Title: the space between dream and reality
Author: Elf Asato
Written: June 5, 2005
Summary: Post-X17 Subaru talks to ghosts and reflections.
Disclaimer: Like hell.
Notes: Don't ask. Inspired by the 30kisses theme. Feel free to think "wtf?" at the end.

the space between dream and reality
By Elf Asato

Don't look at me like that, he thought.
So he didn't.

Don't touch me like that.
And he didn't.

Look alive and say something to me.
He didn't do that, either.

You don't do anything, do you?
No, he really didn't.

Because dead people don't do those things, Subaru.

But he didn't know that.

Would it kill you to tell me you love me, just once?
Oh but it would.

He knew that dead people didn't do those things.

Will you pick up my dry cleaning tomorrow?
No, he wouldn't.

But he didn't know that person was dead.

What do you want for dinner tonight?
Nothing as usual.

Somewhere in the back of his head, he knew, but it was like a dream.

We should quit smoking.
Go ahead.

It wasn't reality for him.

Macy's having a sale today.

He'll never get an answer.

Subaru kissed his reflection in the bathroom mirror and caressed the reflected amber eye tenderly before gathering his things and heading out for the day.