equal and I think you two will be able to accomplish that. You won't regain total freedom, but you will be free in your actions as long as you remain at Hogwarts and follow my rules."

After hearing the rules they would have to follow and to enforce on the students both agreed. That had been a year ago.

"Did you hear anything of the Weasley children, Severus?" Minerva asked, sorrow lacing her words.

"I don't know what became of all the boys, but I know that the oldest two and the twins could flee before the take over. I know nothing of the third or fifth son. The girl became a breeding slave and is serving the Malfoy family. She is expecting her second child." Severus didn't allow his feelings to show on his face or in his eyes.

He truly despised the current breeding slave system. It was beyond wrong to force fourteen or fifteen years old girls to carry children, to serve as breeding mares for the pure-blooded males of their owner families. The families just had to be sure who the child's father was for the records.

He knew for a fact that Miss Weasley's first child had been fathered by the deceased Lucius and her second by either Draco himself or his cousin. The bright girl had been reduced to a life as a lesser mistress, to entertain anyone her owner family wished her to.

Minerva sighed unhappily, repressing the tears that threatened to fall. "That poor, poor girl."was all she dared to say.

Both teachers started when the doors to the Great Hall opened again. Two cloaked and hooded figures entered, the smaller one following a careful distance behind the taller one, his head slightly bowed.

The taller one walked up to the head table and put down his hood. Wavy black hair framed a delicate, pale face. Ruby eyes sparkled in the candle light.

"My Lord…"gasped the surprised McGonagall.

Voldemort smiled. "I bring you another student, Professor. See to it that he comes to no harm or I will be severely displeased." With those words he waved his smaller companion forwards. His smile turned slightly evil when he put down his companion's hood.

Unruly black hair was gathered in a short tail; skin so white in nearly glowed and a delicate face were revealed.

Voldemort's eyes flashed as he put a long finger under his young companion's chin to lift his head. His smile grew even wider when his ruby stare was met by reluctant emerald."You know the rules, kitten. Behave or I will have you back in my Manor." He whispered nearly lovingly in the youth's ear.

The young male lowered his head again, hissing back a faint:"Yes, master."

Hearing the hissing soundsSeverus' and Minerva's eyes widened nearly comically. It was unbelievable, incomprehensible. Yet it was nonetheless fact.

Harry Potter had returned to Hogwarts.


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