Oi, what was the transfiguration spell for turning a bowl into a pillow? Why would you need to turn a bowl into a pillow, anyway? Honestly. Nobody needs this spell, unless you are Sirius and didn't get any sleep because he was playing Exploding Snap with himself and you decide to fall asleep in your porridge. But other than that, I don't see why you'd need--

"MOONY!" Sirius cried, interrupting Remus's thoughts. Remus did not turn around in his chair to look at him, but merely kept his nose in his book.

"I'm studying, Sirius, and you should be too. Finals are coming up and-"

"Oh, come now, Remus!" Sirius said, walking up behind him. "You've been studying for two days straight!"

"Regardless." Remus huffed, scribbling down several notes on the change of a bowl into a pillow.

"You need to have some fun." Sirius added.

"Fun comes after the work, Sirius."

"Remus, you are so stubborn."

"Well, that's me."

"Let me relax you."

"Stop! I need to finish!"

"Shh…" Sirius hushed him as he rubbed his thumbs along Remus's neck.

"S-Sirius…I need to study…" Remus whimpered.

Sirius pressed his thumbs harder up and down his neck. "Calm down," he said. "This will be good for you."

"Oh…" Remus moaned, arching his neck forward.

"Like that, eh?" Sirius asked.

"Mm," Remus replied.

"You know, it's terribly difficult to work out all your knots with your shirt on…" Sirius slipped his hands down Remus's chest and begin to unbutton it quickly, eventually tossing it idly onto the floor.

"G-give me my shirt back, Sirius, please." Remus begged helplessly, turning around and hugging himself, trying desperately to cover his chest.


"I don't want people seeing me."

"But, you're so bea-"

"I don't want them seeing my scars."

Sirius was silent for a moment, but then reached down to gather the stiff white shirt into his hands. "Sorry, Moony… I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable."

"No, no… I'm sorry… It's my fault. You were trying to make me feel better…" Remus began to button up his shirt once more and then he sighed, standing.

"Thank you for that, though…" He said, placing a delicate kiss on Sirius's lips.

Remus sits back down and flips a page in the book, smiling.

"You needed that study break, huh?" Sirius said, taking a seat next to him and resting his head on Remus's shoulder.

"Yeah, I did." Remus grins happily for the first time in days.