HP/YGO what happens when the Gringotts bank is being robbed by two white haired bishies (you know who) (Yaoi)

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/Ryou to Bakura/

/Bakura to Ryou/

Now on to the fic!

/I don't know why I ever agreed to this, this is insane/.

/What are you talking about this is Fun/

'Wonder what I am talking about? Let me tell you'

It all started a few days ago. It would be the same as is was every day: I wake up by Bakura demanding breakfast, take a shower, make/eat breakfast, go to the mall with Bakura and do my homework.

Only that day it started different. When I was making breakfast, my sexy yami was reading the mail. Let me tell you this, Bakura NEVER reads the mail. It was quite surprising.

"What!" Bakura snarled at me. Oops he must have caught me starring at him. Not that I mind starring at him, I have a very sexy yami. He has a nice ass… he he… I am sorry I have to keep my mind out of the gutter.

"Why are you reading the mail Yami" I asked in my most innocent tone.

"Because we have very strange mail today Hikari, look at this" Bakura handed me a thick envelope. I must say I FOR ONCE agreed with Bakura. The envelope had four animals on a shield, and it said:

To the Bakura Family

The messy apartment on the third floor,

Mikomi Street 305

Domino. Japan

(A/N: I made this up, I don't know where they live)

I stared dumfounded at the letter. Not only was the letter strange, THEY CALLED ME MESSY. Bakura is the one who makes a mess, I am the one who always cleans it up.

"Well" Asked Bakura impatiently, stopping my train of thoughts. "Arend you going to open that letter"

"Yea yea" I said while opening the letter up. It said:

Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore
(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chf Warlock,
Supreme Mugwamp, International Confed. of Wizards)

Dear misters Bakura,

We are pleased to inform you that you both have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. We will send somebody of our school to meet you on Monday at noon at you're house. Pease tell him if you want to go to this school .He will take you to England. If you agree then you must buy the things that are on the list. You will be helped with buying your stuff. You will be starting at the sixth year, our teachers will make sure that you'll learn the things you missed the other years.
Yours sincerely,
Minerva McGonagall
Deputy Headmistress

"Well this is strange" Said Bakura. Bakura was right behind me reading the letter with me.

He was almost to close for comfort, I could feel his warm breath in my neck. It gave me shivers to be this close to him.

"Show me that list" He whispered in my ear. I did what he asked and took the list from the other letter. It said:

For each of you you'll need

A kettle

A want

At least 2 BLACK robes

A pet (you can only take an Owl, an cat or a toad)

And Books (don't worry at the store they now which you need)

(A/N: Sorry this is all I know. ;; or could think of…)

"Well… What should we do Bakura" I asked him, since he makes all the choices.

"I think we should do this, you got to admit this sounds cool" Bakura stated.

"Don't you think this is a joke someone is playing on us" I asked.

Bakura shrugged " We will know on Monday don't we?"

Time change

On Monday we had all of our stuff packed and all we had to do was wait for a man to show up at our house.

When the man came, (His name is Hagrid btw)he told us that he worked at Hogwarts bla bla bla… and asked us if we wanted to go. We agreed.

When the introduction was made, Hagrid told us to pack our stuff and hold on on a…bucket of water?

"Excuse me, but why do we have to hold on to a bucket of water" I asked politely looking up at Hagrid who was at least twice as big as me. Even Bakura was a little shaken of him.

(A/N: I don't know how to write Hagrid accent, so just pretend that he does in this fic)

Hagrid smiled friendly at me under a thick beard "It is a pordkey, it is used as a sort of teleporter and it has all different shapes.

When we all held on the pordkey, Hagrid started chanting and hold up a pink umbrella and we were teleported to England.

Hagrid brought us to a small café and spoke with the manager. Once we where outside again the manager (Tom was his name) took us to a brick wall. Hagrid ticked on some bricks with his pink umbrella and a door formed out of it.

I was quite surprised to see a whole other town at the other side of the brick wall.

"Welcome to Diagon Alley, this is where you are going to buy you're school stuff…" Hagrid proudly said, but bakura and I where not listening to him.

/Hey Ryou do you think we have to wear those robes to/

/Yes, didn't the letter tell us that we have to wear them at school/

/Aaw… do we have to/ Bakura pouted, a very rare sight indeed.

"…You can buy a pet there if you want to, but not today, tomorrow we are going to shop now we are only going to exchange your money at the bank…" Hagrid rambled on.

We stopped before a big white building where Goblins where walking in and out. On the outside was a note carved neatly in the stone. It said:

Enter, stranger but take heed

Of what awaits the sin of greed,

For those who take but do not earn,

Must pay most dearly in their turn.

