Out of the Ordinary

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"Well, this is new," said a voice behind House as he limped off towards clinic duty "You look almost happy... and I thought you were incapable of showing any normal human emotions! It's Cameron isn't it?" House turned around to see his friend James Wilson standing behind him, grinning. "And I thought you were incapable of being even more annoying! I guess we were both wrong, then." said House and he turned around and began walking again. "So, is it Cameron?" he asked again "Go ask her yourself!" said House as he slammed the clinic door in Wilson's face.

You know, Cuddy's right, clinic duty isn't actually that bad thought House as he walked back to his office. He laughed. It was a slow day in the diagnostic medicine department. House swaggered into his office, sat down in his chair, and propped his legs up on his desk. Out of pure habit, he grabbed his Vicodin bottle. But as he began to pop the top off, he decided that his leg wasn't hurting quite as bad as usual, so he popped the top back on and grabbed his ipod just as Foreman and Chase walked in. Oh god thought House. "Ohhh Gregggg!" said Foreman with the biggest grin in the world on his face. "To you guys, it's House. I am your boss, remember?" he said, desperately trying to divert them away from the subject they were sure to begin taunting him about any moment now. Unfortunately for him, they ignored his comment. "What's with you and Cuddy?" said Chase with a grin to rival even House's looks. "Nothing" said House bitterly. "So that big smooch was nothing too?" said Foreman. "Glad you've finally come up with a theory I agree with" said House sarcastically, as he began to blush. He pulled himself out of his chair and walked over towards the door. "Why don't you guys go tell Wilson, and then you can all go giggle and talk about me together" said House as he waked out the door, leaving Chase and Foreman in his office laughing insanely. Geez, how immature he thought. He walked down the halls pointlessly, trying to avoid Foreman, Chase, and Wilson (who had certainly found out by now and was out searching for him) when he heard Cameron behind him.

House turned around to see a red-eyed Cameron, who had obviously been crying. "Greg" she said shakily "I need to talk to you."