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Chapter 50: Summer Storms

Kagome wasn't sure exactly how long she had sat at the edge of her bed crying, but she knew that this was getting her nowhere. Her soul felt weary. She was emotionally drained and down right exhausted from secretly praying…Begging for things she wasn't quite sure she deserved, but still wanted.

'I have to fix this. I have to at least try.' She thought as she looked over her shoulder and at the beautiful finely stitched Kimonos that Rin had sent her.

Standing to her feet the miko quickly wiped away any traces of her tears, 'I will not cry anymore! I'm going to fix this! I'm going to make him talk to me!' Picking up the elegant red and yellow Kimono she sighed, 'If I don't fix this now, we'll just drift further and further apart. I know we will. I…I can't let that happen.'

After neatly folding that Kimono, she stored it away in the finely crafted trunk that Inuyasha had made for her a month or so ago.

Glancing back at the dark blue Kimono covered with finely stitched ivory cranes she got an idea, 'I'll cook a special dinner and light some candles. I'll set the mood, that's what I'll do. Then maybe he'll take a walk with me and then...then we'll talk.' She thought hopefully.

Noticing that it was getting darker outside, she decide that if she was going to put her plan into action she would have to start now.

Untying the tattered Kimono she was wearing, she allowed it to fall to the floor in a heap, which she ignored for the moment as she turned and lifted the ivory colored inner kimono off the bed and proceeded to slide it on her small frame. After quickly tying it around her waist she turned to the small mirror that sat on the far side of the room and began to comb through her hair with her fingers.

The miko didn't feel she had time to locate her brush so this would have to do for now.

When she felt she had untangled it enough she twisted it a few times and brought it up to the crown of her head were she pinned it. Then she began to pull a few strands down so that they lay delicately around her face.

Stepping back, Kagome tried to smile at her reflection, but failed. Sure her hair looked fine, actually perfect, but inside she felt sick…desperate and broken. No amount of beautifying was going to fix this, but still she had to try. Sparing another few minutes to tease the ends of her mane she decided that this was as good as it was going to get.

Turning back to the bed she picked up the heavy outer Kimono and slipped it on. 'My Kami.' She thought. The extravagant material wrapped around her…embraced her as if it had a mind of it's own. Running her hands across the material she thought, 'What kind of material is this?' Twirling once in a small circle her thoughts continued, 'There are certainly perks that come with being mated to Sesshomaru, eh Rin?'

Locating the ivory obi with dark blue and light blue stitched cranes and half moons, the miko proceeded to tie the obi around her waist allowing it to end in a big bow at the base of her back.

Giving herself the once over, Kagome silently prayed for a full-length mirror. She wanted to view the whole picture all at once, not the right side then the left. Good grief, she couldn't even see what she looked like from behind, but she knew that the mixture of light and dark blues mixed with the ivory was an astonishing thing in it's self.

Stepping over to the corner were her toiletries were located she sprayed on a soft mist of her jasmine body spray that she knew Inuyasha liked, then reached for her plum colored cherry tasting lip-gloss. Staring at the tube, a dry laugh escaped her, 'This is ridiculous! But if I don't at least try to reach him, I may never get another chance. I can't loose him. I…I have to make him listen…understand. I have to.'

Coating her lips once she looked into the mirror once more and frowned, 'I'm not a seductress like the temptress, but maybe this will get him to listen or at least talk to me.'

She never wanted to compare herself to that vile disgusting part of her, but this was one time that she wished that she had just an ounce of her forwardness, sultriness, and maybe just a little of her irresistibility. Then she'd be able to walk up to Inuyasha, say what she wanted to say and demand that he touch her and kiss her and…and…take her as his mate. But the ugly truth was she was not the temptress, she was Kagome, a simple, needy, and brokenhearted woman, nothing more.

Turning away from the mirror, she quieted her thoughts of the bitch that caused this whole mess and focused on what she needed to do in order to rectify her current situation.

Glancing around the bedroom she decided that she would make quick work of straightening up then she'd begin dinner. 'Hopefully I'll be able to get it all done before he comes home. If I don't, at least my appearance will be pleasing. I hope.'

The miko hated that her thoughts of late had all been rather oppressive. When had she ever felt so docile and subservient, not to mention ugly? Even when she was younger and feared that Inuyasha was just keeping her around for the jewel, she had never felt this lost and alone.

'Mom, I could really use you right now.' She thought while fighting back a few tears that tried to fall.

After straightening the ends of the comforter she had brought from her time, she stood back and stared around the room making sure that everything was in its place and accounted for.

Satisfied with her appearance as well as the room the miko turned and headed for the door that led into the sitting room. Stepping into the room she froze when her eyes fell on the hanyou standing in the middle of the room, glaring maliciously at her. His tousled hair lay over his shoulders; his ragged bangs allowing only the menacing glow of his golden eyes to show through.

