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/Ryou to Bakura/

\\Bakura to Ryou\\

-Blah- means… uh… Snape talking…uh… You'll have to read…



When they finally made it though the door and walked inside, they where greeted with a moody teacher with greasy black hair.

"Good morning, Ryou, Bakura glad you could make it in time" the teacher said sarcastically… "You lose ten points for Gryffindor"

Yes the day was starting good for Ryou and Bakura…


Bakura glared moodily at the greasy haired teacher, as he and Ryou went to sit at table where two other students sat. The student he and Ryou sat next to, backed away like they had some awful disease.

Now that Bakura looked further trough the classroom, he saw that the classroom was separated in two halves. He looked at the other half (With only Gryffindor students) that sat as far as possible away from the other their half. A lot of his classmates glared at them, or looked at the white haired boys like they had lost their minds…

He finally looked at the half he and Ryou sat… The students (That were Slytherins of course) in black and green robes only glared or looked disgusted at the two. They looked like they had some piece of crap under theirs snobbish little noses…

/ Uh… Bakura…/

\\ Yes Hikari…? \\

/ I have this really strange feeling that we are sitting in the wrong place…/

\\ Gee… you don't say…\\

All the students that where in the classroom now looked at them… and… was there a group of Gryffindor girls giggling and pointing happily at them…?

"AHUM!" Fortunately for our white haired duo the attention of the students was suddenly back to their lesson when they all saw Snape's irritated face.

"Now that I have all your attention… today we are going to make a potion to cure the bites of a sea monster. I want you to all make the notes I put on the blackboard…" He waved his wand to the blackboard, and the notes appeared. "…and then I want you I to make your potions. You will begin now…" Snape said coldly as he sneered at three merciless Gryffindor students (guess who they are).

When Ryou and Bakura had taken their notes they began to make their potions. As they were cutting some herbs they didn't notice that a Slytherin student put something extra into their kettle. Something that didn't belonged in the potion…

"Hey Ryou?" Bakura asked as the looked uneasily at their potion.


"Do you think the potion is supposed to bubble that much?"

Ryou looked at the potion. "I don't know…" He answered truthfully. "Maybe its—"


Silence hung in the classroom, as a big cloud of smoke hung around Ryou and Bakura's table. When the smoke had cleared, a blackened and slightly burned Ryou was looking quite shocked at his almost empty kettle…

Laughter ranged trough the classroom, as students from both halves where having the times of their lives. Ryou on the other hand didn't seem so happy about it. His pale face had been turned black, as had his white hair…

"Alright! What happened?" Snape yelled over the laughing students, as he walked to Ryou and Bakura's table. When the students didn't stop laughing he said. "Everyone who doesn't stop laughing now will have to write a report with twenty pages about sea monster bites, for tomorrow!"

That seemed to be the magic words, because everyone had shut up now…

"Ryou and Bakura, you both lose thirty points for Gryffindor" Snape said coldly as he walked away from their table

"What?" Bakura yelled as glared at his teachers back.

Snape turned around. "Is that a problem to you, Mister Bakura?" Snape sneered as he turned around to face Bakura.

"Hell yes! This is our first lesson, did you really think that we could make that potion the first time? That's just unfair!" Bakura snarled as he held a glaring contest with Snape.

All the students had, yet again, all their attention to the two haired bishies and their moody and greasy haired teacher… no one ever talked back to Snape.

"You only seem to forget that you ruined up your table…" Snape pointed out harshly. The table looked indeed terrible. Small bursts and burned spots where all over the once good table.

"…And because you ruined it, you will both get a detention after this class"

Snape smirked as he turned around again. He could literally feel Bakura's glare on his back…

Meanwhile, Bakura was fuming with anger.

\\ Oooohhh… I'm so going to kill this guy…\\

/ Bakura, please try to remain calm/

\\ You're right! When we get this detention, he's going to wish he'd never been born\\

/ That's not what I meant…/

\\ Oh… well he still is going to get it!\\

/ Why do I even bother…/

\\ Yeah… why?\\

/ Just shut up. I'm getting a headache/

After that, the lesson didn't get any better. Bakura had managed to make Gryffindor lose more points (thirty again) and was glaring at Snape the whole time. At the end of the class, the steam was almost coming out of Bakura's ears.

