This Year's Love

Chapter 1: Destiny




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She screamed into the cold night air. The darkly clad girl stood poised; shrinking back at the horrible sight before her. A piercing scream emitted from her tight lips as the figure moved ever closer. Casting her hands forward in an attempt to stop the figure's constant approach, the girl's tries were in vain as the power that should've emitted out from her outstretched hands failed to acknowledge her calling upon them. Sinisterly, the figure laughed harshly, his features covered in the darkest veiling of the moon lit shadows of the night. Backing away, her hands clasped together at her chest, the amethyst –eyed beauty found herself against a harsh and cold wall. Trying futilely for her powers to aide her, the figure released a powerful surge of energy from behind his cloaked figure. Hitting her squarely, the girl was knocked off her feet and onto the icy floor. Now on her hands and knees, she looked up into the four slanted, yellow eyes that glared malevolently as the figure revealed his face from behind his cloak.

"NOW you see daughter…..there is no escape. You had your chances to join me; to join my lieges of demons and warriors. Now you shall realize your greatest mistake was to ever involve yourself with those that would make you weak, pitiful daughter. You have embraced such a weakness as an escape from my grasp, but; alas, YOU HAVE FAILED. And now….daughter, you shall be punished."

Unsheathing a hand from the darkness, his skin glowing a blood-red crimson, five claws detracted from his hand; one from each long, spindly finger. Raising the twisted, claw-like hand above his head, the figure, her father……mocked her one final time.

"Ahh, my dearest Raven! Where are those friends now? Where ARE your friends? Did you think that they could ever save you? Did you think that allying yourself with pitiful mortal CHILDREN would ever save you from your DESTINY? My child….my weak, disgraceful child, may this be your final warning lesson. When I call upon you to aide in my bidding, YOU SHALL DO AS I COMMAND OR ELSE I, ONCE AGAIN, SHALL ANIHLAITE ALL THAT YOU HOLD DEAR! The friends you love will be tortured, raped and killed in the worst way possible, my dearest Raven. They shall become nothing more than memories to fill the nightmares that will help in your torment, should you fail me. They shall be like the rest….their deaths, their blood, their anguish…..all on your hands. ALL….YOUR…….FAULT!"

With that, Trigon swiped his claws forcefully, down, over Raven's face; slicing into her warm, porcelain-grey skin. His other hand unsheathed as well, he began to slice and cut through Raven's delicate skin. Slashing deeply into her pale skin, Raven desperately tried to shield herself from the blows, but to no avail. She screamed helplessly, in terror, pain, agony and the all-encompassing fear of the torturing demon that had spawned her anguished existence. As the pain seeped into every part of her consciousness, becoming too much to bear, Raven blacked out. The final sounds reverberating in her head was the vile laughs radiating from her father's lips, and the twisted torture that followed.


The whole tower shook with such force that even had there not been a force of black, negative magic that exploded, each member of the titans would have noticed the ear-splitting screams. As it was, the magic succeeded in shattering every piece of glass in the tower. The four titans were awake instantly. Robin, leader of the titans, jumped out of his room, mask on, hair disheveled and still in his pajamas. He ran straight to the source of the screams: Raven's room. At the same time, Cyborg, Starfire, and Beast Boy acted similarly, rushing to the goth girl's room. Although all the titans ran their fastest, one made it first to her door (with the help of a little morphing).

Not hesitating for a second, Beast Boy transformed from cheetah to gorilla and punched the door down with one ferocious punch. As the door flew off its hinges, he reverted back to normal and entered. Raven's screams intensified; her shrieks stabbing painfully in everyone's ears and at the heart of one, very green, very worried titan. Rushing into the dark room, the green changeling stopped in horror at the sight before him. Transfixed and unable to move, he let out a gasp. Raven was covered….no, dripping, with blood. Her sheets, her bed, her hair, her pajamas….were all bloody. Her very own body was mangled and scared horribly. Gashes, cuts, bruises and freshly infected talon marks, dug deeply into her skin and soaked through the tattered remains of her pajamas. Her skin constantly oozed a steady flow of blood down the five large, symmetrical gashes crossed over her. The marks cut diagonally across her face, her eyes were clenched closed and her mouth was open in a constant state of ear-splitting screams.

Snapping out of his two-second daze, he instantly crossed the length of the room, slipped his hands underneath the screaming Raven, and picked her up. As the blood dripped onto his bare, shirtless torso, he flinched as Raven's shrieks sounded more intense. The close contact of her open wounds on his skin sending new levels of agony racing through her; the anguish seemed to overflow the dark titan. As Beast Boy moved carefully out of her blood soaked room, he ran into the hallway, meeting the rest of the team.

