A Star Wars Sitcom

Background info

Anakin and Padme are living in a house on Naboo with their children Luke and Leia, "Uncle" Obi Wan, and Yoda. Don't ask me how it ended up this way, craziness to be expected…

Anakin woke up one Saturday morning to the sounds of screaming and hitting. He went to the kids' room to investigate. He saw Leia beating Luke over the head with a toy speeder.

"Leia! Stop it! It hurts!" yelled Luke.

"Leia, what did Yoda tell you about beating on your weak brother?" Anakin asked while rubbing his fore head.

"That someday he'll become a bad ass Jedi with a cool lightsaber and he'll want payback." Replied Leia, annoyed.

"That's right. Now quit it before you wake up Yoda." Said Anakin.

"Dad? Am I still grounded for trying on Mom's makeup and dress?" asked Luke

"Oh. Um, yeah, I guess." Said Anakin, a bit ashamed.

In the corner of his eye, Anakin saw Yoda heading to the kitchen. Anakin had to stop him before he made his famous heart attack omelet.

"Yoda! Stop right there, old man!" yelled Anakin.

"Hmmm? Hungry I am. Make my omelet I must." Replied Yoda, getting out the ingredients, which included bacon, three different cheeses, salt, cocoa puffs, pepperoni, and sausage, all washed down with a cold Pepsi.

"Yoda, that crap isn't good for you. Do you want to end up dead before you hit 900?" asked Anakin.

"Die before 900 I will not." Replied Yoda as he cut the omelet in half with his lightsaber.

Yoda had become slightly insane and lost most of his wisdom. He usually spat out random sentences and lines from famous movies, but sometimes you could have an intelligent conversation with him.

Luke stumbled into the kitchen.

"Hi Yoda. What's new?" said Luke.

"Begun, the Clone War has." Replied Yoda, grimly.

Luke stared at him blankly.

"Just eat your cereal, Luke." Said Anakin.

Just then, the doorbell rang. Leia opened the door to see Mace Windu standing on the porch.

"Leia, is your father here?" asked Mace.

"Daddy, that guy with the pink lightsaber is here," yelled Leia. Mace's eyes widened.

Anakin went to greet Mace.

"What's that smell?" asked Mace, almost horrified.

"Yoda made an omelet," replied Anakin with a frown on his face.

"Disgusting. Can you get him in here, this concerns him too," said Mace.

"Yoda! We need to talk to you!" yelled Anakin, knowing Yoda was half deaf.

"If you build it, come they will." Replied Yoda.

"Shut up and get in here," Anakin yelled back.

"A bigger boat, we're gonna need," said Yoda as he walked slowly into the living room.

Stick around for another Chapter. They're probably going to be short like this one.