That Summer
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Chapter 15 – Nice To Meet You, Anyway

"Mmmm…" Grace took a deep breath as she woke up to the sounds of Kool & The Gang's "Celebration." She laughed slightly as she rubbed her face awake. "This is a crappy song…"

"Yes it is." Luke agreed. "But I knew it would wake you up."

"How long have we been driving?" Grace asked him as she sat up and stretched.

"About 6 hours." Luke replied. He and Grace had gained control of Squiggy due to the fact that Joan and Adam were flying out to Stanford in California, and Luke and Grace were staying on the same coast that the car was on.

"I was out for 5 hours?" Grace asked. She hit Luke's arm lightly. "You could have woken me up, dude. You're not tired are you?"

Luke smiled. "No, I'm fine. I ate all the goldfish, though."

"Ahh…you suck." Grace mused, turning the bag upside down to see if even a single goldfish remained before tossing it back onto the seat.

"We'll be there in about an hour. We can stop and get dinner before we move you in." Luke proposed.

"We're moving me in first?" She asked. Luke nodded.

"Yeah. I figured the way we packed everything in the car, that would be the easiest." Luke shrugged. Grace nodded.

"Okay." She stretched again. "Do you think Joan and Adam are moved in by now?" she looked at her watch.

"Considering it's three hours earlier once they land, and they left early…yeah I think they're in already." Luke nodded.

"I wonder how heinous their roommates are." Grace mused.

"I don't know but I called mom an hour or two ago and she said they added a third roommate into Joan's room." Luke said.

"I wonder if it's God." Grace pondered. Luke snickered.

"That would be ironic." He conceded.

"Hi! I'm Joan!" Joan said as a girl with tanned skin, bright blonde hair and two boxes all but fell in the room. "Let me help you with that!" Joan quickly took one of the boxes.

"Uhm…thanks, Joan was it?" The girl asked, giving Joan a once over.

"Yeah. That's me. Joan." Joan nodded, putting the box down. "Are you Colby or Johana?"

"Oh, sorry." The girl said, putting her own box down on top of the other one. "I'm Colby." She said, hesitating to reach out and shake Joan's hand.

"Nice to meet you Colby." Joan said, beginning to feel slightly unsure of herself but trying to hide it. "Do you need help with your other stuff?"

"Oh! No, I have help-," Colby was cut off but a man stumbling in with a duffle bag and another box.

"Oof…" He grunted as he set the stuff down. "Col, what's in here, bricks?" He complained.

"Uh, Brandon, this is Joan. Joan, this is my brother Brandon." Colby introduced the man. He was a good five or six inches taller than both Joan and Colby. He had the look and build of a California surfer, complete with full tan, muscular build, and shaggy, sandy blonde hair. His blue eyes matched Colby's.

"Hello, Joan." Brandon smiled broadly and shook her hand. "Good to see you've gotten yourself a beautiful roommate, Col, maybe I will be over to visit you after all." He grinned, revealing two dimples. Colby elbowed him.

"Forgive him, Joan, he can't control himself." Colby rolled her eyes, crossing her arms.

"Are you guys, uhm, twins?" Joan asked, though it was fairly obvious. Colby and Brandon laughed, having heard the question all our lives.

"Actually, I'm her big brother." Brandon said proudly.

"Humph!" Colby huffed and shoved Brandon. "Only by twelve minutes!" She complained.

"Still makes me older." He smiled brightly. "I'm going to get my own stuff now. Nice to meet you, Joan. See you girls later." Brandon ducked out of the room. Colby rolled her eyes.

"Uhm…I, er, took the top bunk." Joan indicated out of the bunk beds and the lofted bed. "I don't know if that's a problem but if it is, I can move my stuff."

"Oh, not at all. Bottom's fine with me." Colby shrugged. "So, Joan, where are you from?" She asked as she busied herself with unloading her things.

"Uhm, Arcadia. Maryland." Joan said, sitting down in a desk chair. "What about you?"

"Oh, not as far for sure. Just round the corner. San Francisco to be exact." Colby said absently. Joan was about to comment when they heard a yelp at the doorway. A girl a little bit shorter than Colby and Joan was stuck in the doorway with two oversized duffle bags and a box in her hands. Joan jumped out of her seat, half to help and half out of shock and being startled.

"You must be Johana!" Joan smiled, reaching out to take the box, which she promptly put on a nearby desk. "I'm Joan, here give me one of those." She reached out for a duffle bag. Johana gratefully handed over a bag with a heave and a sigh.

