Chapter 3

Brooke ran her fingers through her hair massaging the sweetly scented shampoo into her scalp. The water cascaded down her slender body like rain drops. The hot steam from the locker room shower filled the entire room, this was just what she needed after cheering for hours as the Ravens won yet another game. Everyone else had pretty much already gone home. There was a new cheerleader on the squad as well, who turned out to be a real bitch. She tried to clear her head of any thoughts of Rachel, her fear of Lucas and Peyton growing closer, and of course Nathan. She had done pretty well avoiding him, but Tree Hill was a small town. It was only a matter of time before they had another run-in with each other. She had almost considered it...playing with Nathan. Did he really think he could out do her? She didn't like being shown up. Moments like that, were when she kept trying to remind herself that she didn't want to do meaningless relationships anymore. She wanted to have something with someone, not just sex.

When she was finished she turned the shower knob and the water came to a stop. She ran her small fingers over her face and then through her hair wringing out some of the excess water. She grabbed a towel damping her hair with it, then wrapped it around her body as she walked over to the mirror. She ran her hands through her hair a few more times in an attempt to untangle it. She examined her reflection carefully before deciding she was satisfied. It was late, who was really going to see her anyway? Besides she looked hot wet. She jumped back with a start when she spotted Nathan in the mirror, approaching from behind her. She looked into his blue eyes through the mirror, and they were locked on hers. She knew this wasn't a dream or some erotic fantasy, he was really there and that made her even more nervous. What was this? She was Brooke Davis, she didn't get nervous...especially not over guys. Guys were her thing.

He looked like he had just gotten out of the shower himself, he was wearing a beater that seemed to hug him in all the right places along with Jean shorts. He really was captivating. She stood before him in nothing but a towel. Nathan licked his lips as his eyes traveled every curve of Brooke's body hungrily. She turned to face him abruptly, not really sure what she was going to say. Nervousness crept over her as she tried to keep her cool, yet oddly seeing him was a rush. Probably because she didn't know what to expect, or if she'd even be able to control herself while being around him.

"W-what are you doing here? This is the girls locker room!" Brooke stuttered walking passed him. How lame, she couldn't think of anything better than that. As if Nathan cared that this was the girls locker room. Nathan could only smile as he turned around, his eyes following her. He loved playing this game, it was almost like cat and mouse. She turned to face, once she was a bit more composed.

"You know, I had a dream like this once. Except I was wearing less clothes...and weren't wearing anything at all." Nathan smirked as he moved in closer. "Although I'm sure we could fix that." he added with a cocky glint in his eyes.

"You wish" Brooke retorted glaring at him.

"I figured with the way you teased me I owe you one." Nathan replied stepping closer. "That time in hallway, and then at tonight's game..." he began.

"I didn't do anything tonight..." Brooke answered instantly.

"You think I don't see the way you look at me, and I'm sure you bending over in front of the team was all just an accident." Nathan reminded.

"So, I'm tease." Brooke shrugged nonchalantly.

"I don't like being teased Brooke, so I owe's only fair right?" Nathan grinned continuing to move in on her until she was backed up against the wall.

"That's okay..." Brooke uttered. She wasn't sure if she wanted this or not. She knew about Nathan's past with girls, and all the things that were said about him after he and Haley officially called it quits. What if he was just using her for sex like every other guy? He hadn't shown any interest in anything else, so it wouldn't really surprise her. He had become quite an ass. She'd be just another woman to add to his list.

"I insist" Nathan smirked running his hand up her damp arm. Her skin was immediately covered with goosebumps. She closed her eyes tightly and then reopened them trying her hardest to fight this intoxicating feeling. Her chest heaved more rapidly as her heart pounded. No other guy had managed to have this effect on her with just a simple touch, not even Lucas. She tried to convince herself there was no way she could get hurt if she gave in, she'd be using him too.

"Anyone can walk in." Brooke insisted trying to find any excuse she could. Nathan grabbed her wrist tightly.

