Senior Prom and True Love

Chapter Ten

By Alilangel

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha or characters.

"Mama I'm hungry," a tired Shippo said getting his mothers attention. Kagome and Shippo had been on there own for a week now. They had been having a hard time as Kagome was not used to her bow yet and Shippo didn't know how to hunt. They were down to one cup of ramen and some pocky.

"Okay Shippo we'll set up camp here," she said stopping and dropping her backpack to the ground. She started a fire and got the ramen ready for him. Shippo happily grabbed the cup from her and dropped to the ground happily slurping the noodles.

Kagome watched him and hated that her son was hungry, but she was too scared to head back to the well as she didn't want to endanger herself or Shippo. She really didn't want him to be motherless once again. A sudden growl erupted through the air and she blushed in embarrassment. She glanced at Shippo hoping he hadn't noticed and sighed quietly when she saw that he was still eating. She decided to eat the last of the pocky and hoped that it would quiet her stomach for at least a little bit, she really didn't want to worry the little guy as he had had been through enough.

What would she do? She had no where to go and had no idea how she was going to get back to the well. She also had to go dress shopping…prom was only a week away. She was definitely nervous about going with Sesshomaru. She didn't know what to think of him anymore. He was still a ruthless and bloodthirsty killer but he told her that Inuyasha was coming and to prepare herself. Why would he do something like that if there wasn't more to him? Plus he had that little girl traveling with him, Rin she believed was the girls name and she was a hyperactive child and he seemed to tolerate him. So maybe there was more to the Ice Prince than he actually knew or showed.

She turned to check on her son and found him curled up sleeping, the ramen cup lying next to him. She let a smile adorn her face and felt her heart fill with love. She was so lucky to have him. Standing up she went over and picked him up cuddling him close to her chest and was able to get her sleeping bag out and settle underneath.

After getting comfortable she looked to the sky and spotted a shooting star. 'Starlight star bright, first star I see tonight, I wish I may wish I might have this wish I wish to night. I wish to be loved and happy for once,' she whispered into the night before drifting into unconsciousness.

It was still dark out, the sun barely over the horizon when Kagome woke with a start when she felt a strong aura that she was able to detect, that could only mean one thing Sesshomaru. She slowly unzipped her sleeping bag, making sure Shippo was safe and warm before heading into the forest toward him.

She came upon him standing next to a river staring into the depths. Deciding to stay quiet and let him acknowledge her she looked off into the distance admiring all the colors of the sunrise.

Sesshomaru watched the woman next to him. He wondered if he was making the right decision. He really didn't want more humans but he couldn't go back on the deal and at the rate she was going she and that kit of hers would die soon from starvation or Inuyasha he was not sure.

"Miko what are you doing in this Sesshomaru's lands?" he asked breaking the calm silence.

Kagome drew her gaze from the sunrise to the demon standing next to her. She took a deep breath and began. "Inuyasha threatened me if I did not leave and I did not want to put Shippo in danger. He means the world to me and I don't want to cause him more pain if something were to happen to me."

"Anyways he told me to leave so I did. I can't return to the well without encountering him and I'm just a shard detector to him so I've decided to look for the shards on my own," she said.

Sesshomaru looked at her and then abruptly turned around and walked back the way she came. Kagome watched him leave and turned back to the sunrise. He really was odd.

"Are you coming Miko or not?" a silk voice spoke through the air. Kagome turned around a bit startled and met Sesshomaru's gaze.

"Hai Sesshomaru-sama." He turned around and led the way back to camp.

They came upon camp and a still sleeping kit. "You will gather the kit and your belongings and you are coming with me." Sesshomaru said, his voice leaving no room for argument.

Kagome looked at him in surprise. He really wanted her to come live with him? But didn't he hate humans? Yet he had agreed to go with her to prom…and she did need a place to stay especially somewhere with food for Shippo.

"Hai Lord Seshomaru."