"Inu…Inuyasha what are you doing here?" Kagome inquired while taking a nervous step back. She wasn't scared per se, but she really didn't like the way he was staring at her. The way his eyes burrowed into her soul, as if they were promising her pain…punishment and him retribution.

He stepped forward, his eyes never leaving hers, "I live here or did you forget that?" His voice was cold, unemotional and husky. "Were you going somewhere?"

Her mind told her to run, but her heart and her soul told her to stand there and take whatever he offered. Stepping back again, she wasn't sure if she was elated that he was finally paying attention to her or just being stupid by standing in the path of a storm she could feel coming. Raising her hand to her chest she stuttered, "I…I… No I wasn't go…going anywhere."

Inuyasha stared at her from head to toe, the voices in his head egging him on, telling him that she was going to meet that boy. He didn't know whom to believe, but he knew this Kimono was not something that he had gotten her. The voices, they had to be telling the truth! This Kimono it had to be the gift that that boy had given her and now…now she was going to meet him! She had gotten all dolled up and even sprayed herself with the mist stuff for that boy! How could she betray him like this? How could she openly and with out remorse betray him after everything that they had been through?

Growling viciously, he took another step forward his fist balled up tightly at his sides. "Liar," he hissed not really caring if she heard him or not.

Stepping back once more her back pressed firmly against the wall she stared at him, her mouth agape, 'What is he talking about? Why is he so angry? What did I do?'

The voices chanted in his mind for him to rip that pathetic garment from her body! How dare she stand before him with lies falling from her lips, and her body draped in gifts given to her by another suitor!

"Do you take me for a fool, Kagome? I may be nothing more than a half-breed to you, but I don't deserve your lies or your disrespect! I saw you and him!" Inuyasha bellowed, while secretly trying to fight the voices.

He kept telling himself that he was being unreasonable. But how could he when she was standing here before him proving them right! She…she was always proving them right!

Inching away Kagome stared at him. Her mind wouldn't focus; it refused to absorb what he was saying or trying to say. All she could see was the anger and rage in his eyes. All she could hear was the hatred in his voice and the promise of violence. "Inuyasha, please stop this. I don't know what you're talking about. Please…stop." She pleaded, her voice holding more than a hint of anxiety.

He grunted but continued towards her, his knuckles cracking threateningly, "He gave you this didn't he?" He stated hatefully, while nodding his head towards the article of clothing she was wearing. It was almost like his voice was no longer his anymore.

She jumped out of the way as his claws descended on the side of her obi ripping it. "What in the hell are you doing? Stop this! What's wrong with you?" Grasping the ends of the Obi with one hand she tried to hold the Kimono closed with the other. "Why are you doing this?" She asked as she backed into their bedroom.

To be honest he didn't truly understand it himself, he just wanted that Kimono off of her, by any means necessary. By her standing there before him wearing it, it was like she was rubbing her affair in his face. "Take that fucking thing off!" He shouted furiously.

She jumped at the sound of his voice, but held her ground. "No, not until you tell me why you're behaving like this!"

The voices told him, he didn't owe her an explanation; he owed her nothing!

Stepping so the he was blocking the doorway he stated calmly, "I won't say it again, Kagome."

She stared at him, unable to believe that he was behaving in this manner, when she had done nothing wrong. The more she thought about it the angrier she got. "I will do no such thing!" Tightening her hold on the Kimono she continued while stepping away from him, "For months you walk around me as if I'm diseased or something, and now you come in here demanding that I remove my clothing! You must have lost your everlasting mind!"

The hanyou laughed dryly, "If my name was Jouyoku, I bet you would take it off without breaking a sweat, wouldn't you, bitch?" Smirking coldly he continued, "Or maybe you were hoping that the piss ant that gave it to you would be the one to remove it."

The miko looked like he had just slapped her. "What did you just say to me?"

"Fuck, don't act like you have a problem hearing, because I know you heard exactly what the fuck I just said!"

"You son of a bitch," Kagome whispered in disbelief as the realization of what he was insinuating began to sink in. "How dare you?" She hissed, tears beginning to slowly cloud her vision.

"Pfft, why don't you just admit it, Kagome? Admit that you don't want to be with me! Admit that you wanted Jouyoku! That's why you chose to go with him, isn't it? And now that he's gone you want…you want that fucking human! Admit it goddamn it! I'm tired of your fucking lies!"

Kagome lowered her head so that her eyelashes were covering her eyes, "You bastard. Here I am thinking that I did something wrong when it's clear that you've obviously lost your damn mind!" Walking towards him she continued while sloppily wiping away her tears, "If I wanted Jouyoku I wouldn't have killed him, or did you forget that!" Raising her head she took another step forward so that she was standing directly in front of him, "As for me being a bitch, well I wanted to be your bitch, but you're such an ass you missed that, didn't you?"