"Everyone already left, no one's here...and I locked the door." Nathan challenged with a cocky smile.

"Ouch, your hurting me." Brooke yelped. Nathan loosened his grip but grabbed ahold of her other arm as well. He brought her arms above her head, pinning her against the wall. Now he had complete control, as if he hadn't before. She hated not being in control. The towel clung loosely to her body.

"Better?" Nathan grinned closely. He was getting tired of all this stalling. Why didn't she just give in? They both knew eventually she would anyway. He brought his lips to her neck and began to kiss the soft skin hungrily. Brooke's eyes fluttered shut and she let out a shallow breath allowing herself to enjoy the amazing feeling. She was a very sexual person, but he was the first man to make her feel so many different sensations, and this was all just from a kiss.

"Nathan." Brooke sighed. Nathan removed his face from her neck to look into her eyes. "Why me? I mean I know I'm gorgeous..." she continued with a playfully cocky smile. "But I'm sure there are plenty of other women you could have had your way with by now." She reasoned.

"Who says I haven't been sleeping with other women?" Nathan grinned. Brooke shot him a dirty look. Although it was true, Nathan could have been hooking up with a lot of other girls, and she just didn't know it.

"If that was supposed to be a turn on..." Brooke replied cocking and eyebrow.

"Because your the one I chose." Nathan shrugged simply in a serious tone. Without another word, he swooped in and devoured her lips not giving her a chance to respond. He still held her hands firmly above her head as he returned his luscious mouth to her tender neck. She could feel her towel slipping and it was only a matter of time before it fell completely off of her body. She worked one of her arms free from his grasp and began kissing his neck. She then began to nibble and lick his ear playfully. She knew this drove most men wild and Nathan seemed to be liking it. Nathan grabbed a hold of her other arm, pinning her once again.

He captured her lips in a heated kiss and she moaned against his mouth. She kissed him back with equal passion, allowing his tongue to invade her mouth. Her towel which had slowly been slipping from her body, finally fell to the floor. He pulled away breaking the kiss and she let out a whimper as he released her arms. He scanned her glistening body with his piercing eyes and she looked absolutely flawless. Brooke was at her most vulnerable, regardless of how many guys had liked her and how many times she had been told she looked incredible. She tried to act confident on the outside, but the truth was she was very insecure.

"You are amazing." Nathan remarked. Brooke sighed feeling a little more comfortable and less uneasy. He had probably said things like this to a lot of girls but she couldn't help but blush. He put his hand on her shoulder gliding it down her neckline, over her subtle breast and then over her stomach. She instantly began to shiver from the slightest touch. He licked between her breasts and traveled down her stomach with his hot tongue. He swirled his tongue around her navel then worked his way back up. When he was face to face with her again, Brooke was flushed with desire. At this point lust had taken over and she didn't care about getting too involved or hurt anymore. Brooke lustfully pulled Nathan's shirt over his head, exposing his muscular physique. She shot her tongue into his mouth kissing him urgently. She placed kisses on his neck tossing his shirt aside. She left a trail of kisses along his chest and the heat combined between their bodies had become intense.

Nathan smashed his lips on top of hers and she let out a moan as he lifted her up by the cheeks of her ass. She wrapped her wet legs around his waist as he pressed her up against the wall. She slipped her hand into his shorts rubbing his manhood and he quickly moaned in approval against her lips. Nathan began to unbuckle his pants while Brooke's mind slowly began to take over. Why did she have to start thinking now of all times? What was she doing? This was wrong. She shouldn't be doing this. Brooke untangled her legs from Nathan's waist and shoved him away.

"I can't do this!" Brooke protested grabbing her towel from the floor and wrapping it around her naked body.

"Why not?" Nathan cried in frustration with a confused look. She really was a tease. Brooke hastily made her way towards the door avoiding eye contact.

"Nathan, were not even together!" Brooke exclaimed.

