There is no emotion; there is peace.

Anakin could not accept that. He simply couldn't. Despite the training the eighteen-year-old had undergone in the last eight years, he could not release everything he felt and simply be. He could not connect love and attachment to the dark side.

His Master, Obi-Wan, could. He had been brought up in the Jedi way, unlike Anakin. Now, sitting in front of the youth, his sandy hair fell freely about his face.

"Anakin, it is just the way it is. Love leads to fear; fear leads to anger; anger leads to hate—"

"And hate leads to suffering. Yes, master, I know. But love doesn't have to lead to fear; love can lead to courage as well. Look at any mother; when her youngling is placed in danger, she becomes many times more fierce!" replied the brazen youth, a slightly childish tint entering his tone.

"Only because she fears, Anakin. And mothers aren't Jedi; they aren't susceptible to the dark side. If that mother were to lose her youngling, she would become angry and hateful, both at those who took its life and at herself for being unable to save it. A Jedi cannot allow those emotions!"

"Master, fear can sometimes be a powerful motivator, as well. You were fearful when you fell into that Gundark nest, and it allowed you to escape it. All I am saying is that emotion is not necessarily the predecessor of evil; it can be good."

"Yes, some emotion can be good – calmed emotion."

"Not just calm, Master. Emotion shouldn't be feared. It has to be controlled and understood. But it should not be absent, and it should not be fought. Anger, properly controlled, does not lead to the dark side. Only uncontrolled anger, ignored and bottled, is dangerous."

Obi-Wan shook his head, his eyes wide with disbelief. For a moment he turned and stared out into the thick stream of traffic crossing the Coruscant skyline. His face was set in stone when he faced his apprentice once more.

"Emotion is dangerous, Anakin, and that is the end of it. I will not hear any more of it. It is simply treacherous talk. No. More."

Anakin shook his head, his padawan braid whipping about. He was frustrated, but his master had said 'no more', and that meant no more. Simmering quietly, he excused himself to the swimming room. Obi-wan watched him go, a guarded, displeased expression creasing his forehead.

"I must speak to Master Yoda about this."