Destinykeeper: My first fanfiction on Golden sun in a very long time. It's an alternate universe fiction so a lot about Golden Sun will be explained in the process. If anyone wonders, I used to be the humor author Anglkeeper07.

Chapter One: Jupiter's Dilema

On the planet of Jupiter, creatures grew. While the colour of their atmosphere hid it, Jupiter had floating continents and floating lakes. Oxygen was in abundance and life grew in the most odd of ways. The dominant species was known as homo jupiterius, for they had wings.

A race very odd indeed, for even though they had powerful machines and technology, they relied on psynergy, a power that allowed them to control the winds and sense coming disasters and events. They had wings and flew very short distances, as their world is vast.

And in the city of Kalay, two young leaders talked. For a great mission was to arise in the vacuum of space.

A blond Ivan sat on his chair, staring at the troubling picture. "I thought you had this taken care of with this "ETA" program."

Sheba, another blond girl was sitting next to him, holding a small hand computer. Her hair and skin tone would suggest that she was part of the Contigo family like Ivan, but she was just a space scientist interested in the study of one of Jupiter's moons, Europa, which seemed to have a surface according to their satellites.

"I've told you, ETA is only used for tracking asteroids and weather systems. There was a treaty signed 100 years ago on the ban of weapons in space, you, prime minister of Contigo, should know all the political reasons behind that."

"Well, what are we supposed to do? Can't you just move the asteroid so that it can't collide with a continent?"

"Oh, Ivan!" she said slapping her head. "You can be so stupid sometimes!"

"It was just a suggestion," Ivan said, bracing the worst from Sheba.

" YOU ARE SO IDIOTIC! Don't you think I would've thought of that! It's too big, plus it's right on target, according to the simulations, with the core city of Lalivero. Even if it misses the city, it'll hit the core cause small disruptions on the surface which will cause shockwaves that will hit the city anyway."

"And what do you want me to do about it?" Ivan asked, knowing that Lalivero was Sheba's home city.

Sheba grinned, "the senate's next session is tomorrow so you can ignite the issue there. They'll listen to you, most of the voters all over Jupiter are campaigning for you to become the Grand Adept of Jupiter, especially the younger generations."

Ivan sighed. "You're too crafty, Sheba, but I still love you."

DK: I know, a short chapter, but only because I have other things to do.