"So...we can be friends with benefits." Nathan reasoned grinning. Brooke responded with a cold glare. "Like you haven't done it before." He added sarcastically rolling his eyes.

"Not anymore. Besides, I don't fuck my friends...and since when are we friends anyway?" Brooke replied pointedly, turning to face him.

"Fine, then we can just have benefits." Nathan smirked.

"I don't think so..." Brooke shook her head. The idea of possibly developing feelings for Nathan and wanting more than just good sex was so not worth it. It was bad enough she could already feel herself falling for him a little too fast.

"Why not?" Nathan asked curiously. He could tell she wanted him and everyone knew about Brooke's past so it just didn't make sense.

"Because I've had enough meaningless relationships that were just about sex, and I want more than that. I wanna mean something to someone." Brooke answered honestly with a hint of vulnerability in her eyes. She didn't even know why she had just told him that, he wasn't exactly the person she should have been sharing her feelings with after the way he had been acting towards everyone lately. He wasn't the same Nathan that Haley had fell in love with. He wasn't even the same guy Peyton dated.

"We've already gone this far, why stop now?" Nathan reasoned moving closer. If they didn't stop now, this whole situation had the potential to break her and somehow she knew it. She wouldn't tell him that though. "Are you sure you not just scared?" He asked with a challenging grin. The truth was, yes, she was scared. She was scared of how he could possibly make her feel, she was scared of letting herself get hurt again. She was scared. She had been through enough pain in the past, and her heart couldn't handle that again. This was different then what she had shared with Felix. With Felix, she was in control and she never fell for him. With Nathan, there was that risk of possibly getting in too deep.

"I just can't. It's bad enough it's gone this far." Brooke answered walking away as she grabbed her bag and exited the locker room. Nathan licked his lips watching her hips sway as she left.

"It'll only go further." Nathan promised out loud to himself with a wicked grin. He knew eventually Brooke would give in.


Peyton opened her locker and shuffled through the books inside. The day seemed to be dragging for some reason, and she had plenty on her mind. She couldn't help but smile when she felt two strong, comforting arms wrap around her slender frame. She didn't even need to turn around. She knew his touch.

"Lucas" Peyton spoke as she turned to face him. Lucas smiled down at her warmly, and before she could speak any further his mouth covered hers in a gentle kiss. "That was quite the greeting." She laughed.

"You looked so good, I couldn't help myself." Lucas grinned, leaning in for another kiss. Peyton quickly turned her head and his lips landed on her cheek. He backed away slowly, feeling confused allowing his eyes to search hers. Peyton looked away after a brief moment of silence.

"I just really don't think we should be doing that here." Peyton shrugged awkwardly.

"Don't tell me your still concerned about hurting Brooke. I told you there's nothing going on between us, and we're both okay with that. She and I are just friends." Lucas reassured.

"I know that Brooke says she is okay with it and that she only wants to be friends with you but that doesn't mean she's being sincere. I mean this is a girl who called you her 'gangrene infected amputated limb' and then acts all jealous when she sees other girls even talking to you. You told her you wanted to be with her Lucas, maybe you owe it to her to see it through. Maybe it'll also help you sort out your feelings..." Peyton explained.

"Wait, she called me a what?" Lucas asked with a strange look, not waiting for an answer his expression became serious. "Listen, at the time I thought that was what I wanted. Brooke had really been there for me and I clung to her for that. But after everything that happened this summer between us, things have never been more clear to me. I need you Peyton, and I know you need me in your life too." Lucas explained softly caressing her face with his hand. She smiled looking up into his eyes.

"Luke, I'm not denying that we had an awesome summer together, or that we share something. I just don't want to hurt her and this time we have the chance to do this the right way. It's complicated because at the same time I do have feelings for you, but I think you have be with her again Lucas. I think you should give it a chance. Then if things don't work out, you'll both finally have closure." Peyton answered.

