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Chapter 4 Memories

The skies were quickly forming grey clouds, covering the serene blue that was visible just a few moments ago. Along with the sudden change of weather, Kid's internal thoughts were also changing. She was a stranger to this new but all too familiar world. She had no place to stay, and she had no money to fend for herself. 'Looks like I'll be having to revert to old ways for a while...' She sighed and continued to walk silently inside, following Serge. 'Or maybe... nah...'

Serge led her inside the kitchen, where his mother had prepared 2 bowls of squid gut pasta; Serge looked at his mother, who was washing a lone bowl. 'Sometimes it amazes me how fast she eats...' He shrugged and looked at Kid, motioning his hand towards the food, "Ehrm, I hope you like squid gut pasta."

Kid chuckled, remembering the first time they had before ordered some of the soup in Termina.

"Do ya like Squid gut pasta, mate?" Kid looked at Serge, tapping her feet lightly on the wooden floor of the restaurant.

"Uh... I've never had it before." Serge scratched his head, not quite sure of what to think of the bowl of food in front of him. Or at least, he assumed it was food.

Kid laughed, eating some from her bowl. "Try it, it's bloody good."

Serge took the fork beside the bowl and poked his food around a bit, getting little bits that would occasionally fall off when he raised it.

Kid laughed at his attempts, "It's really tricky ta get it ta stay on th' fork; here, look, ya have to twirl it 'round a few times." She showed him the proper way of doing it before putting the forkful of pasta in her mouth. She grinned at him, "Now ya try it, mate."

Serge nodded, taking the fork and the bowl and imitating what Kid had done. He was successful in getting a nice juicy amount on the fork, but when he lifted it off the bowl and towards his mouth to eat it, the tricky piece of food slipped off the fork and landed on his crotch. Serge looked down and couldn't believe what he had just done. Kid on the other hand was cracking up beside him, telling him he'd be smelling like squid all day long.

Shaking her head and coming back to reality, Kid sat down at the table, trying to wipe the silly smirk off her face before Serge could see it. It seemed to work... either that or the was too busy stuffing his face with food to notice it. Kid shook her head and started to eat her bowl of food.

"Aww... Tha's okay, mate. Ya should still try it!" Kid chuckled at Serge wiped the last bit of squid from his shorts; he definitely smelled like squid.

Serge shook his head, "That's okay, I'd rather take a swim and get the smell off of me."

Kid pouted, "Then that's defeat the whole purpose o' us coming here!" She looked at her bowl and saw that there was still a forkful of pasta left; she handed the bowl towards Serge, "Here, try it!" Serge shook his head, having started on the wrong foot with the relationship he had with the pasta. Kid offered it again, but Serge still refused.

Kid drew back her hand and started to twirl the pasta around her fork, sighing a bit. "Fine, fine, if you don't take it then... hmm..." She lifted the fork up from the bowl, all of the pasta skillfully placed on the fork. "Serge." Serge looked up, the fork in front of his face; he blinked, not sure what to do. Kid tilted her head, "C'mon. Say 'ahh'..."

Serge inched away a few times, "Wha..." Kid took this opportunity and shoved the fork in his mouth, not too hard, but with a surprising gentle touch. Serge paused for a moment before biting down on the fork, showing Kid that the pasta was in his mouth. Kid slid the fork away from his mouth and watched his reaction to it; Serge paused for a moment, then started to chew on it, and then eventually downed it. Kid nodded at him, "Well?"

Serge gulped, not saying a word.

Kid watched him, awaiting an answer. She waited patiently until she realized that Serge was starting to cough. "Oops... guess I put too much more than ya could handle, eh, mate?" She took her glass of water and handed it too him. Serge gratefully took it and downed the whole glass of water within five gulps.

Regaining his composure, he looked at Kid and gave her a thumbs up, "...Was good."

Kid laughed at him again.

She looked down at her bowl and realized it was empty, "Oops, guess I was eating faster than I thought..." She looked at Serge; the boy had been done way before her and was now staring in his room and out the window at the ocean and the grey skies. "He's loved the dish ever since then..." She chuckled in her mind.

Once he realized that Kid was done eating, he took the bowls and started to wash them; Marge had gone out to the restaurant to buy some cooking materials from the chef. "Where do you live, Kid?" He inquired.

Kid stiffened a bit, not quite sure how to answer the question; she had to resort to lying again. "Ehrm... Well, I'm from the mainland." Or a half-truth.

Serge gave her a peculiar look, "Oh, I see. Why are you here on the archipelago?"

Kid's mind rushed to fabricate another answer, "I told you already."

Serge raised an eyebrow at her, "For a boat? You're staying here for a boat and to talk to a fisherman?"

Kid shrugged and gave him a grin, "I have some other business, too, ya know."

Serge started to dry off the bowls with a clean cloth and faced Kid, "Oh?" He asked with an interested tone.

Kid smirked at the boy, pleased with her response, "I'm looking for someone else."

Serge nodded and did not proceed to ask anymore questions; He took the dried out bowls and placed them in the wooden cabinet above the sink.

Kid looked outside, the sky was pretty dark now; it was going to rain soon. She had to leave now to get to Termina if she wanted someplace to stay with a roof before it got dark. She looked at Serge, "...Uhm... I have to go..."

Serge looked disappointed, "Hmm? So soon?"

Kid nodded at him. Serge scratched his head and looked outside, "Are you sure? It's going to rain soon... why don't you stay in Arni for a while? Leena said that the fishermen were coming back soon and we're gonna have a nice feast."

Kid hesistated and debated in her mind, if she stayed, there might be a chance Serge would ask her to stay the night considering the weather, but there was a margin of a "what if" in there. If Serge didn't offer, she would have to search for someplace to stay quickly at night; if she left now, she can miss out on the banquet and get a nice hotel for sure. Alas, she must've nodded whilst in contemplation, for Serge had exclaimed "Great!" And ran out to the town, signaling for her to come with him. Kid sighed, "Jus' gotta hope fer the best, I guess..."

Serge had ran off to Radius' training grounds, where the banquet was to be held to help set up the cover above as a makeshift roof so that the rain would not ruin the party if it was to come. Kid sat on the porch of the elevated hut, watching them work because Serge insisted that she not do anything for she was a guest to the town. Leena had come not long after they had started to work and started to order around a few people, pointing out their mistakes and insulting their incompetence. Kid played around with Poshul everynow and then, the lively dog had forgotten her and saw her as a new person to play with, and Kid played along out of her boredom.

After everything was set up, the fishermen started a fire in the middle of the whole area and brought in all the extra fish they had caught that day. All were fairly large, and some were even still alive.

"The sea is a'plenty today!" One fisherman exclaimed.

"It's nature's way of repaying us for the lack of catches last year, I guess." A young fisherman next to Serge said. The young man looked at Serge for agreement and Serge nodded at him.

Kid looked at Serge and forced a smile, even though she knew in the back of her mind that she would have trouble finding a roof to sleep under tonight.

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