Inuyasha glared at her. He wanted to listen to her…believe her, but the voices, they told him she was lying. They told him that she would say anything to get away from him or make him forget that he had a right to be angry. "Oh, please! Save that shit for someone that cares! I could smell his cum all over you when I found you! I know what you did to and with him! I know Kagome, so stop the bullshit! Just tell me the fucking truth for once in your miserable goddamn life!"

She stepped back away from him, the shock of his hateful words cutting deep into her soul. 'He smelled Jouyoku's cum? My Kami,' She thought, but before she could think any further she reached back and slapped him across the face. "How dare you? You…you bastard!" Tears began to pour from her already red swollen eyes as something deep inside her snapped. "I tried to tell you what he did to me! I tried to tell you and you said you didn't want to hear it! Now you come to me with this? You stand here accusing me of something I had no control over! How dare you!"

Inuyasha stared at her. Waiting for her to deny it, but she didn't. Instead she reminded him of how he shut her down every time she tried to talk to him. The voices…the voices began to fade the louder she spoke, the angrier she became. His mind began to clear and his anger began to fade and be replaced with guilt for verbally attacking her in such away. Then empathy for what she had gone through for his sake, but regardless of what he was now feeling, it was too late to stop the torrential down pour that she was laying upon him.

"Yes, you smelled his cum on me! Or did you forget that he's a fucking rapist! I did everything I could to stop him! But that wasn't enough, was it?!" Reaching back she slapped him across the face again, "I died for you, you prick and you stand here ridiculing me! You treat me as if I'm the scum of the earth!" She slapped him again. "The sight of me…the idea of touching me, it turns you off, doesn't it? I should've just let him rape me, is that what you wanted? Would that have made the self centered hanyou happy?" Pushing him in the center of his chest she hissed heatedly, "Say it Inuyasha! Say it! I repulse you! You wish I hadn't come back! Say it! Say something you son of bitch!" Slapping him across the face for a fourth time, Kagome stood there glaring at him, daring him to challenge her.

How dare he treat her like this, when she had lost so much to save his ass! How dare he belittle her and accuse her of such hideous things? How dare he? 'I should have wished that he had some fucking common sense, instead of for his happiness!' She thought angrily as she stepped back so that she was standing at the foot of their bed.

Inuyasha hadn't expected this. He didn't plan on her getting angry and abusive, not that her slaps hurt or anything. He just stared at her unable to find the words to say anything at all. All this time he was thinking… All this time he was allowing the voices…his imagination to control him...to tell him what he wanted to hear.

'Was it all fabrications…lies…untruths or were they half truths?'

"Say something, Inuyasha." Kagome mumbled from the edge of the bed where she had collapsed. "You seem to have all the freaking answers, so tell me what else you know!"

The hanyou sighed in a defeated manner but said nothing.

Standing up abruptly, the miko screamed furiously, "Oh don't tell me that the big bad hanyou has lost his voice! Weren't you there Inuyasha?! Tell me what happened! Tell me how he touched me! Tell me how I touched him! God damn it, tell me how… Tell me why I purified his ass, if I wanted him so goddamn much!" Glaring at him for a moment longer she flopped down on the bed as if all the energy had just been sucked from her body. Clutching her chest, as if her heart was going to burst, she whispered pleadingly, "Please, for the love of god, Inuyasha, say something."

Staring at her for a long moment he tried to think of something with meaning that he could say to her, but found nothing. He didn't want to act as if he hadn't just heard her outburst because he did. He had heard everything…every syllable…every vowel and he wished to god that he hadn't. So instead he directed his comment at the Kimono, "Where'd you get that?"

She looked sadly down at the Kimono then at the ripped obi, "Rin sent it to me. It was supposed to be a thank you gift, but you've ruined that."

"Stop lying! I saw you and that boy together! I saw him give you the two packages, Kagome! You were laughing with him. I…I saw you flirting…"

"Is that what this is about?" She stated exasperatedly. "Jakken saw him in the woods and demanded he give them to me. There's a note that came with it, if you don't believe me. And as for Nokio…"


"Does it ring a bell, Inuyasha? Yes, I said Nokio. For the past 3 months he's the only person besides Miroku that hasn't treated me like I'm some kind of leper! So forgive me for actually acting like a human with him and not like a brainless zombie!"

The hanyou felt like a complete ass. He could tell she was aggravated with him and she had every right to be. The things he said to her…the way he acted.

Yes, he had been a total and complete ass to her from the moment he brought her home. Lowering his head in shame he mumbled, "Do…do you hate me now?"