"Beast Boy! What happened to Raven?" asked a concerned Robin

"I—…I don't know, but she's hurt and we have to get her some help ASAP!"

Nodding, they quickly decided to take her to the medical room, not far away. Beast Boy, never letting go of the dark beauty, ran to the room as fast as his legs could carry him. Finally arriving, he placed her gently onto the bed. Her screams were continuing, only briefly stopping for a quick intake of air. The shrieks were the same, endlessly full of torture. Her cuts gleamed a crimson red and a disgruntling dark blue-black color; the titans stood worrying as Cyborg ran over to initiate immediate scans and test on Raven.

Unable to take it anymore, Beast Boy spoke, breaking the silence otherwise shared with the constant beeps of the various monitors in the room.

"Cy—what's wrong?"

"I don't really know, I just don't understand. These cuts…they seem to be specifically induced. They are reacting to the open air as if it is viral. Basically put—her body is getting massive infections, caused by the air. This seems to be magic….I just don't know how modern medicine can help her."

A thought suddenly pooped into Cyborg's head, which complicated the matters further.

"There's another thing too, we can't give her medicine. She always used to heal herself, but there is something torturing her mind. Medicine will dampen her control on her emotions, and we know that that is bad. I'm thinking that the only reason we haven't all blown up is because the pain is taking over all emotions. Pain isn't really an emotion….its primal. She can't heal herself until whatever is blocking her emotions, and causing her pain, stops."

Before the rest of the titans could inquire further, they were hushed by a machine beeping and a document being printed out. Grabbing it, Cyborg continued.

"Her brain and consciousness scans just came back….there's so much activity—more than usual. Her pain isn't just affecting her physical self, she is mentally being tortured. If we don't snap her out of it—and I mean fast, then she isn't going to survive."

Everyone stared blankly, trying to come up with some way to help Raven and ease her pain. Suddenly, the least expected person of the group rushed out of the room. Transforming into a hummingbird, Beast Boy flew straight to Raven's bloody room, retrieving an item; he rushed back, this time as a dog; the item safe between his gentle canine teeth. Returning shortly, he transformed back and held out in his hands, Raven's mirror: her gateway to her mind and door to her deepest, hidden emotions.

Stairing at him, Cyborg was the only one to yell over Raven's loud screams.

"What the hell, BB?"

"Listen, you guys—this is something mental. Something in her mind. If there's anything we could do for her, it's from the inside…"

"But how will you access her mind, friend Beat boy?" asked a confused and equally worried Starfire.

"Simple—" and then Beast Boy proceeded to chant.

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos……. Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos."

They all stood, hunched over his shoulder as he repeated the chant.

As expected—nothing happened.

Suddenly a bright red flashing light illuminated the room.

"Uh-oh—uhm, guys? If we don't do something in the next 2.5 minutes, Raven's infections are going to spread too quickly. She's lost a lot of blood already, and the plasma transfusion can only hold her so much. If we don't help her soon—her heart is going to stop…."

Gasping in horror, the teens tried everything they could to wake the girl and save her from her constant torture. Cyborg used a combination of insults, threats of breaking her mirror, and even resorting to inducing small electrical charges to 'wake her up.' Still, nothing changed. The dark titan's health deteriorated rapidly as her closest (and only) friends fought to wake her.


The emotionless computer monitoring system began to commence Raven's life countdown.

Robin shook Raven's cut shoulders—still no change.


Cyborg pried open her eyes until they stayed open naturally—wide with shock. Flashing small lights into her dilated pupils he waited desperately for a sign of change….there was none.


Starfire worked desperately to yell words of encouragement into her ears, sadly—this did no good."


Beastboy didn't know what to do. Robin had tried to wake her physically. Cyborg had tried visually, and Starfire's attempts in reaching her verbally had failed as well. Quickly remembering the primal instincts and senses of most living organisms, Beastboy made a desperate, spontaneous move to wake her, using the only sense left to reach her by.


In an unconditional, unhindered, unhidden move of love for Raven, he quickly but delicately pulled Raven's head to his own. Steadying himself, all doubt left his mind when the emotionless countdown continued.


Passionately placing his lips over her outstretched mouth, he closed his eyes. At first the kiss was sloppy and akward, as she still screamed, but moments later, she felt his soft, green lips on her own. Her eyes widened her mouth slowly came to a close, meeting his own lips. Kissing back faintly, her eyes finally closed as he slipped his hand into hers.

"Termination averted" the computer announced.

