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Chapter 1: The News To The Family And Crew


Tetra stared out into the sea,. trying to spot Outset Island.

Tetra was more nervous than ever.

Why you ask?

Well, she was now engaged to Link and today was the day Link's family and her crew learned about it!

The only people who knew about their engagement was Medli, Komali, Makar, Elena, and Link's friend, Mila , who was back on Windfall island.

'Where our love blossomed.' Thought Tetra, thinking about Windfall's Valentine's Ball.

" OUTSET ISLAND IS IN VIEW! " shouted Zuko

Tetra's stomach churned.

" You okay?" asked Linkwalking up behind her ", Your face looks a little pale."

"Yeah I'm fine, just a little nervous." said Tetra

Link wrapped his arm around Tetra's waist and brought her closer to him."

Niko sighed

"Those two are an item now!" said Niko " It wouldn't be a suprise if they ever got married."

" Yeah, like THAT'S ever gonna happen." said Gonzo

" Bet you ten rupees it will."

"Your on." said Gonzo


The pirate ship finally docked on Outset.

Aryll could be heard squealing with delight, that the pirate ship was here.

As Link left the Pirate ship, Aryll ran up to Link and hugged him tightly.

"Your home!" said Aryll excitedly

Link Smiled.

"Come on Ary, Tetra and I have a big surprise for Grandma, you, and the Crew ." said Link

Tetra smiled shyly while her crew looked confused.


" Oh Link, dear! You've come home!" said Grandma with delight in her voice.

" Hey Gram." He said ", Listen, Tetra and I have something to tell you."

"Really? What is it?" asked Grandma as she began sip a cup of tea.

The anxiety of the room grew as everyone waited for the answer. Medli suppressed a giggle, as she knew what would happen next.

Tetra and Link held hands.

"Aryll, Grandma, Crewmates, Tetra and I are engaged!" Said Link

The shatter of glass echoed through the room. Grandma had dropped her teacup!

There was shock on everyone's face. Except for Medli, Komali, Makar, Elena, and...Niko?

In fact Niko was grinning.

He turned towards Gonzo.

" You owe me ten Rupees." said Niko


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