What We Strive To Become

Part 3

A Message had been sent to request permission to enter the solar System one hour ago. The command bridge had been a very quiet place after that as members went about their delay duties. Hangovers and over indulgence of food had taken its toll the night before.

" Captain we are being hailed. " Tuvok informed his Captain watching everyone around the Bridge wince at the volume of his voice.

Janeway straightened up in her command chair with a stiff groan. "Excellent Command, audio only or…." Janeway turn to her Security Office.

"Visual Captain." Responded the Vulcan Officer.

Janeway stood and straighten her uniform. " Heads up people, lets make a good impression." All around her backs straightened.

"On screen"

" Greeting from the High Council of Lamar Captain Kathryn Janeway I am Tarmar." Greeted a soft smooth voice. "It is my pleasure to welcome you to our home."

The main screen held a image quiet different from the voice, Cat like in appearance, long muzzled nose and bright intelligent yellow eyes, with a coat the colour of a beautiful setting sunset, long fine whiskers, with the edge of sharp canines just visible when speaking could be seen.

Janeway gave what she hope was a warm friendly smile.

"Thank you, Tarmar, the pleasure is ours. As our hailing message explain, we are members of The Federation in needed of a safe harbour and supplies." Janeway explained.

" Indeed Captain, you and your crew are far from home and have had quiet a voyage from what your records show us. Lamar is a peaceful world, most live in the forests that cover our planet, we have very little use for technology or weapons. Perhaps it would be best for the Council and yourselves to meet and discuss what you require from our world?" Tarmar questioned.

" Would it be permitted to orbit your planet and send a shuttle craft down with five members of my crew? To Discuss our requirements." Janeway walked a bit closer to the screen.

There was a pause as Tarmar looked slightly to his right a excited whisper could be heard. Tarmar gave a little chuckle before responding " That is acceptable to us Captain….. One moment." Tarmar disappeared from view know doubt to talk to the others with him..

" A good start." Chakotay came to rest at Janeways side.

"A lot more friendly a greeting then most we are used too." Janeway responded.

" Captain we are being sent directions to land in one of the main complex's." Tuvok addressed Janeway.

Tarmar had returned. " Captain Janeway I will be at the site within a few hours is that acceptable to you?"

" More then acceptable Tarmar, I look forward to meeting you in person." Janeway nodded to the screen.

"Only five members Captain, we do not deal with many space fairing races, some of our dealings in the past have not ended well. Those that wished to enslave us regretted their actions." Tarmar stressed the 'enslave us' as he spoke.

" Tarmar we require only which we asked in our communication to you a few hours ago, I understand your reservations. We ourselves have had less then a warm reception from many races we have encountered on our journey home." Sympathy laced Janeways voice. "We will be there in two hours."

Tarmar with a slight frown nodded and then smiled. " It will be my peoples pleasure I believe Captain until then." The screen returned to the stars before them.

"Tom lay in a course."

"Aye captain." Toms hands flew over his controls sending voyager on its way into the solar system.

" Mr Kim, reading on the planets surface?"

"Earth like, forest, deserts, large bodies of water. Temperature around 90 degrees warm humid. Oxygen slightly higher then earth norms." Kim reported after a few moments.

" Sounds like paradise to me." Janeway said giving Ensign Kim a warm smile

" Tuvok, Seven, Torres, Neelix and myself will go and meet our hosts. You have two hours. We will meet on hanger deck one at 1100hours." Janeway looked first to her security chief then Seven both nodded there understanding. "Chakotay please inform Neelix and Lt Torres of our plans."

"Captain perhaps I….." Chakotay began and held as Janeway raised a hand.

"I know what you about to suggest Command, No I will lead the away team. This is a first contact with a new species besides its been quiet a while since I was out and about. Tuvok is quiet capable of watching my back." Janeway reached for her report pad.

"Two hours people. You have the bridge Command."

"Yes Captain." Chakotays voice was resigned.

Janeway heard as her office doors softly shut Chakotay informing Neelix and Lt Torres of there away mission.

Seven had returned to her quarters shortly after the Captain went to her Ready Room. Two hours left her time to regenerate before the away mission began.

Regeneration Sequence activated.

Seven found herself adrift for a moment unable to see clearly were she was. Seven remained silent and still as the images around her slowly cleared.

Seven was in a dimly lit room, a large view screen lay before her, an image of a ship appeared.

" Welcome Seven-Of-Nine." A cool clear voice echoed through the small room.

A chill ran through Seven as she turned. In front of Seven stood the Borg Queen. " You were destroyed."

" Seven-Of-Nine… we are the Queen. We exist within the Borg collective long after the body dies." The Queen walked over to watch the view screen turning to look at Seven.

" I am know longer connected to the hive mind, you cannot be here. You are an image only…nothing more. " Seven stated.

" You always were the most promising of all my children. True I am merely a memory. Place hear when you were a child. You were so young when you came to use. Full of unseen promise and power." The Queen looked Seven over with a smile.

" Why appear to me now after all this time." Seven questioned uneasily.

" My long lost children have awakened. It is time for Seven-Of-Nine to awaken too."

"Awaken ? "

The Queen stood in front of Seven and ran a cold hand along Sevens jaw up to her implant. I pulse of energy left the Queens hand and ran along Sevens pathways deactivating Nano-probes that had been active since Seven was a child.

Seven step back in shock. " What have you done."

The Queens had dropped. " You were to be our instrument against the humans, over time you began more… more then we imagined."

Seven had know idea what the Queen was talking about. " More… more of what?"

" The future."

Regeneration Complete.

Seven stepped down from her alcove on unsteady legs. She needed to see the Doctor, but there was no time before the away mission. Collecting herself Seven vowed to see the Doctor as soon as she returned.

To be Continued….. please re-view