What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

Note: This goes after Surprises From The Past; Surprises From The Future.

You might want to read it before this one so it won't be confusing.

Rita Lorenzo woke up to a beautiful morning. Not only did she give birth to two wonderful children a month ago and moved into a new house, but that won't compare to the fact that her husband, her best friend, her soul mate, Chris Lorenzo, was back with her. The last few months, thinking that he was dead, was the most devastating months she has ever gone through. But now that he is back, alive and well, she can forget those months and start living life she was meant to have.

The sound of baby cries woke up Chris Lorenzo. He got up slowly, making sure he didn't wake up Rita, who didn't seem to hear the cries. Chris rushed over to where the bassinets were in the room to see that Chris, Jr. was the one wailing.

"You're trying to wake your mommy aren't you?" Chris said as picked up the baby from the bassinet. As soon as he quieted down, Samantha Lee started to cry. "You two are trouble. Now I only have two hands, so I can't pick you both up." Chris said.

"Don't worry, Sam, I'll get Samantha." A tired voice said.

"Rita, I'm sorry they woke you up. I wanted you to get some sleep since you were up till three o'clock in the morning."

"Chris, they're babies. That's they're job. Our job is it take care of them." Rita said as she started to change Samantha's diaper.

"Speaking of jobs, what are we going to for a living? We can't go back to being homicide cops in Palm Beach. What are we going to do for money? We have to take care of two kids and a lot of other things."

"We could become private investigators, or something like that. We don't have worry about that now. What we do have to worry about is the twins." With that Rita kissed Chris and placed all attention on their children.

Later that day, Rita was in living room organizing a photo album, while Chris was checking on the kids, when there was a knock on the door. When Rita opened the door, a thirties-looking woman was standing at the door.

"May I help you?" Rita asked.

"Yeah. Does Chris Lorenzo live here?"

"Yes, he does. I'm his wife, Rita. Is there any reason that you would want to talk to him?"

"Wife... he has a wife? Uh, I think I'll be going now."

Just as the lady started to leave, Chris was coming to the front door.

"Rita, who was at the door...Tracy Peters, is that you?"

"Chris Lorenzo, look at you, all married and everything." Tracy said, as she hugged Chris.

Rita just stood there and looked confused. "Chris?" Rita said.

"Tracy, this my wife, Rita. Rita this is uh...a...friend."

Chris said, as he looked down.

"Chris, if this is one of your former girlfriends you don't have to worry. Unless you are secretly seeing her, then you in big trouble, mister." Rita said, patting his shoulder.

"Don't worry, my heart only belongs to Rita. Anyway I haven't see you in fourteen years. What brings you here anyway, Tracy?"

Tracy, who had been nervous about something ever since she came into the house, was ready to leave any moment when she said, "Uh, nothing really. I just wanted to see how are you are doing. And it seems you are doing just great."

"Not so fast, Tracy. I thought you were living in New York."

"I still am."

"Then why did you travel hundreds of miles just to say 'hi'. Come on, you must have something tell me." Chris said as he took her arm and lead her inside.

When they sat down, Tracy started talking right away.

"Okay see, about ten years ago, I got married."

"Congratulations!" Chris said.

"No, we divorced. Anyway see I also have a daughter starting high school."

"Back up a second, Tracy. I thought you were married ten years not fourteen." Chris said.

"Yeah, I did. My ex-husband wasn't the father."

"Then who is?"

"Chris, you're her father."

"WHAT?" Chris and Rita said at the same time.

"There I said it, I can leave now." Tracy started to get up.

"Hold it! Are you sure? Couldn't it be someone else?" Chris asked.

"Yes I am, Chris. You were the first person I ever slept with and when I moved to New York for college, I found out I was pregnant."

"So what does your ex-husband have to do with this?" Rita asked.

"See he died about a week ago, and I can't take Julia with me to New York because she is starting school this week."

"Is Julia her name?" Chris asked.

"Yes it is."

"So what do we have to do with us?" Rita asked.

"I was wondering if you could take care of her for some weeks." Tracy said.

"Excuse me?" Rita said.

"Please, Chris and Rita it would only a few weeks and would really help." Tracy said.

"Does she know anything about me being her father?" Chris asked.

"That's another thing. See she still thinks that her father is dead. And I intend to keep it that way." Tracy told them, looking down.

"You mean to tell me that you never want her to find out that I'm her father and you want her to live with us for a few weeks. You're crazy, Tracy! Really crazy!" Chris shouted."Chris, please calm down." Rita pleaded.

"It's not like I want Julia ever to find out. I just don't want her to find now, since she is coping with the death of her father. Look, I really don't want to take her to New York right now and until I figure out what am I going to do about it, I just want her stay here, with you guys for a few weeks. Please, I am begging you." Tracy sounded like she was going to burst into tears.

"Look, Rita and I will talk about it and then we'll decide what to do." Chris said.

"Rita, do you think she'll like us? Do you think she'll like the room we made for her?" Chris said nervously, pacing the room.

"Chris would you stop walking, you're making me nauseous."

"Sorry, Sam, but I am meeting a kid I never knew I was the father of and I am kind of nervous."

"Chris, Julia is only staying for about three weeks, a month the most. There is nothing to be nervous about." Rita said.

"But Rita, she's my own flesh and blood and she doesn't even know that. I wonder how she will react to finding about her real father."

"Chris you have to stop worrying about that. She doesn't know yet and she probably won't know that for a while. The only thing we have to worry about is that she will like us. Then we can start worrying about the father thing." Rita said, running her fingers through his hair.

Just then the bell rang. Chris and Rita looked at each other silently and then go for the door. Right before they reached the door, Chris gave Rita a kiss.

"What was that for?" Rita asked, surprised by the kiss.

"For always being for there, Sammy." Chris said as went toward the door.

When Chris opened the door, he found Tracy and a young girl looking scared and confused."Hi, guys. It's nice to see you. Well, I would like you to meet, Julia. Sweetie, this is Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo. You'll be staying with them for a few weeks." Tracy said as she walked in to the house.

Julia looked up and just said quietly, "Nice to meet you, Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo."

"Nice to meet you, Julia. And you can call us Chris and Rita. Mr. and Mrs. is too formal." Chris said as he led them into the living room.

Just then there were cries coming from upstairs. "Chris, I'll get the kids. You stay and talk Julia and Tracy." Rita whispered to Chris.

Hours later, after they found out all about Julia, from to her favorite foods to what she likes to watch. When Tracy finally left, nobody talked for a few minutes. Then Julia just got up and headed for the stairs. "Where are you going, Julia?" Chris asked.

"To my room. Oh, and it's Julie. Only my mother calls me Julia and I hate that.

"She kept on walking and didn't look back.

"This is going to be a long month." Chris sighed.

Ok it's not a good beginning, but hey it's only part one, and the story is going to get more exciting each part.

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