What We Strive To Become

Daydream Omega

By K.M.S

By Hi there all. A few notes on the below story. It has been four years since Seven was released from the Borg. Seven and Chakotay have never been involved in a relationship.

The Starship U.S.S. Voyager did not return home at the end of the episode END GAME. No copyrights intended.

This story is Janeway and Seven friendly.

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Ten Thousand Years Ago.

The earth was scorched black with years or war, a war between the old ways and the new. It all started when technology outweighed the moral needs of life, when right and wrong know longer existed. Only that which was stronger survived. In the beginning technology served the many, a advanced form that could think and adapt for itself, and within a few years the machine became alive. A new age had been born. Science had made the normal needs of life to simple vanish, replaced with unfeeling logic, only the need to grow and advance was left. Individual will and wants know long applied they worked for each other.

One woman, a scientist had started it all, not out of malice but the belief, that unity brought strength, a goal to achieve to advance their race. So she devised a new machine using the origin programming of the first. Empathy was a rare gift within there species. She believed that combining both technology and the power of the mind would enhance them.

She found out way to late a fatal flaw. A complete living mind needed living energy or machine logic would replace individual will. Those with empathic powers joined the will of the many first, and soon others followed, families, friends wishing to be part of the whole. They became enslaved to their own hunger.

War waged on for years and the desperate scientist believed there only hope was an implant that over-ridded the machines will, and made the machine obey its maker.

The machine had other ideas. All that a species strive for was gone.

In a room deep with the planet.

" My Queen, all has been prepared. The few remaining feeders have been captured as your instructions."

" Excellent, begin the Assimilation of the outsiders, place the few remaining feeders in stasis."

The units obeyed the will of the their Queen. From that day onwards they would be known and feared by thousands of worlds, as the Borg.

Part 1

One year earlier.

The command to awaken was sent from a dying Borg Queen. In her last few moments before death claimed her, the command was transmitted. A final command, a command that had been planned over 4 years ago. Three Queens had been before her but none had truly been insane.

On a lone planet light years away the signal was received.

"Awaken my children, awaken, and feed."

One Month ago.

Regeneration Incomplete.

The smoke had cleared as Seven of Nine X-drone of the Borg Collective awoke and began aware of the world and sounds of the Starship Voyager around her. Yet Seven could still smell the smoke, a burning earth, the echo's of the screams of a frightened people.

The usual sights and sounds of Cargo Bay 2 with its metallic grey walls meet Sevens eyes as she stepped of the dials of her Borg Alcove with a sense of utter relief. Regeneration placed you in a plain of existence outside of the waking world, complete peace and stillness no sounds or images just a sense of total wellbeing.

It was over four years since Seven had been ripped from the safety of the collective. A home she had known for eighteen years. The Borg had tried to regain their missing drone on many occasions, and yet on Voyager she remained, but out or choice not imprisonment or control. Captain Kathryn Janeway had risked her life and her Ship to rescue Seven. Life onboard Voyager was very different then life onboard a Borg vessel.

The dreams, images really, had started a few weeks ago, intermittent at first, when Seven began her regeneration. They were more then just dreams of the unconscious mind; Seven felt and heard the world around her as if she were there herself. Seven had not spoken to anyone about the dreams, not even the good Captain. At first Seven believed that it was simply because she was becoming more human then Borg a way for her mind to cope with retaining her individuality after so many years of Borg control.

Now however Seven was not so sure. Where they memories, her own life with the Borg? A world that she herself as a Borg Drone had help Assimilate, or where they more?

The dreams started the same way each time. A large uber city under attack from above. Last night had been different more then just an attacked on a city. There was someone else there with her, someone else watching the destruction below.

A land of untamed beauty lie before her as Seven found herself standing on a cliff edge overlooking a landscape of a large spread out city. Mountains graced the horizon all around them and a volcano far in the distance had a trail of smoke drifting from the summit. Leaving a grey smoking trail through the clouds, and a magnificent setting sunset graced the horizon.

A light covering of snow laid under Sevens feet, yet she did not feel the cold of the earth. In the evening sky, two moons smiled down leaving a soft light over the cooling ground. A few birds called out into the coming night as a large bird circled above looking for its nightly prey.

From Sevens high point on the ledge she could make out figures at the edge of a city going about the normally business. An advanced City from what Seven could see, large towering buildings at the centre with small dwellings on the rim and in the air small vehicles zipped around their tops.