"Thank you so much." She said, squeezing in he door. "And you can call me Joey. Or Jo…whichever you prefer." Her accent broke through. She had long dark hair, her skin was dark tan, but not from being in the sun and she had big brown eyes and a bright smile on her face.

"That's a fun accent, are you from Australia?" Joan asked, putting the bag down.

Johana smiled. "I was born in Spain, but I lived in Australia until 3 years ago when we moved to Arizona." She explained.

"Wow, you've been all over!" Joan smiled. Johana nodded, glancing at Colby.

"Are you Colby?" She asked. Colby barely looked up.

"Yup, that's me. Hi." Colby replied, not bothering to stop unpacking. Joan and Johana exchanged a glance. Before either had spoken, Joan's cell phone rang. She all but dove at it and answered it.

"Hello?" She said into the phone. "Hey Adam! Yeah. I'm totally famished too. Okay, I'll meet you down at your room in five minutes. Okay. I know, I will. Bye! You too!" Joan hung up. Colby rolled her eyes. Johana looked at Joan, interested.

"You have a boyfriend already and you just moved in? Phew, that's talent!" She said to Joan. Joan blushed and laughed.

"I'm not that swift!" Joan smiled. "Adam and I went to high school together. Or at least most of it. We've kind of been a thing off and on throughout. Currently, we're on. And his roommate is as hungry as we are so we're going to go search out a diner. Either of you want to join?" Joan asked. Johana nodded.

"Oh gosh yes!" She said, sliding her belongings into a corner out of the way. "If that's okay?"

"Of course it is, that's why I asked!" Joan chuckled. "What about you, Colby?"

"Oh…no. I'm not really hungry. I think I want to get settled and take a nap before the floor meeting tonight." Colby said. "You have fun and stuff."

"Okay. Are you sure?" Joan asked as she gathered her things.

"Mmmhmm." Colby replied.

"Okay, well, here's my cell phone number," Joan found a scrap of paper and a pen and jotted her number down, leaving it on Colby's desk. "In case you want us to bring you any food back, okay?"

"Mmmhmm, sure. Thanks." Colby said breezily.

Joan shrugged and she and Johana left the room.

"So what floor is…Adam is it?" Johana waited for Joan to nod. "What floor is he on?"

"Fourth floor, just under us." Joan said as they went to the stairwell. It took them a couple of minutes to get to room 402. Joan knocked on the door. An Asian boy with spiked black hair opened the door. He looked very much like a skater. He had a couple of black necklaces with zodiac signs and medallions on them around his neck, as well as a metal chain necklace. One wrist had four or five beaded bracelets tied to it with the strings hanging down. The other had a leather watch with a wristband in front of it. He hand on loose cargo pants that were tattered at the bottom, and worn black chucks on his feet. On top of that was his worn out black Metallica T-shirt. For a split second Joan thought about Luke and how he liked Metallica.

"Whoa! You must be Jane!" The boy said. Then he noticed Johana. "Or are you Jane?"

"Who's Jane?" Johana asked. Adam appeared behind the skater.

"That's Jane, yo." He pointed.

"I'm Joan." Joan held her hand out. "And you must be…Adam's roommate. Adam didn't tell me your name." She said.

"Wait, I thought he said you were Jane?" the skater asked. Joan smiled.

"It's a nickname. You can call me Joan." She glanced at Adam. Adam was the only one allowed to call her Jane. Adam smiled slightly.

"Jane, this is Tristan." He introduced. Joan was still holding her hand out.

"Handshakes? Psshh, forget that!" Without warning Tristan stepped forward and wrapped Joan in a bear hug, lifting her off the ground with a grunt and laughing. Joan squealed.

"Oh God stop, you'll get a hernia!" She pleaded. Tristan set her down happily. He noticed Johana again and smiled.

"And who's this?" Tristan asked, smiling broadly.

"Tristan, Adam, this is one of my roommates, Johana." Joan introduced. "Johana, this, as you just found out is Tristan and that's Adam."

Adam and Johana shook hands.

"Nice to meet you, Adam." Johana said.

"Unchallenged." Adam nodded, stepping next to Adam. Tristan gave a similar bear hug to Johana, who just giggled ecstatically.

"So…who's hungry?" Joan asked.

"Oh, totally!" Tristan said excitedly. "What are we waiting for?"