She could see the pain and confusion he was feeling as if it was a living-breathing thing sitting upon his shoulders staring at her. Kagome wanted to go to him and tell him that he needn't worry about it. They would forget this whole thing ever happened, but wasn't that the cause of this whole mess? Hadn't they tried to pretend that what happened with Jouyoku, hadn't actually happened? Hadn't Inuyasha already tried to act as if everything was normal, when it wasn't? Wrapping her arms around her small frame, Kagome replied, "No, I don't hate you, but if you needed to talk to me, why didn't you just come to me? Why did you have to let it get this far?"

Inuyasha sighed heavily and stepped back so that his back was against the frame of the door. Sliding down so that he was sitting on the floor, he ran his hands through his bangs dejectedly. 'How could I have been so wrong? Why did I listen to them? Why didn't I just talk to her?'

"Inuyasha, please talk to me. I…I can't do this anymore. You don't sleep with me. You haven't touched me since we came home and you barely even talk to me. Tell…tell me how I…we can fix this." Kagome stated as she slid off the edge of the bed to sit on her knees a few feet away from him.

Closing his eye's Inuyasha whispered as if in a dream, "I'm so stupid. I can't believe I said those things to you. I can't believe I listened to them. I knew they were lying. I knew I shouldn't have listened, but…but I also knew that he had been with you…touched you. And even though I could smell him on you, I still tried to deny what might have happened." Hitting the back of his head against the doorframe a few times he hissed, "I'm such a fool, Kagome. I should've listened when you tried to talk to me earlier. I…I should have listened."

Scooting a little closer to him but not close enough that she could touch him, she stated, "You said that you knew they were lying. Who are you talking about? Was someone telling you things?"

He shook his head as if he didn't want to answer but responded, "No one, well no one with a body or a face. It was all in my head and I was listening. I can't believe I was such an ass to you! Why did I listen to them? My god Kagome, what if I had hurt you today?"

Twiddling her fingers nervously, the Miko stated while fighting against herself not to go to him and hold him, "You would never hurt me, Inuyasha. Regardless of the situation, you could never hurt me." Lowering her head she asked softly, "Why haven't you been sleeping with me? Why have you been putting so much space between us? Do you not want to be with me anymore?"

"Oh Kami, Kagome. Didn't you see how I just acted? I was thinking that you didn't want to be with me. I thought you wanted to be with that Nokio, boy. And the fucking voices…man…the voices had me so fucked up I couldn't see straight. But you…I've always and will always want you. Don't you understand that yet?" Reaching for her hand, which she gladly gave to him, he continued, "I didn't mean any of the things I said, okay? I was just acting stupid and jealous. I'm…I'm so sorry, Kagome."

Kagome squeezed his hand and smiled, "I know and I'm sorry I slapped you, but…but you really had me upset."

Inuyasha chuckled nervously while rubbing the side of his face, "Yeah, you were pretty pissed. Your face was all red and you said 'fuck' like four times! I couldn't believe it!"

Kagome laughed at him, but didn't move towards him. "Inuyasha?"

"Yeah" He stated lightheartedly as he threw up his hands in defensive manner. "You're not going to hit me again are you?"

The miko giggled again then her tone turned serious, "I want you to know that…everything that happened between Jouyoku and I was totally against my will. I at no time welcomed his advances." Scooting a little closer to him she continued, "I would never, ever do anything to willingly deceive you or hurt you. You do know that, don't you?"

Inuyasha nodded reluctantly and stared at her. Part of him wanted to quiet her, but the bigger…smarter part of him told him that he needed to let her speak. Reaching over he pulled her into his lap and whispered, "Whatever you want to say…whatever you need to tell me, I'm here and I'm listening."

The miko sighed contentedly and relaxed into his arms, "As long as you know that I would never willing do anything to hurt you, that's all I have to say. Oh, and if you start getting any crazy thoughts, I want you to talk to me about it, okay?"

Kissing her temple he let his forehead lean against hers, "So you don't think I'm crazy?"

"I think you're a complete idiot, but not crazy. By the way you are going to get me a new Obi."

"Really?" Inuyasha stared at her for a moment. Hadn't they just been ready to rip each other apart not 5 minutes ago and now here she was sitting on his lap, having an innocent conversation about nothing. How could she forgive him so easily for the things he said to her? How could she so willingly love him without hesitation? 'No matter how much I try, I will never feel worthy of her.' He thought as he tightened his hold on her.

"Yes, because you cut it and that wasn't very nice."

"Feh, I asked you to take it off, but you didn't listen. So I figured I'd help you out of it."

Slapping his chest playfully the miko responded, "Whatever! You're still getting me a new one."

Fingering the ends of the Kimono Inuyasha stated, "You look nice in this."

"Was that a compliment?"

Pulling her closer to him he inhaled and welcomed the feeling of peace that embraced him. For the first time in three months, there were no voices, no whispers, no doubts and absolutely no regrets. "Maybe."

