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For over a month, the 00 Cyborgs have been witnesses to 009 and 003's love. They've often had little nights sleep. The couple did everything together; ate, worked, slept. The 00 Cyborgs had become aware of how they felt within the first hour of confessing.

One day, 009 sensed something was different. He stepped into his and 003's room and saw 003 still lying in bed.

"Are you ok?" he asked worriedly. She nodded, and then rose slowly with her arms wrapped around her stomach. 009 started towards her but she stepped away and hurriedly moved out of their bedroom and into the bathroom.

009 followed her and when he reached the door, he realised 003 had locked it. He pressed his ear to the door and he could hear her throwing up. 009 frowned and walked downstairs.

"What's up, 009?" asked 002 with a concerned expression.

"It's 003, something's wrong…" he trailed off. He hated to think something was wrong with the woman he loved.

Around about ten minutes later, 003 came down and she looked tired. 009 watched her closely but she took no notice.

A long moment of silence descended in which 009 walked over to 003 and entwined her fingers in hers'. She turned and smiled at him, then stopped and frowned, her emerald green eyes focusing on the front doorway.

"What is it?" he asked at her expression.

"I hear… Something…" she said, just loud enough for everyone to hear. But she needn't of answered, for at that moment the churning was loud enough for even the slightly deaf Dr. Gilmore to hear.

009 and 003 looked at each other then quickly stepped forward and outside. Everyone else followed them. They stood on the porch and looked out to the ocean.

It seemed to swirl a hundred or so metres from the shore. The water swirled faster and faster and a colossal whirlpool formed tipped with white foam.

From within the whirlpool, a giant black ship, though small in comparison to the whirlpool, rose into the air. It was different from the Dolphin. It stopped rising and hovered above the ocean.

A sharp intake of breath made everyone turn to his or her leader. His face was a mask of fear.

"What is it?"

"Black Ghost…" he hissed.

A moment passed and a small cannon rose from the nose of the ship.

No one even had a chance to react; a beam of bright light descended onto the Cyborgs and Dr. Gilmore. The results were ten unconscious beings.


009 shifted uncomfortably. He stiffly sat up and looked around. The room was very dark, as he wasn't able to see the end of his nose. He realised heavy chains encircled his wrists and he was sitting on a block of cement.

He knew exactly where he was. A clatter of chains nearby made him jump, "Hello?" he asked out of fright more than caution.

"009! You're awake!" it was 002; he seemed to have trouble breathing.

"Is everyone here?" 009 asked quickly, he feared Black Ghost might have someone.

"Er…" 004 was frightened, how would 009 react?


Again 004 hesitated, so 002 answered for him; "003 isn't here."

They heard 009 take a sharp intake of breath. 009 began trembling, sheer terror threatened to engulf him, but he fought against it, knowing he wouldn't be able to help 003 in a terrified state.

Instead, he fought against his bounds. "009, do you know where we are?" asked 006. 009 didn't answer; he didn't trust himself to speak.

Suddenly, a creak sounded and light flooded the room. 009 had expected this from the first creak he heard, so he waited a second for his eyes to adjust, then continued struggling.

Black Ghost walked into the room, letting his gaze slide over the Cyborgs and Dr. Gilmore chained to the walls before coming to rest on 009.

"009, you know all to well you won't be doing anything except inflicting pain upon yourself."

The others finally saw their leader. He was in the heaviest chains and he fought, very hard. They noticed, too, the block he was recently lying on was caked in dried blood.

"Where is she!" 009 demanded savagely. Blood streamed down either wrist where the cuffs cut into them.

Black Ghost smiled and said, "You know very well where she is, and what she's going through."

Absolute fear was the only thing to describe the emotion that ran through 009's entire being, "Let her go, she doesn't deserve it!"

Anger flowed into Black Ghost's eyes, "Yes, she does! She could have been the most useful Cyborg, aside from you, but no, she had to fall in love and become pregnant!"

009 recoiled (as far as the chains would allow) as though stung, "Liar…" he whispered without conviction.

Black Ghost made a mocking shrug as though hurt, "Fine, don't believe me, see if I care."

With that said, he gave an evil sort of cackle that made 009's skin crawl, turned and strolled out of the room. 009 fell to his knees, staring at the floor in shock.

"009, he's lying, you can't possibly believe him?" asked 004 hurriedly. The door had been shut after Black Ghost left and they were, once again, shrouded in darkness. But now, sharp lights had been turned on high above them.

"No," said 009 with an overwhelming urge to breakdown in tears. "He wasn't lying." His voice trembled. He felt tears slide down his face to land on the ground and mingle with the dried blood.

009 attempted to stand again, and once he succeeded, he pulled as hard as he could against the chains. Everyone could see the pain he was putting himself through, and they could see just as plainly that he didn't care.

"Stop, 009, you're only hurting yourself!" cried 007 worriedly.

"No!" yelled 009. "Not if Françoise's going through that!"

With that, his eyes shimmered and flowed to liquid gold. Scales grew all over his body and his form lengthened.

The basilisk's sudden size snapped the chains as though they were thread. 009 hissed and looked to 005, 002 and 004; who were closest together. The room was barely large enough for the gigantic snake, let alone for him to move. But he still managed to twist his tail and hook the sharp ivory-coloured horns between the chains and, with a sudden twist, broke through them.

009 didn't wait for them to rescue the others before throwing his entire weight against the door. It smashed into the opposite wall. The hallway was almost too small to contain the snake, but he forged on anyway.

The others Cyborgs struggled to keep up with him. Finally he came to a sharp stop and stared out at the scene before him. He gave an angry hiss and his eyes flashed. As the others came up beside him, they saw that 003 was in the middle of a large arena. She was tied by her wrists and ankles to a large wooden pole and she was completely naked.

