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009 twisted and turned in his bed. Cold sweat was everywhere; it coated himself and his bed. His breath was coming in gasps as his body struggled to force him to regain consciousness, while his mind fought against its will.

Suddenly he gave a yell and almost leapt out of the bed.

He sat there shaking, too frightened to move. He shook his head roughly and got up. Only to stand by the end of his bed, not knowing what to do. By the light that was coming in through the curtains, 009 realised that it was still very early in the morning and that no one else would be awake.

He let out a sigh and sat back down on his bed. He had been having these dreams for a few weeks now and every time they were basically the same, but somehow different. His shaking returned and he felt hot tears trickling down his cheeks.

When is this going to end? ' He thought, but somehow he knew that these nightmares were only the start. He heard shuffling outside his door and immediately, out of fear and alarm, he leaped. The door sprang open, and 009 had the culprit in a headlock before he even realised who it was.

"Get OFF me, 009" cried 002.

009 was quick to get off one of his best friends and looked him up and down. "Why were you outside my door?" he asked suspiciously. 002 surveyed 009 as he attempted to regain his breath.

"I was seeing if you were OK." 009 blinked, 002 could see a slight flush of red cross his cheeks, signalling 009's embarrassment.

"Why wouldn't I be OK?" he retorted. 009 knew perfectly well that the noise that he had caused in his sleep was the reason why 002 had checked on him, but he pretended to play dumb.

"009, what are these dreams about?" Well talk about blunt.

"Dreams? What dreams?" 009 could see that this really ticked 002 off.

"009, I'm not stupid, don't treat me like I am. We're all worried about you, and yet you won't let us help?" 002 was being serious and 009 could sense that his anger would peak soon if 002 didn't step back.

"002 back off. I don't need help, nor do I won't it." There was no anger or rage behind the words and yet 002 took it as though he had yelled it.

"009, I didn't mean anything, but you do need help, I can see as plan as day that these nightmares are tearing you apart." 009 ignored him and turned around to go back into his room. "You need the sleep." At that, 009 whirled to confront his friend, when he realised that 002 was no longer there. He sighed, a long drawn out sigh, and sat down again. He knew he needed help.

So why didn't he let 002 and the others do exactly that.

'Is it fear?' he asked himself. 'Fear that they might put you in quarantine or do tests and experiments until your head explodes?'

He didn't know, but he knew 002 was right, he did need the sleep.

Later in the morning, 009 had gotten up, unable to get any more sleep and went to check up on the dolphin.

The ship, of course, was kept in perfect condition and it honestly didn't need the check, but 009 needed something to do.

Slowly everyone else dragged themselves down the stairs and weren't surprised that 009 was already awake. 004 was reading a paper when 003 came down.

"He's up, isn't he?"

004 nodded, he knew how worried 003 was, but unless 009 co-operates and allows them to help, he knew 003 was going to continue to worry. 003 was the first to notice 009's dreams, she could, of course, hear him, but 009 wouldn't listen to her when she confronted him about it.

Suddenly the front door opened and 009 walked inside. By now the entire house was awake and either downstairs, awaiting breakfast, or dawdling to get there. In unison, the inhabitants looked up at him and saw how muck sleep he needed. 003 spoke up first after the worried silence had settled in. "009, you seriously need sleep, go to the lounge room and get to sleep".

009 inwardly smiled, she was ordering him around, he could hear it loud and clear, how ironic. But he didn't let this come to his face, he instead shook is head and sat down in his chair, grabbing a near by Japanese newspaper, and started to read it. Despite being able to read almost every language (thanks to his Cyborg side), he still preferred to read Japanese the most.

003 didn't continue to badger him; she instead started to help 006 with the cooking of breakfast. "Do you two need help out there?" asked 009. 003 sighed, just like 009, no matter how tired, or sore, or hurt he may be, he always tried to help others around him.

"No, 009, we don't, stop worrying". 009 didn't answer, which told 003 that she had hurt him, she knew he was only trying to help, but right now, the only way he could help them was if he got some sleep.

After breakfast, being sausages, bacon, eggs and a range of cereals with juices to accompany it, the table cleared and everyone's stomachs had settled, the Cyborgs and Dr. Gilmore, went out to the Dolphin and decided to take it out for a fly.

It had only been twenty or so minutes before 009 felt sleep creeping up onto him, as much as he tried, he simply could not stay awake. He suddenly felt his mind come into the darkness that was sleep, he let it rest and felt his body slump in his chair.

003 couldn't help but smile, despite 009 falling asleep at the controls, despite being in mid-air while 009 was flying it, despite the Dolphin making a stomach-turning dip, 009 was asleep. Everyone seemed to agree, though at first, they looked as though they were going to kill him, that was before 003 said her view.

002 helped 003 carried 009 to the sitting room, there they laid him down on a lounge to allow him to get the sleep he so desperately needed. After that they left him there and returned to the control room. Slowly the minutes turned to hours and 009 began to shake, not that anyone was there.

He started to twist and thrash as though being attacked. "Please, no..." he said in his sleep. 003 was, ever so often, checking up on him, even though she was in a different room. All at once she saw 009 writhing and struggling. she immediately ran to him, the others following, not know what was happening.

When 004 opened the door, the rest saw the problem, 009 was still lashing as though his life depended on it. "009?" asked 003 hesitently. He didn't wake, instead he threw himself violently while crying out in - what seemed to be - pain. "009, wake up!" shouted 002. Another violent thrash eneded him up on the floor. 002 leant down next to him and hels onto his legs so that 009 couldn't accidentally kick at them, while 003 held his head in her lap.

"009, please wake up..." 003 was on the verge of tears. Suddenly, 007 transformed into a set of drums. The rest took the hint and blocked their ears while 007 let loose a wide range of noise. 009 sat up very quickly and looked around.

"What happened?" he asked trying to break the silence. But everyone just stared at him as though he was growing scales. He looked down at his hands and horror filled him. He was growing scales, "Holy shit!" he exclaimed. But as soon as he noticed them, they seemed to disappear. 'It must have been a trick of the light.' thought 009 as reality returned to him and he looked back up, the others were still staring at him.

He regained his composure, tried to stop thinking about magically appearing and disappearing scales or that stupid nightmare and got up.

"Where are you going, 009?" asked Dr. Gilmore quickly. 009 didn't answer at first, he shrugged his shoulders.

"To my room..." he said almost too casually.

When 009 was gone, 002 spoke up, "Something's definitely wrong..."

"I know, I mean even if it was embarrassing or frightening, he'd always tell us... But now, he doesn't want to tell us anything." Added 004 equally frightened for his commander.

I am aware that the start of this story sounds alot like wildfiresky05's Antemortem. Considering Antemortem was the thing that inspired me to write this, it will, but i can promise now that in the next chapter, it won't. I don''t think it will end the same, if it does, you can shoot me.

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