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Wings of Memories


Chaos filled her mind, worrying about the events that seemed so unreal to her. The harshness of the moments passed flew across her mind, lingering on; picking at her worries. She lay facing the universe above her. Everything else in this world was going on without her; without him. Nothing was going to stop, it would all just move on without them. She thought it was unfair; why did the world go on living while she lay there; alone in the cold, tormented by her worries, by her fears... suffering the fate of being the only one who knew what had happened moments before.

A single tear rolled down her cheek, the light of the starts reflecting upon the drop that meant more than it seemed. She smiled. Upon the chaos and the turmoil that went in her mind, she merely smiled; remembering all the memories she had of him. She remembered their fights, their laughter... the quiet moments in the night when neither could sleep and they talked coyly in the embrace of the night. She remembered his smile, the way he would take charge of everything and made it seem like everything was going to be okay… her smiled turned into quivering lips, full of pain and sorrow. Her worries had gotten to the best of her.

"What if... I never see him again? I promised that... I would... but... what if..."

She sat up, hugging her knees against herself in search of warmth in the cold of the night. Another tear rolled down her cheek. She knew this wasn't the warmth she was looking for...

"Will he be the same...? ...Is he... Is he even alive...?"

She hugged her knees tighter, her tears broke out into sobs, and her thoughts still rampaged through her mind. She closed hers eyes, clenched her fists and buried her face into her knees as the little drops fell onto her leg.

"What am I thinking? Of course he's alive... he's not that weak..."

She looked up at the night sky, hoping on the brightest star she could find. Her heart was shattered, her mind was lost, and her faith waned... she could feel herself falling into an abyss, leading to a harsh difficult road ahead of herself...

"But... If I could just make it to the end... It would be worth it... it would be worth it to see him again..."

She finally stood up, wiping her tears away, trying to block out the chaotic thoughts still rampant in her mind. She was determined. Despite all odds, even against her own mind and logic...

"I'll see him again..."

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