"Why not?"



"It's embarassing, Sirius!"

"No, 's not!"

"Yes, it is."


"Stop whining! I'm not going to do it!"


"Get up off the floor, Sirius, we're out in the open. People could see you."


"I'm NOT doing it!"

"For me?"


"Why not?"

"I already said why not."


"Ouch, Sirius! Don't bite my ankle!"


"You look ridiculous on all fours."


"Does my shoe taste good? Yes? How would you like to taste it from up your arse! Get the the bloody hell off the floor!"

"Moony, please do it!"

"...fine. But just once."



"Very much so."


"You know you liked it too."

"I would have liked it more, had that woman and her child not been staring."

"They were jealous."


"Yes. Well, it's not every day you get to see a werewolf squeeze his boyfriend's arse in public."