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Summary- It's a week untill Christmas and Tenten's parents have gone off on a mission stating she has to stay with a friend of their choice, Hyuuga Neji. See what happens when Tenten stays at Neji's home. Things start to get a little hectic!

Chapter 1: Moving In With A Hyuuga

Day 1

Tenten walked into her cozy, warm home. Even though it was December, the coldest month of the year, her teammate Hyuuga Neji insisted that they should still train. She flopped herself on the couch not caring that she was soaking wet from falling in the snow too many times, her muscles were screaming for relaxation.

"Stupid Neji," she murmured. "Making me train..."

"Tenten, your father and I need to talk to you!" A voice called from the kitchen.

Sighing, she got off the couch lazily. "Coming mother!"

Walking into the room, she sat herself at the table looking at her parents tiredly. They looked so serious about what they were going to say to her.

"Listen. I'm sorry to say, but your father and I have been assigned a new mission by Tsunade-sama," her mother stated.

Tenten raised an eyebrow. "Yeah, so?"

They were always sent on missions so she barely spent any time with them. Why should this one have mattered to her? Like she even cared about what they did.

"Let your mother finish," her father said strictly.

The older woman cleared her throat. "Because of this mission...we won't be here for Christmas with you, again."

Typical. It was always like this ever since she started classes in the Ninja Academy. Every year she spent Christmas alone and during that time she learned not to care. When she was little, she used to cry about it, but not anymore. Times have changed and along with that, so has she.

"However," her mother smiled. "We have decided to let you stay at a friend's house for the time being. Now then, we've taken the liberty to choose one of your teammates."

Wait, what? One of her teammates? Hearing this, her body tensed and her mind seemed to wake up. She'd have to stay at either Lee or Neji's house? That was just the perfect thing to end her horrible day with!

Tenten stood up, her chair screeching agaisnt the floor. "You're kidding, right? This can't be happening!"

"No, we're not. Your stuff has already been sent to their house and you're leaving in five minutes," her father said calmly, looking at his watch.

Tenten panicked. "Whose house?"

The older woman's grin widened. "Why Neji's, of course! To have you stay with that weird child, Lee, would be absurd! I will not have that!"

"Oh dear god, no!" Tenten exclaimed.

This would be even worse than staying at Lee's house. It means longer training hours in the snow, conversations with a cold-hearted bastard who won't say anything back, and having to deal with his annoying cousin, Hanabi.

She officially hated her parents now.

She groaned inwardly. "But mom! Why can't I stay at Lee's instead? I mean, if I stay at Neji's house I'll lose my sanity!"

The man answered, "Because we said so. Do you want to stay at Lee's because you're his girlfriend or something?"

"Ew, no!" Tenten wanted to puke at his question, and strangle her father for asking such a thing

No way in hell would she ever go out with him! He wasn't a bad person, no, it was just tha he's too "unique" for her tastes. Not only that but he was like a big brother sorta person to her.

"What about Ino or Sakura's?"

"You aren't even friends with those two," the woman replied.

True. Tenten wasn't friends with Ino and Sakura. Damnit! She knew she had to make more friends. She was running out of ideas! Her eye twitched annoyingly.

"Enough, Tenten," came her father's gruff voice. "You're staying with the Hyuuga's and that is how it will be. You won't be able to change our minds!"

"Tenten, I can't wait 'til we have cute little babies produced by you and Neji!" Her mother squealed in excitement.

The man covered his wife's mouth with his hand, in an attempt of silencing her before she could rant on. To their luck, Tenten wasn't listening and instead in her own little world thinking.

She couldn't believe she had to stay with that jerk till after Christmas. That was like...more than 10 days! Oh how she wished she would survive this unfortunate ordeal. However, part of her wanted to go. Maybe even be able to get blackmail on Neji somehow mysteriously.

Tenten huffed. "Fine, I'll go."

The kunouchi left out the door without another word after, of course, grabbing Mr. Snuggle-Bear off the couch in the process. She slowly walked to Neji's household, not wanting to be there at all. I guess this is what he meant by "I'll see you later tonight" before she went home from training.

Tenten fell from the tree into the snow below, a deep hole forming where she landed with snow slightly piling on top of her. Her partner, Neji, had appeared behind her after a large number of weapons he dodged easily ceased, thus giving him the chance to kick her already worn out body.

Neji smirked in victory knowing Tenten had lost the match. He jumped down next to the hole in the ground and looked in it. "Get up, Tenten."

Two arms sprouted from beneath some snow and grabbed the outer rim of the dented ice. Tenten pulled herself up from the hole she was in with some trouble. She could've layed there and let her body become a popsicle, but Neji commanded her to get out.

"Couldn't you have gone quite a bit more easier on me?" She rubbed the sore spot on her head.

"Tenten, it wouldn't be called training if you didn't use everything you had," the Hyuuga said coldly.

Ugh, he's just as cold as this ice. Stupid ice-cube! Tenten sighed. "Whatever you say genius."

Silence fell among the two, but that wasn't surprising to her as it always happened. Neji would never start a conversation, she always had to be. She thought of what she could say or ask him without him ignoring her comments or replying with 'hn'.

"So Neji...what do you want for Christmas?" I asked.

