Sexual Tension


Summary: After his marriage to Haley is annulled, Nathan Scott changes. Brooke Davis discovers an undeniable attraction to him. Can she stay away?

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Nathan Scott could feel all eyes in the room on him. The stares, the snickers, none of it bothered him. He had grown to enjoy the attention. It didn't seem to matter whether or not it was positive of negative. What was he supposed to do? Walk around like a heartbroken, love-sick puppy after he and Haley's marriage was annulled? Fuck that shit, he had done enough of it. It had honestly become tiresome. He didn't really care if people thought he wasn't acting the proper way, and if that labeled him an asshole, oh well. He could live with that. He had left High Flyers with a new outlook, and attitude.

He stood alongside some of the other Tree Hill basketball players. Some of the cheerleaders from across the gym were looking their way, and he noticed some of the other students eyeing him when they didn't think he was looking. It was nice to know his life was so fucking interesting to everyone. Most of the guys on the team looked up to him, but Vegas, and especially Tim, were like his little minions. Following him around and eating up every word he said. Nathan planned on leading his team to victory this year, and it would be the first time the Ravens had won a State Championship. He wasn't going to let his half-brother Lucas Scott, or anyone else stand in his way.

Lucas stood on the other side of the gym, with a few of the other players. He and Lucas hadn't spoken in a while, and that's the way he wanted it. He meant it when he severed their relationship. It was Luke's fault. When your brothers, or even friends, you just don't lie to someone you claim to care about. Lucas had tried to fix things, but there was nothing left to be fixed. Now, he only looked at Lucas as if he were just another player on the team.

Across the gym, the Tree Hill cheerleaders were having their first meeting of the school year. Nathan smirked arrogantly when he noticed a few of the girls occasionally throwing glances in their direction. He took satisfaction in knowing he could have any girl he wanted.

Meanwhile, across from the basketball players who were getting ready for practice, and waiting for Whitey to show up, the head cheerleader of the Tree Hill Ravens, Brooke Davis stood with her hands on her hips. All the girls were wearing their blue cheer outfits, that they wore during meetings and practice. They usually only wore their cheer uniforms during actual games or competitions.

"Ladies, we're supposed to be preparing for practice, not gossiping." Brooke scolded. Normally she loved gossiping, but she wanted the girls to be focused. Gossiping could come later.

"Oh, please. Like you don't love it." Peyton joked.

"True, but what I would love even more is for us to be prepared when the time comes, and win the first place trophy finally beating Claire Young, and the Bear Creek Warriors. Winning last year for Best Original Choreography was great, but I think it's time the Tree Hill Ravens dethrone the Bear Creek Warriors once and for all." Brooke exclaimed enthusiastically.

"Brooke, I think we have plenty of time to worry about that, it's months away." Bevin insisted.

"Yeah, we had to go the whole summer Brooke-less." Teresa chimed in.

"Summer has been over for over a month, and school has been in session. So, although I'm flattered you all missed me, that's not a valid point. I'm sure the Bear Creek Warriors are preparing." Brooke smirked with a shrug.

"Wasting one meeting on girl talk isn't that bad." Peyton offered.

"Fine, but then we have to focus!" Brooke gave in. She wasn't really used to being the one putting her foot down, especially when it came to gossiping. She was the queen of gossip. She had to admit she loved gossip about as much as she loved shopping.

"So, what about you and Lucas! I can't believe you actually rejected him!" Teresa gushed.

"It was time to move on. I deserve better than a guy who's willing to lie to me, and cheat on me. I deserve a guy who's going to treat me like a queen. Lucas is lucky to even have my friendship." Brooke stated.

"Yeah, but I thought you were vibing on him again." Bevin commented.

"So did I, but after thinking about everything he's put me through, combined with the summer away in California, it was pretty much a no-brainer." Brooke explained.

"I heard Lucas and Peyton hooked up over the summer." Bevin gushed.

"Hello? I'm standing right here." Peyton laughed.

"Oops, sorry Peyton." Bevin apologized with a ditsy smile. Brooke and Peyton looked at each other and laughed.

"Besides, that's not true." Peyton corrected.

"It wouldn't really matter to me if it was. When it comes to being anything more than friendship, Lucas is a headache for me. Any of you are welcome to him." Brooke added truthfully.

"What about Nathan Scott? Is it just me or is he a lot sexier since coming back from High Flyers? There's almost something mysterious, and dangerous about him." Teresa smiled with a rather suggestive look.

"Nathan has completely changed since his annulment with Haley." Brooke admitted.

"He wasn't even this bad back when I was going out with him, and back then he was pretty bad." Peyton replied.

