Chapter 1

By alilangel

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Kagome ran from the scene as fast as she could toward the well. She couldn't believe Inuyasha had betrayed her once again. She had come back that evening as she had promised so that they could discuss plans for the shards and for her senior prom. Yes for her senior prom she had invited Inuyasha who had readily agreed and now she had caught him with HER.


Kagome climbed out of the well feeling nervous and excited. Today she was going to invite Inuyasha to the prom. She hoped he would go. She couldn't think of anyone she would rather go with. Her friends had told her to dump him and take Hojo but she refused.

It wasn't that she didn't like him he was just too nice and way too dense. He just couldn't take a hint and leave her alone, no matter how many times she turned him down. Slowly walking down the trail toward the village she finally ran into Inuyasha. She almost fell from the collision but with demon reflex he caught her.

Kagome looked up at him about to thank him and almost gasped at the sight. His hair was blowing in the breeze and his eyes were watching her every move and she became lost in there depth it almost as if looking into her soul.

"Thanks Inuyasha!" Kagome said smiling up at him.

"Feh" he grumbled secretly pleased with the smile she gave him as he gave her an arm up. Kagome dusted off her uniform and grabbed her backpack before heading down the trail once more, Inuyasha right beside her. It was now or nothing. Taking a deep breath she stopped and turned to him.

"Um...Inuyasha I gotta ask you something." she mumbled with a slight blush.

"What is it now?" he asked getting a warm feeling from the blush she had.

"Well there's this thing called a senior prom which is kinda like a festival with dancing and food where you get dressed up. And you normally go with a guy or girl that you like and well…I was kinda wondering if you wanted to go with me?" There she had put herself out on the line and could only hope that he would agree.

"Feh! Yeah I'll go who knows what trouble you would get into without me along." he grumbled not too pleased that they would have to stop there shard hunt. He looked at her as she smiled brightly at him before turning towards the village once more.

end Flashback

Kagome collapsed at the well sobbing and couldn't stop the image of Inuyasha and Kikyo in a passionate embrace. Inuyasha had murmured something to her that Kagome couldn't make out and then she heard the worst thing possible. "Yeah I'm going with her to this sen-ior prom but she could never measure up to you Kikyo, she's just my shard detector. You're the one that I love."

Why had he done this? Kagome had hoped that he liked her even a small amount even as a friend but apparently she wasn't even a friend. Was she always destined for such heartache?

She was too caught up in her emotions and thoughts that she didn't feel the youkai aura or hear someone landing behind her.

Sesshomaru had been flying over Inuyasha's Forest when he heard heart wrenching sobs. The sound pulled slightly at his heart and he sighed. Rin was making him too soft. Following the sound he was slightly surprised to see his brother's wench. She was usually never far from his side. Sesshomaru lifted his nose sniffing the air but couldn't catch the half-breeds scent. This furthered his curiosity.

Softly landing behind her he raised an eyebrow that she hadn't noticed his presence. He had not masked his scent or aura so she should have noticed him. Watching her sob and hold herself made him slightly angry at who ever had hurt her. He had come to respect her after there many meetings drawn to her spirit and purity. Deciding to settle his curiosity he broke the silence.

"Wench why is it that you are crying?"

Kagome was jerked out of her thoughts by a soft yet stern voice. "Wench why is it that you are crying?"

Kagome stiffened at that voice. She knew who that belonged to. She slowly turned praying that it wasn't who she thought it was. Sadly it was. It was Sesshomaru.

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