Surprises From The Past; Surprises For The Future

July 30

Around the same time Rita was at her room, resting. She had been feeling pains for the past few hours and thought it would go away if she would lay down. But each hour or so, the pains would get worse. She, right and there, figured out what was happening. "Well, I guess you two you really want to come out, huh?" Rita said as she got her bag. She called for a taxi. Before the taxi driver got there, she decided to call Frannie and Harry. "Hello. Frannie Lipschitz speaking." the voice on the other line said.

"Frannie, it's me, Rita."

"Well, hi, doll. When was then last we talked, about a month ago? How you and that bundle of joy to be doing?"

"That's what I am calling you about. I am going into labor. Would you and Harry be able to make to the hospital?"

"Of course we would. We'll be there as soon as possible. If we don't get there before the baby's born, I want to wish good luck.

"Thanks, Frannie. See you soon." Rita hung up the phone and went outside to waited for the taxi. It got there after a few minutes of standing. "To Ft. Lauderdale Memorial Hospital, as soon as possible, please." she told the driver as another contraction came.

Meanwhile, in Palm Beach, Harry was hurrying Frannie to leave to go to thehospital. "Frannie, I'll be waiting in car." Harry said finally. When he opened the door, Chris Lorenzo was about to knock at the door. When Harry saw him, all he could muster was "Lorenzo?"

"Yeah, it's me, Cap." Chris said. Frannie came just in time to see Harry faint. Then she screamed when she saw Chris. "Well, I didn't think this would happen." Chris said as he helped Frannie carry Harry to the sofa in the living room. After a few minutes, Harry was starting to wake up. When he was able to see clearly, Frannie was looking at him. "Oh, Frannie, I had the weirdest dream. Chris was alive at door--" just then he saw Chris coming from the kitchen. "It wasn't a dream. Oh, I beginning to feel dizzy." Harry said as he closed his eyes. "Cap, I know it might seem weird, but I am alive and well, as you can see." Chris said as sat in front of him. "But we buried you... we put flowers at your grave every month or so..." Harry drifted off. "Well, it's a long story, so prepare yourself." Chris told the story. After Chris finished it, they were in silence. Then Harry finally spoke up.

"So your telling me the feds faked your death, changed your body with another before the burial, then moved you to California, where you couldn't you remember a thing for eight months, then you started to have dreams. All of a sudden you remembered everything, came back here. Is that the story?" Harry said.

"Yeah, the short version. Do you believe it?" Chris asked.

"To tell you the truth... I certainly do. I always thought this would happen, but not to you. "So why are you here?"

"Well, I would really like to see Rita. And Donnie told me you had it."

"So your the one who wanted and DiBarto would tell me your name. Well, let me get Rita's address..." Harry brought his hand to his forehead. "Wait a minute! Rita just called about a half an hour. She told us that she was going into labor."

Chris jumped up. "She's what! Then are we waiting for! I don't want to miss the birth of my child." Chris, Frannie, and Harry all rushed out the door and Harry tossed the keys to Chris. Chris sped out of there as quick as he could.

By the time they got there, Rita was ready to deliver the baby. When Chris told the nurse he was he husband, he gave him the clothes to change into and sent him to delivery room three. Chris almost started to cry, not only because he was very happy to see Rita again, but because of all the pain she is in now and the past eight months. He came to Rita. She looked up, and although she could not see his entire face, she could never forget his blue eyes. Chris saw her, looking at him and winked at her. Rita smiled, but was distracted by pain. The time was finally right, Rita pushed and out came a baby boy. Chris was very happy to his son, but very surprised to see a baby girl be born. 'Twins? Twins!' he thought. He rushed out to see Frannie and Harry waiting for him to them the news.

"So? What did she have?" Harry asked.

"She had a boy and a girl." Chris said, still dazed from the fact that he only he's a father, but has already two kids.

"Twins! That's great, Chris! Congratulations!" Frannie said, hugging him.

"Does Rita know that your alive?" Harry asked.

"Well, I think she saw me in the delivery room, but I'm not really sure." Chris told him.

"Then, go see her." Frannie said. Chris found the room she was in and walked in to see her sleeping. He walked over, kissed her on her forehead and decided to take some sleep himself.

Rita woke up a few hours later to see the Lipschitz watching her. "Well, hello, Rita. How are you feeling?" Frannie asked.

"Like I gave birth to twins. Can I ask you a question? This might sound crazy, but is Chris alive? I thought I saw him in the delivery room, but I might imaging things..." Rita just saw Chris walking next her bed. She just started to cry. Harry and Frannie decided to leave them alone. Chris reached and wiped her tears away. She took his hands in hers and held them tightly. "Oh, god, Chris. You don't what you put me though the past eight months. Don't you ever do that again."

"Trust me, I won't even try."

"Chris, but how could you be alive. I mean I saw you die."

"Rita, I would like to tell you but I rather tell you later. All now that matters is that we are together, once again." Just then the nurse brought their twins in. She handed each of them a baby and left. "So what shall we name these two precious angels?" Chris asked, while looking at his son.

"Well, while you were gone I thought about the names and decided to name him Christopher Lorenzo, Jr. after you, and for her Samantha Lee Lorenzo. What do think?"

"That's perfect. But anything you do is perfect." Chris started to came down to kiss Rita. And as they kissed a new life began for them. A life they both thought would never happen, but as they say 'dreams do come true.'


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