"Haley totally ruined him. Her and that stupid tour." Bevin whispered.

"She was just following her dreams..." Peyton sighed with a shrug. "They just got married too young..." she shook her head.

"Just because he was hurt doesn't give him the right to be an asshole to everyone. I mean, I wasn't a bitch to everyone after Lucas and I broke up..." Brooke began. "Well...actually I was. Anyway, I don't really think Nathan seems that effected by the end of his relationship with Haley, or at least he's not acting like it. Yeah, he's an asshole, but he's not walking around sulking." she offered.

"So, you think he's just naturally an asshole?" Peyton asked with the raise of an eyebrow.

"Who knows?" Brooke shrugged. "If Haley changed him for the better, and now he and Haley are over, who's to say this isn't the real him. Maybe he got tired of wearing a mask." she explained.

"I heard Teresa got a nose job!" Bevin gushed randomly. Teresa's mouth dropped open and she covered her nose with her hand.

"Bevin, I'm standing right here and I did not!" Teresa exclaimed. Bevin blushed from embarrassment, she wasn't exactly bright.

"Hey, Bevin are you the one who spread that rumor last year that I had crabs!" Brooke asked suspiciously. If she was sitting here repeating every rumor she had heard, false or not, then Brooke really wouldn't have been surprised. "I was working as a crab, like in a crab costume. I didn't actually have crabs." she exclaimed.

"I don't know what your talking about." Bevin smiled innocently. Brooke rolled her eyes and decided to change the subject back to what seemed to be the talk of the school, Nathan and Haley's break up.

"How has Haley been holding up?" Brooke asked Peyton, with concern.

"She seems to be doing ok. After she found out that Nathan was going to High Flyers she went back on tour. I guess before he left for the summer he told her he still wanted the annulment. The tour ended a few months ago, and I've been letting her stay with me. She seems to be dealing with it well, the best she can I guess." Peyton explained.

"It's good she's getting passed it." Brooke replied, then glanced at her watch noticing the time. "We need to start practice, and since it's beautiful out, we might as well practice outside." she suggested. All the girls agreed as they grabbed their duffel bags and pom poms. Brooke led them across the gym and through the group of basketball players.

"Nice ass!" Nathan called as he slapped Brooke's ass with a cocky smile. Brooke stopped, snapped her head back and glared at him. How dare he touch her like that, without her permission! Brooke was all for flirtatious touching, but he was out of line disrespecting her like that in front of her squad. The other cheerleaders stood there wide-eyed, with their mouths hanging open just waiting for Brooke to snap.

"I know I have a nice ass but that doesn't give you the right to grab it. I hope you enjoyed the cheap feel cause that's the closest you'll ever get." Brooke snickered. She glared at Nathan for a moment longer, then stormed off with the girls not far behind her, trying to contain their laughter.


The cheerleaders had been practicing for quite some time. Practice should have actually ended a half hour ago, but Brooke had thought of some killer choreography.

"Teresa, your form is terrible." Brooke warned a bit frustrated.

"It's doesn't look bad to me." Nathan commented as he approached being followed by Tim, and a couple of the other guys.

"Hi Nathan." Teresa smiled flirtatiously.

"Shouldn't you guys be sucking in the gym?" Brooke snapped. There was no way she was going to let them come out here and distract her squad.

"Basketball practice is over, besides I hear that's your area of expertise, or is that swallowing?" Nathan snickered with a cocky laugh. The other guys laughed, and it was clear the other cheerleaders were shocked by the way he spoke to her, but Peyton seemed more stunned than any of them. Brooke glared at him outraged.

"Just because you were kicked to the curb by Tutor Girl, is no excuse to walk around treating everyone else like shit! I guess we all know now why that tour was more important than you were, that or Chris Keller must have been more of a man then you'll ever be. What girl in her right mind would stick around and put up with you." Brooke hissed harshly. Nathan glared at her, then put on a cocky smile with ease.

"Is that why Lucas cheated on your ass with Peyton? You just weren't enough for him. You couldn't satisfy him. You never measured up to Peyton, you were just a stand-in." Nathan laughed tauntingly. Brooke's mouth dropped open and her eyes burned with fresh tears. "Don't dish it, if you can't take it Brookie." he snickered with a smile as he walked away with the rest of the guys. "I'll see you ladies later." he called.

"Brooke, are you ok?" Peyton asked rushing to her side over-whelmed with concern. Even if Brooke was over Lucas, it still hurt.

"Practice is over, you can all go home." Brooke announced never turning to face them. The other girls scattered never daring to question her, but Peyton remained where she stood. Brooke turned to her with fresh tears in her eyes.