He grunted. "Nothing. Ninjas do not let greed overtake them. It makes them go bad."

I sighed. "It's not greed. Do you even know what Christmas is?"

For once the Hyuuga prodigy had nothing to say. He simply closed his eyes and pretended as if he was thinking of an answer or as if he knew and was too good to reply to her. Tenten smirked.

"Christmas is a time of giving to those you love. And if you cannot give it's the thought that counts alone."

"I think I knew that, Tenten."

"Sure you did." She rolled her eyes.

His eyes opened and focused on her. "It's late. You should go home."

"I suppose you're right. Bye, Neji," she replied, waving to him as she walked away from the forest training grounds.

Faintly, she heard him murmur his goodbye. "I'll see you later tonight."

Looking behind herself, she saw a blurring image of him heading towards his own home. She raised an eyebrow obviously confused at his statement. Tonight? Huh?

When the parents' daughter was out of sight, the man picked up the telephone beside him and dialed a number. He waited for a few moments while he listened for the ringing to stop. He heard another person at the other line soon enough.

A deep voice boomed, "Hello."

"Hello Hiashi-sama! Tenten is on her way to your house. Let us hope this plan of getting your nephew and my daughter together works."

"Aa. If there is any girl that can melt Neji's heart, it would be your little girl. Now to put this whole thing into action," Hiashi stated, smiling slightly.

"Inform us if there are any mishaps. Bye, Hiashi-sama," the man said.

"Right, bye."

Tenten's father hung up the phone grinning at his wife, who smiled back. This was the perfect plan ever. Good thing they got some of the Konoha residents to agree to help. Including the Jounins and Rookie 9. All they had to do was sit back and watch the magic happen.

The weapons mistress hugged Mr. Snuggle-Bear to herself like it would make her disappear from here and into another world. But of course, that would not happen. Her imaginations wouldn't come true as they were only figments of her mind.

She arrived at her destination, standing in front of a gate she took in the scence in front of her. Neji didn't live in a house, he lived in a damn mansion! She gaped as the largeness of the entire place. There must have been over fifty rooms in a place that big. She wondered if she was even civilized enough to stay there at all.

"Tenten, what are you doing? Are you just going to stand there with your mouth agape like a fish or are you going to come in?" A familiar voice interupted her thoughts as she glared at Neji.

She crossed her arms. "Yea, I'm coming in..."

Walking through the now open gate, she stared at the back of the Hyuuga as she followed him down a stone pathway. Who would have guessed he lived here? Well since he did come from a noble clan she should have expected this, but she never really thought much of it.

Neji smirked. "I told you I'd see you later tonight."

"I can see that. It's a shame I never knew about this before. How come you never told me you live in a mansion?" Tenten's eyes still wandered around. It was a beautiful sight to her.

He shrugged. "You never asked."

Her eye twitched. "Smartass..." She murmured under her breathe.

This did not go unheard by Neji. Fortunately he let it slip only because he needed his partner to stay in good condition for training the next day. However, if she were any regular person, he would have jumped them and made sure they were taught a lesson. Like to be more respectful to him.

Tenten's gaze landed on a garden full of different kinds of flowers that she could name from the top of her head and a few she had never seen before. A fountain was in the middle of it all. Or course, the statue on it was a bird, Neji's favorite animal. She decided on asking him later that night if he could take her there.

"Wow," she gasped.

"Hurry, Tenten," Neji ordered.

Noticing he was at the door and she was lagging behind, she quickly ran towards his place in side the large building and shut the door behind her. She panted a bit still quite tired from earlier that day when the genius had kicked her ass again.


She nodded, following close behind him trying to not let her eyes wonder again and get lost in this place. She might end up somewhere she wasn't supposed to be. She squeezed Mr. Snuggle-Bear.


"Yes, Neji?"

"What is that thing you're holding?" Neji asked with disgust for the thing.

"Mr. Snuggle-Bear. And he's not a thing, he's a stuffed animal." She pouted.

He scoffed in amusement. This was interesting. The tough, energetic kunouchi hugging an old stuffed teddy bear. It made no sense. He stopped and Tenten ran into him. He watched as she rubbed her nose.

"Ow...next time warn me before you stop so suddenly!" She yelled at him.

He smirked. "Well then don't walk so close to me. I may even get the wrong idea."

She glared at him. "Ch. Yea right. Neji get your head straight! I was only walking close to you so I wouldn't get lost." Or did I really do it for another reason?

The Hyuuga prodigy opened a door to a room. "This is where you will be staying. I'm in the room to the right of you. If you need anything just ask and I might answer you if the question isn't stupid."

"Ano...thanks for letting me stay here, Neji." She fumbled with her stuffed animal.

"Hn." With that he left her and went into his own room.

Tenten sighed. She walked into the place she'd be residing and closed the door for some privacy. She looked around. The room seemed as if it were fit for a king or queen. She noticed her stuff already neatly placed in according to where they should be. She strolled over to her bed and flopped herself on it.

The weapons mistress looked at her toy. Did Neji find this childish for her to be carrying it around? Did he think she was weak now? She wondered why all of a sudden she cared of what he thought.

These were going to be some long days here.

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