"My God," came a disapproving voice.

Remus pulled back from his boyfriend's lips, sighing and starring into his lap. Sirius starred angrily at the person before them.

It had been a normal Saturday; Sirius had taken Remus out by the lake. It was a month till school was over, and each day provided them with beautiful weather. They had sat on a stone bench, side by side, and began exploring each other's mouths…using their tongues. It had lasted for several minutes before an unwanted Slytherin had approached.

"That's disgusting," Serveus muttered.

"Snivellus, why don't you go play 'hide and go fuck yourself'?" Sirius quipped.

"Nice of you to work 'fuck' into there, you poof."

"Please leave us alone, Snape." Sirius growled.

"Why? So you can stuff each others mouths with your tongues?" Snape retorted.

"We were in the process of stuffing it with something else, but that requires intense privacy, the likes of which you are not giving us. So, if you please, bugger off." Sirius snapped.

Snape raised a corner of his mouth in disgust and stalked off.

Sirius sighed and intertwined his hands and fingers with Remus's. "I'm sorry."

Remus smiled slightly. "Don't be."


"It was sweet." The smile widened a bit.

Sirius loves that smile. It's his and he owned it. It's had his name all over it. He returned the smile with a grin.

"Now, where were we? Oh, yes," he said, leaning forward. "I remember."