So if you seek beneath our floors

A treasure that was never yours,

Thief, you have been warned, beware

Of finding more then treasure here.

"Hmm…" Bakura mumbled, looking thoughtful at the warning. You can imagine I was quite scared about what Bakura could think of. After al he is still a thief, and in the mall I always had to watch's out for his thievery skills.

We exchanged our yen for gold Galleons, silver Sickles, and bronze Knuts. I was happy Bakura didn't try to steal anything.

Then me and Bakura and Hagrid got back to the café during night time. Bakura and me where packing out some stuff wile Hagrid went to drink something. We went downstairs to get us some butter beer, when we heart Hagrid who was obviously drunk talk to the barkeeper Tom.

"…I know a secret thing that is being held in Gringotts, my friend" Hagrid slurred drunkly at Tom.

Tom looked worried "You drunk to much Hagrid, I don't want you to spill a word or else you'll get in trouble with Dumbledore"

"You don't hic have to worry, I won't tell a hic soul"

"Okay Hagrid whatever you say" Tom started to leave Hagrid to help other costumers.

Only then I saw the smirk on my yamis face. A very handsome smirk to say at least drool …Okay I'm back from the gutter…

"Hagrid! Old buddy come sit with us at the table, I'll order you some wine" Bakura said so nice that the honey dripped of it. Only Hagrid could fall for that.

Bakura ordered us some butter beer for me and himself and some wine for Hagrid, which he paid with the money he stole from an old lady.

"Now Hagrid my Friend, why don't you tell us about that thing that is being held in Gringotts" Bakura said again with that sweet voice.

Hagrid seemed to be thinking. "Well its made of pure gold and it looks hic like an angel, and it has some dark powers"

"Yes go on"

"It can control minds to, but the best thing hic is that it has a manual" Hagrid slurred happily.

Bakura's thin brow rose. "A manual?"

"Yea but you can't read it" Hagrid said teasingly.

"And why not?"

"Because Its in ancient Egypt"

"Aaaww…what a shame, and on what floor can we find it" Bakura smirked.

"On the third floor in the hic west wing" Answered Hagrid.

"Thanks that all I needed to know" Said Bakura going upstairs with me following. Later we went to sleep.

Time change

The next day Bakura and I went to get all our school stuff, Hagrid had a hangover and wasn't there to help. We had to ask the shopkeepers help us, and later at the pet shop Bakura even bought me a kitten. I named the cat Kura (it's a girl)

On our trip we met a trio, a blond snob with his father and a freaky wand seller (guess who they are) . Bakura and I both got the same wants (unicorn 12 inch with wood…)

When we came back at night we both got to sleep…

Time change

"Ryou… hey …Ryou…" I woke up by the tugging on my blankets.

"What?" I asked annoyed at Bakura, rubbing my eyes sleepily.

"Put your clothes on now"

"Why would I do that, its tree in the morning" I said nuzzling back into my pillow.

"HEY don't go back to sleep right now"

"Make me" I said closing my eyes again.

"Ryou put on your clothes on right NOW!" I opened my to see Bakura glare at me. That could only mean one thing: death and destruction if I didn't do as he said.

"Only if you turn around" I pouted. Sighing Bakura turned around so I could change my clothes.

When I was dressed, Bakura let me out the café into the cold night. I shivered as I felt the cold Autumn wind against my arms. I didn't know where Bakura was taking me.

We where walking for at least ten minuets, when we stopped at a large white building. Then it all hit me.

I looked to see Bakura grinning at me, his eyes filed with glee.

"Oh no we wont! We are not going after that stupid thing Hagrid told us about" I said glaring at him.

"And why not?" Bakura asked mockingly, not impressed by my powerful glare (which was probingly not very powerful at all).

"What if we get caught, then we can't go to school!" I said waving my arms up and down.

What Bakura then did surprised me: He hugged me! I first tensed when he hugged me but later he stared to stroke my back making me relax and wrap my arms around him.

"Relax we wont get caught, trust me" Bakura whispered huskily in my ear, while continuing to stroke my back. My head must have been as red as a tomato. "Did you forgot I am the King of Thieves?"

"No I won't help you"

"Come on Ryou it will be fun" He said while taking his lips to my ear. "Please?" He gave a little kiss on my ear. From that moment I melted in Bakura's arms.

"Okay… I will help…But only this time…"

"Thanks Hikari you're the best" He said while nuzzling in my neck.

I think we hugged for like ten minuets, and then he let go. He turned around to open the door. When the door didn't budge he used our Millennium Ring to open the door.

When he turned around, he grasped my hand leading us together inside….

To Be Continued

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