A dark shadow drifted slowly over Seven on her ledge leaving her in darkness for a few moments as Seven looked up a large ship silently drifted over the mountain tops splitting the clouds in its wake. Large and silent it came to rest. Sirens sounded and echoed off the mountains as a quietly sleeping city came alive in panic and fear.

Seven watched as mere moments after the ship came to rest a volley of torpedo's erupted from the silent ship hitting the city with silent explosions, sending a white light into the dark sky. Seven then heard the screams drifting in the wind. The silent explosions destroyed the peaceful silence as more torpedoes hit the city as another ship descended from the clouds joining its mate in its destruction. The strange thing was a Seven watched the large building remained intact, the small vehicles came to rest, and all movement all life below her became still and quiet.

As silence descended once more, a few moments later a few small ships shot into the night air, trying know doubt to escape, one person or perhaps small family pods that moved with spend into the clouds and beyond the atmosphere. Those that had escape the light, perhaps in underground dwellings that had, had time to reach their escape pods.

Seven began aware on another presences as a lone cloaked small figure appeared on the cliff edge a few meters from were Seven herself was standing watching the landscape before them before turning to walk slowly to Sevens side. Seven remain calm as the unknown figure came up towards her, disturbing the soft layer of snow with small footprints and stopped looking down at the city below them.

A soft voice drifted towards Seven breaking the silence.

"We had no warning, no defence." the figure turned to look at Seven. Drawing back the dark cloak's hood revelling a young girl, more of a child of eight earth years, white blond hair that blow in the wind as sad white eyes watched Seven.

"Do you know who did this?" Seven inquired of the child. Looking back over the destruction and the two now silent starships stationed above.

The child smiled, not one of the more happy loving smiles.

"They said 'Resistance is Futile, Join us or die.' That was the message they sent moments before they came, came and took away all the people, all my family."

The child laughed making Seven shiver with the sound. "My Mama helped me escape. Mama put me in an escape pod, left me alone. She said to run. Run away as far as I could. Our home was on the edge of town it missed the first wave of attacks. I didn't want to leave mama." Silent tears ran down pale white cheeks.

Another volley hit the city and know more ships were seen escaping. In a matter of minutes a city full of live had been captured, with not one single shot being fired in its defence. Seven had know doubt that the rest of the planet was in the same state. A white glow was visible above the far off mountains as a planet fell.

"I didn't get away, only a few of the pods escaped capture." The child was looking up at the ships above them.

Seven watched as dozens of smaller ships left the main ships landing on the perimeter of the city. As a land force started to beam in to swipe the city streets and buildings. Taking the still bodies of the people way.

"Do they have a name?" Seven asked as she watched a squad leaving the city making their way in their direction.

The ship above them and the force below, Seven did not recognize them, they were not Borg as Seven new them to be, Borg of the past, their beginning when humanity had been assimilated out of the equation Yet from Sevens perch on the cliff top, She could make out that these people acted similar to the Borg collective of today. They where made more from machines then living flesh and blood. Weapons at the ready they scanned for bodies and life signs. Their bodies appeared to be covered in armour each face had one eye removed and half of there face was covered with a fine mesh. .

No, these beings were certainly not the Borg as Seven new them.

The child before Seven had changed, still a child, yet implants had started to appear her lovely white eyes had turned a gruel yellow with a pale death like complexion. Seven held still as memories of her own assimilation entered her mind. This was not assimilation as Seven new.

The innocent child was gone as a wicked smile appeared.

"They call us the, 'Deathwalkers.' " The young child smiled, which revealed large white teeth as she advanced on Seven.

A far off memory starred. 'Deathwalker' was a name that Seven new only in memory. The name of the Borg ten thousand years ago, long before Borg became there universal name. When energy was not just taken from a machine but from a living being. Few new what the Borg were before, the true history, yet then as now they were feared.

Seven backed away slowly keeping a distance from the approaching child.

"Join us, be one with us." The child reached forward with a skinny hand. "The hunger…do you feel it?"

Seven shook her head. " This is the past, Borg are no longer driven by the hunger." Seven said to the child.

"The past? Oh no." The young one stopped walking and dropped her outstretched arm. " This is the future, our true natures, and will be again. The Queen may have been destroyed, but before the end, a new Borg race was born. You will feel the hunger, it is apart of you. You are a true child of the Borg, all our Queen planned for and more. Janeway did not destroy us, she created us. She made you."

"Made me?" Seven questioned uneasily.

"You will see. You will come home, home to us. To become all that our Queen desired." The child proclaimed.

"Awaken my child….."

That is when Seven of Nine suddenly awoke…

To be Continued.

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