"Peyton, sometimes you have to be selfish when you believe something is worthy, and I believe what we have is. How long are we gonna fight what our hearts desire just so we can spare the feelings of someone else?" Lucas replied intensely brushing her hair behind her ear with his finger tips. She had gotten so lost in his eyes she barely registered how close they had become. His arm slipped around her petite waist and he closed the space between them pressing his lips against hers. Peyton couldn't hesitate this time even if she wanted too. She wrapped her arms around his neck deepening the kiss as their lips intertwined. Her conscience of course, had a way of kicking in at the worst times. Lucas nearly whimpered when she broke the kiss. She knew the thought of she and Lucas being together might hurt her best friend, so the public affection wasn't such a good idea. Lucas looked down at her with questioning eyes. This is what they both wanted wasn't it? So why did it have to be so hard?

"Peyton, we don't have to hide anything from her this time..." Lucas reasoned.

"Maybe Brooke really wouldn't care if we were together, but I wouldn't want to have that constantly looming over my head. If you and I are ever going to be able to truly be together then you have to follow through with what you said to Brooke. You have to be with her Luke. You obviously felt something for her. Besides, I have so much going on right now and I'm not completely ready for a relationship." Peyton insisted.

"But what about us?" Lucas sighed looking deeply disappointed.

"It'll always be there...we just have to wait until our time comes." Peyton explained. "From now on we are strictly platonic. Go be with Brooke." She added immediately breaking eye contact as she shut her locker door and walked passed him. Lucas opened his mouth to protest but no words came out, and he found himself just watching her walk away.


Haley stood in the hallway outside of Math class. She currently had Study Hall and the bell was about to ring any second. She had gone over what she wanted to say in her head a million times. She hadn't spoken to him in such a long time. It was hard to believe how drastically things could change. Or, how drastically people could change no matter how well you thought you knew them. She couldn't exactly blame him for his behavior. She mostly blamed herself. She wasn't seeking forgiveness for her actions, she knew she'd never get that. She was doing this mostly on Luke's behalf, although Lucas had no idea.

It had been weeks since Nathan had returned from High Flyers and he still hadn't forgiven Lucas. Although Lucas had insisted that it wasn't her fault, she couldn't help but feel responsible. After all, he had lied about going to see her. She nervously wrung her hands, and her heart was pounding. The bell would ring any minute now. She had almost talked herself out of it a few times. She still had the chance to change her mind and take off down the hall. She silently scolded herself for thinking such thoughts. She had to do this. The bell rang causing Haley to nearly jump out of her skin. Kids quickly began to pile out of the classrooms and Haley watched them one by one. He finally walked out wearing his usual cocky smile, walking right passed her without even noticing she was standing there.

"Nathan." Haley managed to call. Her voice was frail and meek. Nathan's head snapped back and his eyes darted at her. He immediately recognized her voice. A voice that once brought him such happiness, was now like nails slowly being dragged across a chalk board. He turned his body to face her. His eyes were piercing and cold, practically pinning her to the wall. Her breath caught in her throat and she almost wondered if her heart had stopped beating. She didn't know what to expect. He slowly moved closer to her. A smile strategically curled at his lips as if he was contemplating how to make this worse for her.

"Haley...haven't spoken to you in a while. I guess divorce does that to people." Nathan offered with a smile, but it wasn't a nice warm smile. It was a taunting, cruel smile. Haley looked away. She couldn't remember his eyes ever being so cold.

"I wanted to talk to you about Lucas." Haley offered quietly, not daring to look up at him.

"As far as I'm concerned there's nothing to talk about. He's nothing to me and that's his own fault. It's really none of your business." Nathan stated with a smug grin.

"I know Lucas shouldn't have lied to you about coming to see me..." Haley began, trying to ignore the harshness in his tone. There was a time where she was the only one who could get through to Nathan. A lot had changed since then, but she was hoping she could help make things better by talking to him.

