Cerulean Eyes

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Seto Kaiba sighed in frustration as he stared at the digital computer screen. It flickered cheekily, as if mocking his lack of patience. Cursing, the young CEO pressed the mouse again, determinedly trying to make the computer come out of its stupor.

It was to no avail. The storm outside had hit full force and was affecting the power lines. He'd be lucky to even turn on the lights. The door to his office opened as a familiar mop of black hair announced his little brother Mokuba had arrived.

"When are we going home Seto?" The young boy asked his brother, peering nervously at the storm brewing outside through the huge windows of Seto's office.

"Soon Mokuba," The older boy sighed, "As soon as I get all this data in from the last Duel Monsters tournament."

Mokuba groaned inwardly and sat on the leather chair of the office, watching his older brother's failed attempts to make the computer start working again.


The girl shivered, rubbing her arms in vain to keep herself warm. She gazed outside at the raging sky and the pouring rain. The doorstep did little to shelter her against the weather and the cold.

The rain had already drenched her clothes and hair and the roaring wind was doing no good as it blew into her thin garments, as if trying to rip the girl up with the velocity of the element.

She shuddered again, praying the flickering light in the building she was currently huddled underneath would take mercy on her and allow her to come in…


Kaiba sighed in defeat and saw that Mokuba was already nodding off to sleep. He stared at the flickering computer screen and reluctantly picked up his white mobile that lay innocently on his desk.

After a quick call to Roland, the CEO shook his brother awake. Grabbing a black umbrella from the stand, they walked downstairs to wait for the limo.


She glanced up and saw lights flickering on. A sudden ray of hope entered her numb mind as she saw shadows walking down the stairs. She sat, waiting for the kind person to help her and offer her shelter.


As Kaiba opened the glass doors harshly, he jumped as the door hit something huddled in the corner. It was a person.

"Move!" He commanded roughly, "This isn't a place for beggars!"

After a closer glance, Kaiba could make out a long mane of golden hair. He stepped back as the figure rose. And received a shock.

It was a girl. Her clothes were torn and battered by various forms of harsh weather. Her hair was long and trailing to her waist but looked battered and uncared for. The girl herself had pale skin, covered with various cuts and bruises. Her whole body looked fragile as if it could shatter.

Kaiba found himself staring at her, his eyes drawn to her eyes…cerulean orbs. He felt something trigger inside him…something from past life…


She stared at him, feeling lost and helpless under his piercing gaze of ultimate coldness. She felt his eyes trained onto hers, boring into her. Her eyes watered as she struggled not to blink.

The storm increased with velocity, roaring and thundering behind her. She did not notice. She was locked, staring at his cold, blue eyes. No warmth existed in those eyes. Nothing she could see…


Kaiba stared at her until at last, the link was snapped by the girl. She tore her eyes away from his and looked at the ground.

"Who are you?" He asked, his voice somehow harder and colder than usual, "What do you want?"

"I…" Those words were soft and femine with some kind of gentleness Kaiba had never encountered, "I-I need…help…"

Kaiba stared at her and then felt his usual motto coming back to him. His eyes hardened as he gazed at the small, pitiful figure before him.

"Go find an orphanage," He sneered, holding tightly on Mokuba's hand, "I don't take to strangers invading my company premises."


She felt a sense of hopelessness at his last words. She felt his iciness hit her with more force than any wind could. She felt no warmth from him. She felt nothing from him.

A burning feeling was rising within her, bubbling fear and disappointment.


Her own voice surprised her. It was said with so much force that, at first, she wasn't sure whether it was really herself speaking. It was high and pleading, filled with thousands of years of memories and pain.

She saw him hesitate and then saw him gaze coldly at her still, not moving. He did not say yes. He did not say no. She looked down, unwilling to look at him in the eye. Under his gaze, she felt so small…so inferior.

It was then the small boy decided to intervene…


He was not sure who the girl was. He was not sure why his brother did not let her shelter in the building. But a kind streak in his nature compelled him to speak up…to protest.

Gathering his courage, he gripped his brother's hand tighter and pleaded.

"Please Seto! Can't we let her have some food at least?"

At first, his older brother was frozen in place, rigid as the last words hit him. Then, slowly, he turned to face him. Mokuba shuddered.

Those azure eyes held no depth. Then, his brother spoke in a harsh tone that clearly told him to not interfere.

"We don't take strangers Mokuba."

His older brother's tone was icy and closed. But the young boy tried again.

"She's hurt Seto!" He protested, glancing sympathetically at the girl, "Can't we take her in for one night?"

"She can go to the orphanage."


"No buts Mokuba," the older Kaiba's tone was final, "Let's just go home and leave these pathetic beings to their fate. Not my business she doesn't have a home to go to."


This was the third time his little brother had resisted his command. Kaiba felt frustration building up within him as he waited for the limo.

He saw the welcoming white light of the car as it pulled up outside Kaiba Corp. He gripped his briefcase, striding past the girl and unfurled the umbrella to shield from the rain.

"Come on Mokuba."


She felt tears drop from her face as she watched the man go. There was no hope now. She was left out in the cold. She felt bitter defeat as she bowed her head, tears spilling out onto the steps.

So she didn't see the little boy stare at her in a mixture of sympathy and concern, nor did she see him stand beside her. She didn't feel him grip her hand. And she didn't hear him say the word.



Kaiba turned, eyes flashing as he glared at his little brother, standing beside the girl with a defiant look on his face.

"What did you just say?"


He screwed up his courage for the second time.

"I said no Seto."

As he watched his brother's face register a look of deep shock and hurt, Mokuba felt his courage return and seized his chance.

"I won't go Seto. Not without her."

"Stop messing around Mokuba. Do you want to get home or not?"

"I never forgot when our parents abandoned us at the orphanage Seto," Mokuba said defiantly, "And she needs help…if she stays, I stay."


Deep shock was all he felt now. Numbly, he was aware of the driver tooting urgently inside the limo. He stared at his brother and then at the girl, still silent.

"Fine!" He said irritably, striding back and holding the umbrella over Mokuba and the girl, "Get in."

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