"I'm over Lucas, it just still hurt sometimes. I know what I said to Nathan was below the belt but I never expected him too..." Brooke explained but her voice cracked and she trailed off. "Nathan and I have never really hated each other, I just don't know what I did to him to..." she began but Peyton pulled her into a hug silencing her.

"It's not just you, he's been being an asshole to everyone lately. He's just angry, and bitter and he's taking it out on the world. You had every right to say what you did. He was way out of line." Peyton insisted rubbing her back in an attempt to comfort her.

"I almost miss pod-Nathan." Brooke joked with a laugh. Peyton rested her arm around her best friend's shoulders.

"Come on, let's go get something to eat." Peyton suggested as they began to walk.


Lucas sat across from Haley at Peyton's house, where she had been staying. He couldn't hide the look of concern on his face. Things had been over between Nathan and Haley for a while now, but the pain was still there.

"How have you been holding up?" Lucas questioned.

"Well, I never thought I'd being living with Peyton that's for sure." Haley laughed.

"I meant, with everything that has been going on with Nathan..." Lucas added.

"I brought it upon myself." Haley shrugged. "It's been over for a few months, and yeah it still hurts, but I'll be fine." she reassured.

"He's really changed since the two of you broke up." Lucas commented.

"I know. I almost feel likes it's my fault." Haley admitted sadly.

"Don't blame yourself Hales, Nathan has the power to choose who he is. It's not your fault he's become such an ass. A tiger can't change it's spots right?" Lucas offered with a shrug.

"Yeah, but he's not even talking to you." Haley reminded with a sigh.

"That's my own fault." Lucas admitted sadly. "Come here." he cooed, pulling Haley into a hug. "It's gonna be ok." he reassured holding her tightly.


The party at Tim's house was off the hook, everyone from Tree Hill seemed to be there. Peyton glanced around the party, holding a cup of beer. She was at this huge party and at the same time felt alone. Brooke wasn't there tonight because as school president, she was in charge of the safe rides program and it was her turn to give drunken teenagers a ride home tonight. Peyton looked on with concern when she noticed Bevin heading out of the party, looking pretty upset.

"Hey, Bevin wait up." Peyton called grabbing her by the shoulders. "What happened?" she asked with concern when she seen Bevin's face was covered in tears.

"Nothing, I just wanna go home." Bevin sniffled.

"Bevin, talk to me." Peyton pressed in a serious tone.

"Nathan and some of the guys were making fun of me." Bevin explained emotionally. "They called me snagged tooth, and some other things. I really don't want to talk about it." she answered with a sob remembering the boys cruelty.

"Ok." Peyton replied with an understanding nod. She gave her a hug, in an attempt to comfort her. "Their immature." she added. Bevin nodded before walking off and leaving the party. Peyton spotted Nathan and charged towards him. There was no way he was going to treat her friends that way and get away with it, first Brooke, now Bevin! Nathan noticed her walking towards him and couldn't help but smile.

"Someone looks pissed." Nathan laughed feeling amused as he took a sip of his beer. Tim cracked up as if it was the funniest thing ever, and Nathan gave him an awkward look.

"Nathan, what the hell is wrong with you!" Peyton snapped. "First you harass Brooke, now Bevin..." she ranted angrily.

"We we're just having some harmless fun, she took it too seriously." Nathan shrugged nonchalantly. His attitude screamed that he didn't give a damn.

"Harmless fun doesn't result in tears." Peyton sneered. "Ever since you and Haley..." she began. Nathan glared at her angrily, he was sick of hearing about Haley.

"You know what Peyton? This has nothing to do with Haley. I'm gonna live my life the way I want to, and enjoy it. I don't care what anyone else thinks. Life's too short to care." Nathan snapped.

"Caring about someone is part of what makes life worth living, without it your just numb." Peyton argued.

"Why don't you go draw, or listen to your shitty music? Or maybe you can go cry about your dead mom." Nathan scoffed coldly. Peyton's mouth dropped open and she was barely able to mask how hurt she was. She turned around and also stormed off as Nathan looked on. Nathan took out his cell phone and began to dial.

"What are we doing now?" Tim inquired curiously.

"We're, not doing anything, I however, really need a safe ride home. So, I'm calling DW Not I." Nathan answered with a cocky smirk.

"But you only drank two beers, your fine." Tim reminded looking confused. Nathan only offered an obvious smile, and Tim finally caught on with a huge grin.


Brooke pulled up in the DW Not I car, and she rolled her eyes in annoyance when she seen the teenager in need of a safe ride home. Nathan climbed in the backseat with a smile and Brooke glared at him in the rearview mirror.