"Don't tell me you want to have a heart to heart, Hales? First of all, you really shouldn't be preaching about honesty...oh and make sure you say hi to Chris Keller for me next time you see him." Nathan replied with a sinister glare. "Although I guess it was partially your fault since he was lying about you. Gee, your just ruining lives right and left." He added sarcastically.

"Nathan, I don't blame you for being angry with me, but Lucas is your brother. He was only trying to protect you." Haley argued.

"Shut up Haley! What do you think after all this time your just gonna be the saint and smooth everything over between us? You think I'm going to change the way I feel because you feed me a line of bullshit? I'm not wrapped around your finger anymore, and besides...I don't take advice from sluts." Nathan snapped, his frosty blue eyes burning into hers. Haley's big brown eyes instantly welled up with tears.

"Excuse me?" Haley uttered barely believing the way he had just spoken to her. Lucas came walking down the hall when he spotted them. He was immediately concerned by the look on Haley's face.

"You heard me, I called you a slut." Nathan smirked in amusement as he moved closer to Haley and brushed a hand through her hair. "Your a dirty slut. Only sluts cheat on their husbands." He hissed venomously with a bitter glare. That's all it took. Lucas lost it, charging at Nathan and tackling him to the ground. Haley didn't even have time to react. Her mind was still registering the filthy word Nathan had just labeled her. The fight between the brothers continued to ensue, going back and forth until a number of teachers and basketball players jumped in to break it up. Haley sat on the floor and began to cry into her knees. Nathan smiled with deep satisfaction, while Lucas broke away from the guys that were holding him and went to Haley's side, pulling her into a hug.

"Principal's office now!" Whitey growled. It seemed like the entire school had gathered to witness the fight. Brooke and Peyton both went to Haley's side to comfort her, while Nathan and Lucas were escorted to the office.

Peyton and Brooke brought a distraught Haley into the girls bathroom to help clean her up and calm her down. Haley splashed cold water on her face, while the other girls looked on in concern.

"I'm fine." Haley choked out a shaky laugh when she finally looked at them. She was trying her hardest to hold back tears. "He's just never spoken to me like that. It hurt." She admitted as liquid hot tears escaped from her eyes.

"He had no right to speak that way to you." Brooke offered sympathetically. She had completely forgotten about how Haley might feel if she knew what had been going on between she and Nathan. That was just another reason to stay away from him, but at the same time she felt the need to really let him have it for what he did to Haley.

"He's been being an ass to everyone lately, there's no excuse for it." Peyton added rubbing Haley's shoulder.

"Thank you two, really...but I'm gonna be okay." Haley reassured. "He has a right to hate me, I just wish it didn't hurt so much." She muttered.

"He has a right to be angry yes, but to be verbally and mentally abusive? No one deserves that." Peyton replied giving Haley a comforting hug.

"Hot night last night?" Haley teased as she released Peyton.

"What?" Brooke asked realizing Haley was talking to her.

"Nice hickey dude." Peyton chuckled noticing what Haley had been referring too.

"I think that's the biggest hickey I've ever seen...who's it from?" Haley asked curiously. Brooke quickly looked into the mirror to see a huge hickey on her neck.

"Oh God." Brooke groaned. How had she NOT noticed that!

"Who's the lucky guy B. Davis?" Peyton pressed. Brooke didn't really know what to say, she knew she shouldn't lie to her best friend but she also couldn't tell the truth for obvious reasons.

"Oh, some random guy at a bar...I can't even remember his name." Brooke answered.

"Nice." Haley laughed sarcastically. "I guess that's one way for a guy to mark their territory." She joked. Interestingly, Brooke hadn't even thought of that. Men are dogs, and that is something that a dog would do. Maybe he was trying to make her look like a slut. If anyone were to ever find out about them nearly hooking up, not only would it probably cause problems between she and Haley...but a lot of people would probably hate her. Brooke would just be another notch on his belt, not to mention how much he could brag about that fact that he had nailed her. Staring in the mirror, she couldn't help but wonder if confronting Nathan was a bad idea or not.


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