"So if you want to see me look nice again, then you 'will' get me another obi." Kagome replied as she snuggled closer into his embrace. 'Kami, I missed this.'

"Sure…sure, now sit still, there's something I've been dying to do to you." Shifting her so that she was looking at him, he could feel her tense slightly then relax. Leaning into her, he let his free hand roam slowly up her back to the base of her neck where it lingered for a moment. "You know if you hold your breath much longer you're going to pass out." He stated smugly as his warm breath misted over her flushed cheek.

Kagome hadn't even realized that she was holding it until he voiced it. Blushing deeper, she averted her eyes away from his face and towards his chest.

Continuing his ministration his hand made it's way to the twist that sat at the crown of her head. Removing the pins that held it, he ran his claws through her twisted mane until it lay sensually about her shoulders and down her back. "I like your hair better when it's down." He stated softly as he continued to comb through it with his claws.

"That feels nice." Kagome mumbled as she leaned into his touch. "Is that all you've been dying to do?" She asked dreamily.

Inuyasha smirked, "What else were you hoping I'd want to do?"

The miko blushed more profusely but didn't respond.

The Inu prince laughed, "I had no idea you were a closet lech."

"I'm not a lech! I just thought… Well…" Sighing exasperatedly the girl tried again, "I was just hoping… Well not hoping but…" Her sentence dissolved on her lips as his perfect lips covered hers in a gentle kiss.

"Is that what you were hoping for?" Inuyasha asked while slowly pulling away.

Licking her lips she smiled shyly, "Not exactly. I was hoping for something more like this." Snaking her arms around his neck she leaned into him. Her lips barely grazing his as her hand slithered up the base of his neck into the roots of his plush silver mane. She let her fingertips dance across his scalp and the skin of his neck. Letting the tip of her tongue slide over his lower lip, she heard a soft moan escape him as his lips parted and their kiss deepened.

Inuyasha lost himself in the taste of her…the feel of her soft body pressed firmly against him. 'How could I have been so stupid? How could I have ever doubted her?' He forced those thoughts away. None of that mattered anymore. It was about here and now…from this moment forward. He would make it right. He would it make so that the memories of her ordeal was nothing more than a minute in the life of an ant. This he would do. This was his silent promise to her.

Kagome moaned and arched towards him trying to deepen their kiss even more. She wanted this…him. It had been three months… 'It's time. It's time to move forward.'

Inuyasha pulled away. Resting his forehead against hers, he stated breathlessly, "Maybe…maybe we should stop before…"

Shaking her head slowly, "No, I want this. I want you. I'm tired…I'm tired of living in that one night. It's time for us… It's time for us to…"

She didn't need to finish that statement, he knew what she was saying and he agreed. "Are you sure? If we do this…"

Kagome pushed away from him and stood to her feet, her eyes locked with his. Stepping back towards the bed that they had shared for over a year, she let her outer Kimono fall to the floor while holding her hand out for him to take.

The hanyou stared at the amazing creature before him wondering exactly what he had done to deserve someone such as she, but he didn't make a move towards her. "Ka…Kagome…"

Reaching down she slowly untied her inner Kimono as she spoke quietly soothingly to his soul…his heart. "I have loved you from the moment I laid eyes upon you. I have craved you from the second I first touched you. The first time you saved me, I knew that it was in your arms that I belonged. It was then Inuyasha, that I decided that if I couldn't be with you, I would live this life alone, with only my memories of you…of us." Shrugging her shoulders gently she let the satin material that covered her body fall to the floor. "We've been given a second chance to make what we had right. Thus far we've wasted it, lost in our own miseries and thoughts of deceit. I won't let another moment go by without you knowing that here is where I belong. Here is where I will always be, if you'll still have me.

"Ka…Kagome," He mumbled as he stood slowly to his feet. His eyes slowly traveled over the length of her perfectly trimmed body. He took in the soft roundness of her shoulders, the valley between her perfectly round mounds, the curve of her vivacious hips and the soft undulating flow of her toned abdomen that delved down into a mass of dark luscious curls. His feet began to move towards her as if she was the positive to his negative, the sunlight to his flowers or the air to his lungs. She mesmerized him, enraptured him, and bewitched him, making it so that he could see no one but her.

Her words spoke of undying love and promises of forever to his soul and his heart. Her body…her beautiful enticing sensual alluring body spoke things he could not yet comprehend to his very being…his pride…his ego, everything that told him he was a man and nothing less.

The feel of her hands as she slowly began to disrobe him sent shivers down his spine and blood rushing to certain parts of his anatomy. He felt the heat of her fingers delicately brushing over his chest as she slowly pushed his inner and outer haori off his shoulders and down his arms.

