Title : Galatea
Author : ylg
Pairing : Beast Boy / Terra
Rating : PG
Disclaimer : same as usual, DC & Cartoon Network's, nothing's mine, just borrowing.

A/N : please consider that English is not my first language and this fic is still un-betaed. So, if i made mistakes (and i'm sure i did) please be kind and correct them ?


It was in a Greek legend. Once upon a time there was a sculptor, a sculptor who, one day, sculpted a statue of a young lady, so beautiful that he fell in love with it. They say that the goddess of love, moved by his passion, turned the stone into flesh and made Galatea come to life. She allowed her lips to kiss, her arms to embrace, her heart to love. She gave them to get joined together.

Once upon another time there was a warrior, a warrior who fell in love with one of his teammates. She was a sculptress and made earth come to life. But the life they ran prevented them from building up a story together. Several battles parted them. And finally during a fight, she was turned to stone.

From time to time Beast Boy comes back to that cave. He brings her flowers. He never speaks; he tried a couple of times to say hello, give her some news from the others, but his voice sounded hollow in his ears and echoed unpleasantly in the cave. Sometimes he finds that situation obscene, often only cruel. Terra will never be buried, it's her own corpse that stands up here as a statue to her own glory.

One day, he gets over the commemorative plaque and joins her on the pedestal. He embraces her body, kisses her hard, cold lips. His beloved will never close her eyes when he caresses her, never will hug him back, never kiss him either.

Beast Boy sighs and gets way wondering whether his loving gesture is a profanation. He knows for sure that she'll never come back, she is fossilized forever. As he leaves her, he thinks he'd like to see the ambient moisture condense on her stone eyes and run as a tear on her cheek. Still, even that will never happen. Miracles only happen in legends.


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