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Chapter 12: The Reception


"So how does it feel to be married man?" asked Komali, who was interviewing Link as they walked towards a large courtyard where the wedding reception would be held.

" Great!" said Link

" Good, now how does it feel for you, The Hero of Winds, to be married to Tetra, the Pirate Princess." said Komali as he pretended to scribble something down on an invisible notepad.

"Even better! Although I am worried that her nagging will hold me back from my adventures….." said Link

Tetra then proceeded to whack Link on the head. Komali laughed and went to Medli to engage in a conversation about the colors of seeds. ( It's a Rito thing )

It was a few minutes of walking before they finally reached the courtyard.

People settled in at there tables and talked. Link's grandmother set out food on the table.( Including Links FAVORITE soup!) Medli, Makar, and some other musicians dusted off their instruments and played music.

Many couples, and the newlyweds, went out to the middle of the courtyard and danced. It wasn't until later that Medli and Makar quite playing to dance with their beloved ones.

This continued for hours until it was time to cut the wedding cake.

Tetra and Link each took a knife and began to cut the cake into little slices, which was each distributed among the wedding guests.

There was suddenly an outburst of cheerful cries from the Rito table.

" I suppose the Ritos just found out about Medli and Komali's engagement…" said Link

" Mmm-hmm." said Tetra taking a bite of her cake and then smashing it into Link's face.

He stared at her in amazement

" That was for calling me a nag." said Tetra, smirking

Link laughed.

This was going to be long, but fun life.



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