"I love you." Kagome whispered as she stepped forward her hand resting gently on the side of his neck. "I've loved you for far too long to want to turn back now." She continued as her lips descended on his chest where she left a light trail of soft kisses leading up to the opposite side of his neck across his cheek and ending at his parted lips. Her free hand trailed down his chest over his chiseled stomach to his overly toned abdomen where she pulled softly at the ties that held his hakama around his waist. "You already own my heart and my soul. Now please allow me to give my body to you."

Inuyasha growled low in his throat as his head fell back lazily. The smell of her arousal encircled him, engulfed his senses. The feel of her hands dancing across his heated flesh caused tendrils of sensations to spiral uncontrollably through his body. The sound of her voice was like that of a ghostly banshee calling him to his death and rebirth. Together…the compilation of these things spoke loudly to his loins. It told his heart…his mind…his soul that she was his, she was meant for him and no other. 'Mate'

The sound of thunder echoed above and around them, causing the two would be lovers to stare at each other as if they were seeing the other for the first time. They both stood naked, as the day they were born, neither was embarrassed or felt there was anything left to hide. Another loud crack resounded about them as the storm that they were oblivious to, drew nearer.

With the quickness he wasn't aware he had, Inuyasha scooped up his soon to be mate and carried her over to the bed where he gently laid her down. Crawling up on the bed so that he was kneeling, he gently shifted her legs so that they were resting open and comfortably. One positioned over each of his parted thighs.

Kagome stared up at him, her eyes clouded with a lustful haze. Reaching out a gentle hand, she ran a solitary finger slowly down from his collarbone to his chest where she circled and plucked gently at each of his nipples inducing a deep sigh and a low moan, almost growl from the hanyou.

Inuyasha shivered while slowly running his claws in small circular motions over the burning flesh of her inner thighs.

The miko quivered under his gentle deliberate ministrations. She raised her hips to him and arched her back upward away from the bed as she whispered with desperation, "Inu…Yasha, please?" Her hand traveled down his chest over his powerful abs to his erect, throbbing member, where she allowed her fingertips to linger for only a moment. "Please…" She didn't totally understand exactly what she was asking him for, but there was not a doubt in her mind that he was the only one that could give it to her.

He heard her soft plea and he knew what she wanted, but he wouldn't rush this. He would make sure that this was something that she remembered. This…this would be their new beginning.

Lowering himself so that he was leaning over her nose-to-nose and chest to breast. He began to slowly sniff around her face and down to her neck. Licking out his tongue he drew a wet line down between her vivacious mounds and then to and around each nipple. Sparing a conscious moment, the hanyou took each nipple fully into his mouth causing his miko to hiss his name repeatedly in pleasure as she arched towards him.

Kagome couldn't explain the sensation that ran down her spine as his heated mouth covered her most sensitive areas. As he sucked aggressively yet gently, the only thought that ran through her mind was how she never wanted this feeling to end.

The Inu prince traveled down away from her breast to her navel while slowly dragging his claws down each of her sides. "Tell me you love me." He ordered softly yet demanding.

The miko's head twisted from right to left as she tried to maintain some shred of decorum. It was a loosing battle. Every touch of his claws against her flesh…every lick of his sensually textured tongue against her sensitive skin pushed her closer to that edge called ecstasy and further away from that thing called reality.

"Say it. Tell me you love me." He whispered again as he moved lower down her stomach to the overly sensitive area of her abdomen.

She squirmed under him as he slowly ran his tongue across the skin of her lower belly. He heard her hiss something that he couldn't quite understand. Glancing up at her the hanyou smirked as he watched her face glow in beautiful shades of reds and soft blushes of pink.

Delving lower he quickly parted the lips that had been calling to him from the beginning of this journey. Licking out his tongue he quickly licked the tip of her woman's hood. Feeling her shiver, he tightened his hold on her and pulled her down to him while whispering softly once more, "Say it."

Kagome felt his mouth close in on her moist slick nest and she shuddered violently. His tongue rolled over her soft outer walls then twisted and dipped into her with such avidity that she lost every shred of decency that she had. She screamed repeatedly and without shame, "I love you! I love you! I love you," as he pulled her more firmly against his mouth and dove deeper and deeper into her.

He devoured her with such grace and enthusiasm that the line between fiction and reality, pain and pleasure blurred. It began to feel like a pleasurable punishment that she never wanted to end.

He could feel her muscles begin to tighten and release around his tongue as her legs that were bent at either side of his head began to tremble uncontrollably. Inuyasha knew her orgasm was mere seconds away so he sucked her womanhood deeper into his mouth while flicking at its tip with his tongue.

Kagome shivered, quacked, trembled, and screamed out words of utter nonsense as her world exploded in bright iridescent lights. Her toes curled and her muscles twitched…convulsed…spasm-ed as if they had a mind of their own.