Five people, each in black uniform, stood around her. Each had a different weapon; one had a whip, another a bat, a club, a sword and a gun.

Painful memory flowed into 009's mind. He moved as quickly as he could to the door. It was hidden and unless you knew it was there, you'd never find it.

He smashed through the door and rushed inside. The assassins whirled in an instant and sneered at him. Behind them, 003 had fallen unconscious and was now hanging against the pole. 009 sighed and lunged at the assassins. Each dodged and attacked him with his/her weapon.

Blood splattered everywhere but 009 didn't stop.

The others ran through the open door and were stopped almost instantly by 009's whipping tail. Without even asking, they stayed put. 009 was in a rage that couldn't be controlled until all five assassins were dead. Whether it was because 009 was a basilisk or simply because they had hurt 003 was irrelevant. They were going to pay either way.

009's fanged mouth was dripping blood and he winced at every movement. Everyone could see he was in severe pain. He quivered as he slowly moved from the ground, which he had recently been beaten into.

He bared his fangs and lunged at the assassin holding the whip. The assassin jeered, then slashed at the colossal snake's face. It made a direct hit and drew yet more blood just above 009's golden eyes. 009 ignored the sudden pain and snapped his jaws shut over and into the offender's chest.

His last scream reverberated around the arena. 009 didn't hesitate to disembowel and mutilate every other assassin until only the assassin bearing the sword remained.

The sword bearer sneered at 009, and it infuriated him. 009's tail curved and his eyes flashed dangerously. It seemed as though 009 wouldn't attack, but then his throat appeared to bulge. The assassin looked confusedly at him for a moment, then his looked to that of absolute fear as he realised what the snake was going to do to him.

Blue fire streamed out of 009's mouth and engulfed the assassin. As if his penetrating dying and pain-filled scream wasn't enough, 009's horned tail rose above the gush of fire and was forced down into the man's head.

Everyone flinched at the déjà vu.

The man's body disintegrated and 009's gaze shifted to the woman tied to the pole. He transformed and, without caring about the pain he was in, or the blood that covered him, walked over to her.

009 reached down and snapped the thin chains around her ankles; he then reached up and did the same to the chains around her wrists. 003 slumped forward and into 009's arms. The Japanese Cyborg then lent her down and kneeled there, holding her.

003 was covered in her own blood, with 009's starting to fall into the many gashes that covered her naked body.

Most of the blows had been dealt to her stomach, with a few straying to her chest, neck and head. The slashes in her stomach were long, stretching from one side to the other, and deep.

Her breathing became ragged as she regained consciousness. 009 sighed as her eyes fluttered open and she looked at him with those beautiful emerald-green coloured eyes now filled with pain.

"...009..." her voice was weak as he held her tighter.

"I'm here." 009 replied gently.

003's hand slowly reached up and weakly caressed his cheek. 009 felt tears fall from his cheeks. Tears, too, flowed from 003's eyes.

"I love you, so much…"

"Françoise, please don't…" he started to shake uncontrollably.

"Joe, promise me something." 003 said weakly.


"Promise me that you'll be happy and that you'll love again."

009's heart thudded and he nodded without really paying attention to what he was agreeing to. But as 003 said her last word, her eyes slowly closed and her hand dropped to the floor.

"No…" 009 was exhausted, but as he looked at the woman that he had always loved, who was now dead, he realised what it meant. 009 stared at her, but now, he couldn't cry. He didn't know why, he just couldn't, as much as he wanted to.

The others had walked behind 009 and 002 put a comforting on his shoulder. The gesture then became stronger and 002 pulled him to his feet. 005 picked up 003's body and together, they slowly made their way out of the base. Even though everyone was in shock, it confused them that Black Ghost or someone else had prevented them from leaving.


As soon as they landed outside the beach house (they had stolen a Black Ghost battleship), 009 pulled away from everyone and launched himself inside and into the shower, washing away the blood and stinging his wounds.

"Why?" he asked himself again, he knew why. Black Ghost wanted to hurt him even further. 003 hadn't deserved that. Angrily, he punched the wall. It shuttered underneath his fist and a crack appeared in the tiles. It was lucky he didn't punch any harder, otherwise their wouldn't be a wall.

As soon as he finished, he heard a knock at the door and Dr. Gilmore hesitantly came in with his doctor's bag. 009 sat down and Dr. Gilmore tended to his wounds. Gilmore was saying something, but 009 ignored him.

As soon as the doctor had finished, he left, leaving 009 to get dressed and then, he too, left. He walked past 002.

"009, I-" 002 stared but 009 brushed past him and locked himself into his room. Once there he lay back on the bed and stared at the roof numbly for a moment before closing his eyes and waiting for sleep to take over.


002 came up later that night; it was time for dinner and a subdued one at that. He knocked at 009's door and he was answered with silence. "009?" he knocked again. No answer.

He pulled out the key to 009's door which Dr. Gilmore had given him, just in case. The door opened noiselessly. 002 looked inside to see 009 lying on his bed. His quilt was thrown off and he was sprawled, his sheets everywhere.

002 guessed that he had thrashed around in his sleep. Seeing that 009 was asleep, he backed out of the room and closed the door. When he was back downstairs, he sat down at the dining table and stared without hunger at the food.

He ate slowly and one of the last to finish. When everyone was seated around the lounge room after dinner, 006 broke the silence saying that there were leftovers in the fridge for 009. Then silence descended again.

This time, 008 broke it, "When's the funeral going to be?"

"I don't think we should have it until 009's ready, it would be unfair to force it on him now." stated 002.

The others nodded in agreement. Never before had the suffered a blow like this. "Right now, I don't think he'll handle much. Don't ask for much and don't question him." added 004. Everyone looked at him and he looked away, and they knew why.

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