"Buckle up, wouldn't want anything to happen to you." Brooke smirked sarcastically as she began to drive. Nathan moved to the middle seat and put his face close to Brooke. She could smell the scent of his cologne, he was so close, and damn did he smell good.

"Your not still mad at me are you?" Nathan pouted teasingly and she tried hard not to smile. He really was cute, it was when he opened his mouth and spoke that was the problem. He ran his hand up and down her arm with a grin, looking her over with curious eyes. She shivered, and now she actually had goose bumps. Why was she reacting this way to his touch? He had been a total asshole to her.

"Please, remove your hand." Brooke hissed trying to regain control of her senses.

"Is that really what you want?" Nathan smirked in that confident, yet arrogant way. It was sexy, the little half smirks he gave. As hot as he looked it didn't change the fact that he was indeed cocky and girls swooning for him only inflated his ego even more. He was gorgeous, but she wasn't about to sweat him either. She took her eyes off the road to glare at him, but he still didn't remove his hand. This was really the first time since she had known him, that he had ever come on to her.

"I quite frankly don't care how drunk you are. I will not hesitate to kick your ass." Brooke warned figuring that alcohol had to be the reason he had gone from cruel, to flirty.

"I'm apologize for what I said, but you got me angry." Nathan smiled tracing a line up and down her arm with his finger. Brooke wasn't exactly sure if he was being sincere, but there was no way she was letting her guard down. "I couldn't help it, you look so hot when your pissed off." he whispered.

"Imagine how hot I'll be when I'm kicking your ass." Brooke smiled. Why was she finding it so hard, not to feel attracted to him? Did her mind not register how he had been treating her lately?

"I think I'm gonna be sick." Nathan warned suddenly. Brooke pulled over the car and Nathan quickly climbed out. He hunched over with his hands on his knees. After a few minutes of waiting for him to be sick, and nothing, Brooke got out of the car and leaned against the hood.

"Are you gonna be sick or not?" She asked examining her nails. Nathan stood up straight and walked over to her. He stood directly in front of her placing both of his hands in back of her on either side of the car. Brooke looked up at him. He was so close, and his eyes seemed to dance with mischief. She looked away nervously. What was happening to her? She never got nervous, especially not around guys.

"What are you doing? Nathan, I have other people to give rides to so..." Brooke began while her heart beat sped up.

"You smell good." Nathan whispered putting his face close to her neck.

"I always smell good." Brooke answered with a laugh trying to take away from the thick tension that had somehow formed between them. Nathan gripped her hips with his hands, and pressed against her. She gasped pushing him away. "Your getting a little too friendly." she snapped. Nathan suddenly grabbed her and before she knew it his mouth covered hers in a heated kiss. She violently pushed him away, and her heart was racing. She couldn't explain it. She knew it was wrong, but for some reason she still wanted it. Maybe it was how close he was too her, the heat in that kiss, the tension that had somehow built up between them, how good he felt, or just the fact that it was wrong. There was just something she couldn't resist.

She grabbed him, pulling him into a hungry kiss. He dipped his tongue into her mouth, lifting her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He laid her back on the hood of the car exploring her mouth. The car vibrated underneath her, while she encircled his mouth with her own, deepening the kiss. She moaned when his body pressed flush against her. She couldn't believe what an amazing kisser he was. Her mind, which she had clearly lost, began to float back down to reality. She was kissing Nathan and his hands were dangerously traveling her body. This was beyond wrong, not that Brooke was the kind of girl who always did the right thing by any means, but this was too much even for her. She abruptly pushed him away in a rough manner and he stared at her obviously confused. Brooke glared at him coming to a sudden realization, something she should have noticed in the car.

"Your not drunk! Your probably not even buzzed!" Brooke cried. Nathan laughed with an amused smile. Did he think this was some kind of game or something! "This will never happen again, this was a mistake! I don't know what the hell I was thinking." she exclaimed heatedly.

"Do you really think you can resist me Brooke?" Nathan asked with a conceited smile obviously not taking her seriously.

"You are so full of yourself." Brooke snickered. "I hope you had fun, because now you can walk home." she hissed getting in the car and speeding off. Nathan laughed as he took out his cell phone and called Tim.

"Hey, I'm gonna need you to come pick me up. I'm a few blocks away from your house." Nathan informed. "I got exactly what I wanted. None of your business, just hurry up." he laughed before hanging up the phone. Nathan always got what he wanted and Brooke would figure that out one way or the other. It was only a matter of time before he got in her pants. One thing was for sure, this wasn't over.


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