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Chapter One: A Change Will Do You Good

Her shrill laughter sent a chill down Sara's spine and she swore that she saw Warrick wince too. Apparently, the cackle did not faze Nick, since he was still gazing intently into the eyes of his date, his hand resting above hers on the table.

When Hank came back from the washroom, Sara smiled brightly up at him, thanking the heavens that someone was thinking of her sanity. Although the conversation had been great with Warrick, he was easily distracted and was now whispering lewd things into his girlfriend's ear, her eyes wider than normal. Sara smiled faintly at the sight, trying to imagine what exactly Warrick was saying. One thing she would have liked to pick up from Grissom was his ability to read lips.

Her thoughts were interrupted by another burst of laughter across the table and Hank's arm slipping around her waist. Sara leaned back against him, loving the warmth that his body gave to hers. She couldn't see how Nick found her attractive. Well, that wasn't true. She was attractive, but brainless, and just when Sara was beginning to believe that Nick's reputation wasn't true, he went out with this mindless bimbo and invited Warrick and Sara as well as their significant others to join them for dinner.

Apparently, Sara had been staring and Warrick kicked her gently underneath the table. Her eyes flashed in his direction and he cocked his head at her, raising an eyebrow. A smile and an innocent look was her response.

The waiter came with their separate bills and when Sara reached for her purse, Hank rested his hand over hers, stilling her movements.

"I got it," he said with a smile.

Sara grinned back at him and leaned forward to give his smooth cheek a soft kiss.

Nick's date and Warrick's girlfriend excused themselves to the bathroom, inviting Sara to go along with them but she declined their offer nicely. Warrick and Hank were busy paying at the front while Nick stood with Sara since he was already finished.

"Thank you for coming tonight, Sar."

"Thank you for inviting Hank and I." Her smile was a little forced but she knew that he would not know the difference.

"So what do you think of Natalie?"

Mind lapse.


Nick's face deadpanned. "My date?"

"Oh, sorry," Sara murmured, genuinely embarrassed that she had forgotten the woman's name and had been thinking that her name was Natasha all night. "She seems…"

"She seems what?"

"A little…"

"A little what?"

"Like the girls your reputation says that you date."

He kind of looked at her oddly as she shrugged on her coat. Nick noticed earlier how lovely she looked in her simple black dress that was backless. It hugged her curves in all the right places and showed off more leg than Nick had ever seen from her before. His jaw had nearly dropped then and it was about to drop now as she bent forward to adjust the strap of her heels, giving Nick an eyeful of cleavage and Sara's lacy black bra. Lucky bastard, he thought in regard to Hank.

When Sara stood straight up once more, she caught Nick staring at her and smirked at him dangerously.

"Like what you see?"

"Have I told you how gorgeous you look tonight, Sar?"


"Well, you look damn hot in that dress," he practically purred, his accent lacing the words while his eyes did a slow once-over.

"Nick, I don't think your girlfriend would appreciate you admiring other women."

"What she don't know can't hurt her," he smiled lightly, searching her eyes for something.

"I promise I won't tell."

"And don't tell Hank either."

"You could take him."

"It's good that you have confidence in your boyfriend."

"Well, considering how I've seen both of you without shirts on, I think I can back my statement up."

"Who looks better?"

Sara chuckled to herself and rolled her eyes. Naturally, Nick would ask that question. "I don't know, Nick. I haven't seen you without any clothes in a while."

He took a large step towards her, his eyes dark with arousal and something that Sara could not exactly place. "Sar, you've never seen me without my clothes."

"And what a damn shame that is, too."

"I'm game if you're game."

She grinned madly just as Natalie and Linda stepped through the double doors, Warrick and Hank not far behind them. Protectively, Hank wrapped his arm around Sara's waist and she saw the abrupt jealousy that flashed through Nick's eyes momentarily, and he knew that she saw it.

"Thanks again, Nicky," she said, resting her hand on his forearm before she left. "It was nice meeting you, Natasha."

"It's Natalie," she said coldly.


"Night Warrick, see you tomorrow. Goodnight Linda."

Sara and Hank left the restaurant with everyone, but Natalie, waving goodbye at them. Sara loved the effect that she had had on Natalie, savoring the look of hate on the woman's face engrossed with make-up of all different sorts.

Just as Hank pulled up to Sara's place, Sara asked him if he would come up with her. She needed a release from the images of Nick with Natalie that were running through her mind. Hank's face was a little shocked, though he tried to mask it. Never before had she asked him to come up with her and there was no way that he was going to decline.

Half an hour later, Hank was sleeping quietly beside her and Sara was wide-awake, disgusted with herself. She had nearly cried out Nick's name when she climaxed. Luckily, Hank hadn't seemed to notice that she bit down on her lip extra hard to keep from screaming her coworker's name.

Tonight had been the first time that Sara had felt jealousy and envy in a very long time. It surprised her that it was towards Nick, too. Yes, she had always found him attractive and nearly irresistible, but she didn't think much of it. Hell, she almost felt the same way towards Warrick. Something had definitely changed between them that night, Sara thought to herself as Hank rolled on his side, his back now to her. Of course Nick and her had always flirted but tonight was different. There was more of a frank manner about it and the fact that they both were seeing someone else, didn't even matter to them.

She sighed rather soundly and tried to sleep. About twenty minutes later, Sara drifted off to sleep, thinking about how nice it would be to have Nick's arm wrapped around her as she slept, instead of Hank's back to her.