While she began to slowly come down from her high, Inuyasha kissed his way back up to her neck, then face. There he watched in awe as her body continued twitch and twist. 'Beautiful,' was his only thought as he watched her slowly open her gorgeous dark brown orbs and smile shyly up at him.

"Hey," she whispered breathlessly while bringing her arms up so that they encircled his waist.

Kissing the tip of her nose the hanyou whispered with pride, "Enjoyed yourself, eh?"

Biting down on her bottom lip she looked away as if embarrassed.

Inuyasha closed the distance between them with soft delicate, flower like kisses to the side of her neck, then her ear. "Do you want me stop for awhile?"

Moaning she shook her head negatively as she rose up to meet him. "We're not done yet."

He chuckled but didn't respond. Shifting his body so that he was lying comfortably on top of her with his weight distributed on his arms as not to crush her, he questioned, "Are you sure?"

In answer to his question she opened her arms to him and drew his face down to hers. Kagome kissed him gently, deeply and passionately as she maneuvered her arms more snugly around his waist. Pulling him down closer to her she held on to him as if her very life depended on his existence.

"Kagome," Inuyasha stated while pushing up off of her. "I want you to know that I…"

She shushed him with the tip of her finger. "Show me. Show me how you feel, Inuyasha. Your words mean nothing right now."

There were no more words said between the two as the hanyou's lips descended on hers while his free hand shifted his member so that it sat at the slit of her cherry blossom. The wetness of her coated his head, bubbled out to meet him as he ran it up and down her heated slit.

Kagome's hips rose to meet him, tried to force him into her as his kiss deepened so that their tongues were fighting for dominance. She could feel him enter her and she tensed until she felt his kisses travel away from her mouth down to her shoulder.

"Do you trust me?"

She nodded and relaxed as she felt him pull out then reenter her going deeper this time. He was gentle, so gentle that she almost forgot that pain was inevitable.

Inuyasha rocked slowly into her trying to ignore the warmth that wrapped around him, called his name, and promised him pleasure unlike anything he had ever experienced before. He would not hurt her. He would not rush to an end that he was more than looking forward to. Pulling back so that he was almost out of her he rocked his hips forward again until he felt a slight obstruction.

Kagome whimpered as the hanyou applied pressure to her maidens' barrier. Gripping on to her lover's back she rocked sensually against him, telling him to continue and so he did.

Inuyasha rocked back for the last time and then forward as he tore through the last sign of her innocence. He reveled in the feel of her as she clung to him and dug her nails into his sides. He could smell the salt of her tears and he sympathized with her, but there was honestly nothing that he could do to stop it. If they were to be joined as mates, this had to happen.

Stilling his movements he kissed away the salty evidence of her pain.

Kagome sniffled lightly but refused to weep. She wanted this. The two of them were now joined as one. No one and nothing could ever or would ever get between them. Gyrating against him she welcomed him to continue.

The hanyou claimed her body with fevered passion and wanton desire. With every rock of his hips against hers he claimed another portion of her soul until she willingly gave all that she was to him. He chiseled his name across her heart and dared anyone to remove it.

Together they danced in a world without disappointments or regrets. They lay together in a beautiful land made up only of exquisite unnatural dreams, where colors of every shade known to man, danced about them.

In their world…the world created specifically for them…by them, there were no broken dreams, no broken promises, no lost loves, and no confrontations. It was only the two of them, lost forever in each other's arms.

The miko's world collided in a brutal fight with good and evil as the bed she was laying on slipped from beneath her. She could feel the fire in her abdomen ignite to new heights and grow hotter and bigger the more…the deeper her mate dove into her. He rode the waves of her womb as if he had chiseled them there himself. The hanyou hypnotized her with his lips as his hips rocked to and fro, in and out of her. She tried to hold on…she told herself she would not let go! She didn't want to loose this feeling of utter completeness, but he was too good. He egged her on, made it so that she could not deny him.

Inuyasha rode her like a stallion hell bent and determined to win a race only he was running. His muscles flexed, trembled, and pulsed as the heat of her engulfed him, calling him to her, demanding that she give him everything that made her who she was.

Her head twisted as if she was a possessed being. Her hand tangled into the disheveled strands of his silver mane as she lost control. Her hips bucked against him begging him to bring her to her end.

He couldn't fight any longer. The hanyou held on tight to her hips as he thrust into her once…twice…three times! His world, everything that he knew…everything that he loved and adored poured into her at that moment…as the fates blessed their joining.

Heavy breathing and the scent of sex filled the room, as their bodies lay entangled. The miko soothingly rubbed his back as she tried to catch her breath. She tried the grasp the meaning of what they had just done, but all she grasped was that what they had done… What she had just shared with him was amazingly beautiful. Feeling her body being shifted she opened her eyes and looked at him as he pulled the ends of the comforter so that it was covering them.