"Not a thing, let's go." Adam took Joan's hand in his and they all started walking.

"Okay, that's the last of it." Luke said as he put the last box down in his room. His roommate hadn't been there since he and Grace had gotten there. He was moved in though. All of his things were on the top bunk and one of the desks. Luke stepped across to Grace and pulled her to him.

"It's kind of weird, isn't it?" She asked, looking up at him. Luke nodded.

"It's different." He agreed. Grace's stomach grumbled. "Are you hungry again?" Luke laughed. Grace blushed.

"I was too nervous to eat much earlier!" She excused for herself.

"Why don't we go get some food then?" He asked. "I could use some coffee."

Grace nodded. "Okay." She made no effort to move. She was leaning up to kiss him when the door flew open.

"Whoa! Hey, sorry man, I must have the wrong room." The intruder said with a laugh. He inspected the number on the door and Grace and Luke stepped apart. "Oops! No, right room!" He said. He grinned. "You must be…uh…Lance?"

"Luke." Luke said, holding his hand out.

"Hey, Luke, right, right. I'm Lou." He smiled broadly and turned to Grace.

"This is my girlfriend Grace." Luke introduced, not minding the look he got from Grace. Grace let herself hold out her hand for Lou to shake it.

"Ah…Grace." He smiled and leaned in like he was going to kiss her hand. "The ladies usually call me Sweet Lou." He wiggled his eyebrows. Grace yanked her hand from his before he could kiss it. Lou was dressed in loose jeans that hung at his hips with a black belt. He hand a white wife-beater tucked into them and an unbuttoned royal blue t-shirt over top of it. He had a gold necklace with a small cross on it hanging around his neck, a black leather bracelet watch on his left hand and some silver rings on random fingers. His right wrist held a silver ID bracelet. He had wavy, thick dyed blonde hair that hung to his ears though it was brushed back.

"Riiight." She said, unamused. She looked at Luke. "Let's get going, huh?"

Luke nodded. "Right. Uhm, right." He looked at Lou. "We're going for food. See you later." He said.

"Nice to meet you two." Lou nodded and began changing his clothes as they were still in the room. Grace rolled her eyes and turned, heading out the door, with Luke close behind.

"He seems…"

"Like a creep." Luke finished for Grace.

"Ah well, maybe he was trying to be impressive, or something?" Grace asked.

"Did you just stick up for a stranger?" Luke asked as they walked arm in arm. Grace shrugged.

"Don't cause yourself trouble with your roommate because of me, that's all. I can hold my own, brain." She smiled. Luke nodded.

"I know you can." He said. "And I'll do well to keep good people around me…so far, Lou seems…"

"Like a toad." Grace supplied for Luke. Luke nodded.

"At least your roommate seems nice?" He said. Grace chuckled.

"You mean Pep-Squad Queen, Missy?" She asked. Luke chuckled.

"She could be nice. Maybe she's a good person." He suggested. Grace shrugged. "I wonder how Joan and Adam's roommates are?" Luke pondered out loud. Grace smiled as they reached a diner.

"I guess we'll find out next time we talk to them." She said.

"I guess so." Luke smiled and held the door for her.

"So, brain, how do you think this year's going to be?" Grace asked as they were seated and a waitress brought over some coffee. Both of them thanked her.

"Well…Ryan Hunter's in jail for life. Kevin have feeling in his foot and his lower leg now. Lilly's going to have the baby by Halloween, Joan and Adam are doing all right as far as I know, Glynis and Friedman are too, which is…"

"Odd." Grace supplied for him. Luke nodded, taking a sip of his coffee.

"Yeah, odd." He nodded.

"And us?" Grace asked, raising her eyebrow. Luke looked at her for a moment. He smiled slowly.

"I think we're gonna be just fine…" Luke said. "How about you?"

Grace smirked slightly.

"I don't know…is there some kind of chemical equation to make sure of that?" She asked. Luke nodded. "And what is it?" She asked.

"Well…that would be…Y plus M…times the connection of L…" Luke began.

Grace chuckled slightly. "Mmhmm…and what does that equal?" Grace asked as they both leaned their elbows on the table to move closer.

"Well…it equals…we're going to be just fine." He smiled. "Grace…" Luke hushed his voice, "I love-." Grace closed the small gap between them and kissed him, cutting his sentence off. Maybe we will be okay, Grace thought to herself, looking at Luke after they separated. He smiled at her and Grace nodded to herself. Yup.

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