Everyone was staring at BeastBoy while he held the kiss, his eyes closed gently. Letting go of her lips, they all focused on Raven who had finally stopped her shrieks Still grasping his hand faintly, she was enfolded in a black aurora and slowly levitated off the bed, hovering above the stained white sheets. This a sign that she would be alright—for now, they all let out a huge sigh or relief together. Seating himself in a chair close enough so as to be able to stay with his hand enfolded in hers, Beastboy gazed lovingly at the dark-haired girl.

She looked terrible—he admitted it. Even with the already fast magic and healing of her open, bleeding gashes, she seemed to have been cut so many times that it would be easier to find a place that hadn't been ripped apart. Glancing to his commraders, they all gathered close to their floating friend. Seeing that she was ok and that the computers had stated that her brain functions and body levels were all normal, given her condition, they sheepishly patted beastboy on the back.

"We're going to check on the tower and see what needs to be fixed," said a saddened Robin, "we'll be back to check on the both of you." Seeing that the green changeling needed his time alone with Raven, the others hastily nodded and walked out silently.

After they had gone, Beastboy moved himself to be more comfortable next to his Raven. He didn't care about anything or anyone else at the moment. All that mattered to him was her health and the desperate hope that she would pull through.

Glancing at the clock which read 3:33 am, he realized that the day had not even awakened fully. Sighing and shifting a little in his chair, BB hung his head low and let the flow of tears that had been held back, out.

Yes—Garfield Logan aka BeastBoy was crying. HE the jokester…

He couldn't help it, seeing her like this, in the state of barely clinging to life. Instantly, the sight of when he had first entered her room that night seared into his mind. He ached to kiss her again—this time with her awake and feeling for him as he did her. He knew it was useless, selfish and wrong; but BeastBoy had enjoyed the kiss. If only she would like him like he liked her. But, in the deepest recesses of his mind, he knew that such a wish was futile; she didn't like him at all. He knew so much about her, more than any of the titans; malchior, trigon, her home, her mother….., yet she knew nothing of him. HE understood why she could not show emotion, even if she did lo—care for him. The difference was that she did not understand why he made life out to be some big joke. The truth was that joking was the only way for Beastboy to deal with the horrible tragedies of his life and of the world around him. Sighing, allowing the tears to freely fall, He grasped Raven's hand gently, rubbing the tope of her hand—the only part not bloody—with his thumb. Without thinking, he brought her hand up to his lips, and, tenderly, he kissed the uncut spot with a sweet, tender kiss.

"I love you Rae…."

Clutching the hand lightly, he let himself continue to lose his tears as troubles sleep overtook his worried thoughts and emotions. As his consciousness faded, he thought that he heard a faint whisper protrude through the hazed mists of sleep.



Morning greeted the three titans who had fallen asleep in the main room. It had been a busy night and all of them were dead tired. Leaving the tender BB's and raven's presence, Starfire, Robin and Cyborg had all gone to do a complete damage check on the tower. Thankfully all the security systems were all intact and functional. The only real damages were to the large glass window out looking the ocean, the large TV monitor, and the china (plates, glasses…..etc.) in the kitchen. At 3:33am the Titans had no hope of fixing all the windows, but Robin insisted that the large main window be replaced along with the viewing screen to be replaced with a spare screen held in storage. As Cyborg began the technical aspects of replacing the large TV, Robin and Starfire began to sweep up and clear off the shattered pieces of glass all around the tower. Neither speaking more than needed, the mood was intensely strained and they each went to check on Raven often.

It was 5:57 by the time everything they had set out to do that night was finished. Plopping themselves on the couch, Star and Robin quickly fell asleep together; leaning on one another cutely. Cyborg, leaving the two and moving to get precious hours recharging his battery, stopped by to see how BB and Raven were doing. Seeing the obvious worry on the sleeping changeling's face and his hand still clutching Raven's, Cyborg sighed heavily. Walking over, past the lightly snoring BeastBoy, Cyborg checked Raven's vitals and, after about a minute or so of carefully inspecting the printed out report, he was satisfied that she'd be alright… least for now. He wasn't exactly sure how BB was able to cause such a change in Raven's health, but he resigned himself in figuring it out later. Glancing back at Raven, his friend……no, sister, he shivered uncontrollably at the sight of her gashed and cut figure. Lifting a hand, he moved to caress the face of his Titan sister. Pausing and sighing again, he realized there was nowhere for him to touch her without possibly inflicting pain.

'Besides' he thought 'her aurora would probably stop him. Still, its strange that it allows BB…'

Walking to the door way, he dimmed the lights and took one final look behind him before walking out to get the rest he badly needed.

The night's calm slowly washed over the soon-to-be all asleep Titans.



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