Inuyasha hugged her close and kissed her forehead then began to chuckle.

"What's so funny?"


"Inuyasha, what's so funny? You shouldn't be laughing right now." Kagome stated while trying to push herself up so that she could look at him. "Why are you laughing? Did I do something funny?" She couldn't help but to think that perhaps she had done something wrong.

Grinning like a pup with a new toy, he replied, "Calm down, Wench. I was just thinking…that we're finally mates, that's all. After everything that we've been through, we're finally mates, wench."

Kagome smiled as well. "Yeah, we're mates, finally." Snuggling deeper into his embrace she asked, "So, this means that we'll be together forever, right?"

"Not yet, we have the do the official ceremony." Inuyasha replied while slowly running his hand over his face as if he was trying to wipe away his fatigue. "I'll have to get in touch with Myoga so that he can perform it." Glancing down at her he asked, "Are you sure you want to be tied to me for the rest of your life?"

Kagome looked at him for a moment then laid her head on his shoulder before she responded, "I wouldn't have it any other way."

The two of them laid in companionable silence for a while, just enjoying each other's company as rain pounded on the roof of their quaint home and the lightning lit up the room.

Breaking the silence Inuyasha stated, "I'm glad we had this talk, because I was sure about to maim that Nokio boy."

"Talk? Is that what you call what we just did? And you better not touch a hair on Nokio's head," replied the Miko in a soft joking voice.

Ignoring her comment about the boy he still wasn't quite certain about, Inuyasha stated, "Put it like this. If you ever want to 'talk' again, just let me know, I'm all for it."

Laughing at his comment she slapped him playfully on his shoulder, "I'm serious!" Settling back into his embrace the euphoric newly mated woman whispered, "I was scared that we would never get this back. I thought that I had lost you."

Laying back the hanyou thought over what she had just said. If he were honest with himself he would've admitted that he was afraid as well. Closing his eyes he sighed contentedly. "You don't ever have to fear something like that again. Nothing, and I do mean nothing will ever tear us apart. I promise you that."

"Inuyasha?" She whispered as sleep slowly started to claim her.


She knew this was the wrong time to bring this up, but she had been wondering about this for sometime, "What do you think happened to Kouga? Do…do you think he died?"

The hanyou fell silent. He didn't know how to answer her or even if he could. The last time he had seen the wolf was the day that he had attacked him over Ayame's death. The wolf had been so be grieved and distraught that perhaps death was the best thing for him.

Still the fact remained that he had no clue as to what happened to the pathetic wolf. 'Just another victim of that bastard, Jouyoku. Maybe when things settle down I'll go check and see if his wolves have heard anything about him.' Inuyasha glanced down at his now sleeping mate. Shifting her body he slide off the bed and tucked the covers securely around her.

Slipping back into his hakama he walked outside and stood on his porch while the rain fell on and around him. Within 10 second, he was thoroughly soaked from head to toe, but it didn't bother him in the least. He had always secretly loved the way the rain would quiet his mind and allow him to, if only for moment, relax. It was as if it was washing away the old and letting him start anew.

Glancing to his right as the thunder echoed in the distance he frowned thoughtfully. 'Is this really the end?'

Lightning struck to the east of him lighting up the pasture in front of his home and he smiled. He had come so far. From a homeless orphaned hanyou with nothing and no one to a hanyou with a home and friends…a hanyou with a mate and one day perhaps a family.

Stepping down on the top step he sat down and smiled at nothing and everything. 'Maybe this is a new beginning. Maybe this whole mess with Jojo-fucker was our last 'real' confrontation. There's officially no more jewel…'

"Inuyasha, what are you doing? You're getting soaked!" The miko exclaimed excitedly while running onto the porch with some dry towels in hand. She had rolled over and found him gone, thus her reason for being here standing in the rain. "What are…"

Before she could finish her statement he grabbed her and pulled her into his lap. Pulling her back against him he shushed her. "Missed me?"

Kagome couldn't help but to think that the man she loved had lost his mind, smiling she replied, "Not really, just wondering why you're out here in the rain?"

Kissing her forehead he hugged her tight, "I'm waiting."

"Waiting for what?"

"The end."

The miko stared at him, 'What is he talking about?' Shading her face from the rain she asked as she laid her head back against his shoulder, "The end of what? If you don't mind me asking."

He just sat holding her until the rain started to lighten before he responded softly, "I'm waiting for the rain to end, because that will mean the end of this chapter in our lives. We'll finally be able to truly move on, Kagome. Away from Naraku, the Jewel and especially, that bastard, Jouyoku."

The miko glanced at him, but said nothing.

Cuddling his mate close to his chest they sat together in silence, each lost in their own private dreams of what their future would hold. Together they would patiently wait for one period of their lives to end and another to begin.

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