When the lesson was over, Ryou and Bakura stayed in the classroom while the other students left the room quickly to their other classes.

"So what do we have to do in our detention Professor Snape?" Ryou asked questionably as he looked at their greasy haired teacher.

"You will both have to clean the table you've destroyed today" Snape said evilly as he sat behind his desk to look at the homework the students had made. "I expect it to be fully clean in one hour, and if you're done you can leave. Your time begins…now"

Ryou sighed as he and Bakura began to clean the table. His patience with their greasy haired teacher was getting thinner and thinner. After restraining Bakura three times from killing their potions teacher, he didn't care anymore. This teacher had screwed enough with his patience.

If Bakura would lose it for the fourth time, he would not be there to stop him again…

That's how things usually went. Ryou would be the brain, behind their plans while wile doing little of the hard word (this only didn't happen when they where stealing thing). Bakura on the other hand would do most of the work, letting Ryou guide him. Like light and darkness. The light always calmed the dark, while the dark would protect the light from any harm. But if Ryou decided to let his dark go for one time, it could get nasty for their greasy haired potions teacher…

When their table was spotless, Ryou grabbed his book bag and began to walk to the exit, with Bakura following him closely. When they where almost at the door, they heard an irritated voice call them back.

"Just where do you think you're going? Did I said you could leave, Misters Bakurae?" Snape's voice echoed through the classroom.

Ryou sighed. "We have cleaned up our table, and now we are going to our next lesson" He said mildly irritated. This lesson was already on his non-favourite list.

"Hmm… I had forgotten that I told you could leave if you where ready with your table… alright you may go, but…" Snape grinned wickedly. "You'll have to make a report that is twenty pages long about sea monster bites and give it to me tomorrow… have fun"

"WHAT!" Bakura yelled shocked.

"But that is unfair" Ryou said, for the first time being really angered with their teacher.

"That's not my problem" Snape said irritated. These two boys had too much guts… a normal student would already leave the classroom with a lot of books to make that report. But these two boys where just like Potter, annoying and full of themselves.

"It isn't fair. You've already taken another thirty points from Gryffindor and let us clean our table!" Bakura said angrily.

"I'm sorry Mister Bakura, but those are the rules"

"Screw the rules! YOU'RE GOING DOWN!" Bakura yelled as a purple smoke filled the classroom, making it a lot darker…

Snape didn't know what hit him when he saw that the classroom begin to darken. The classroom was suddenly filled with a dark power, darker than what he had ever felt before. 'W-what is this!' was his last thought…

Both the rings on Ryou and Bakura's chest began to glow, as the light cut through the darkness like a knife through butter. A black ball formed in Bakura's hand as he, looked at Snape's shocked face.

Bakura threw the ball Snape's way, hitting their greasy haired teacher full in his chest, throwing him against the wall. Snape fell on to the ground, and wasn't able to see anymore because of the smoke…

When the smoke had cleared, Snape was gone…

But if you looked better you could see there was a plushie on the place where Snape had fallen… a plushie that looked remarkably a lot like Snape…

"-Uuhh… what happened to me…?-" Snape said as he looked around, since when did everything get bigger? He looked around again only to see Bakura's evil face grinning widely at him.

"Hello little plushie, is it cold down there…?" Bakura said as he laughed evilly. He picked the small plushie in his hands.

The plushie looked a lot like their greasy haired teacher. It had the same black robes, but only in mini format, and had the same irritated looking face…

"-W-what happened to me? what have you done to me!-" Plushie-Snape said shocked as Bakura's thin fingers curled around his neck.

(A/N: In this fic, Snape can not walk, and only talk and hear things, if Ryou or Bakura have him in their hands. If plushies really could walk, talk or hear, Ryou's old friends the ones that were changed in the manga would probably have walked away or something…)

"Look Ryou, I have another plushie for your collection" Bakura said evilly as he walked back to Ryou.

"-Change me back NOW! Or you will have a detention for the rest of your days at this school!-" Plushie-Snape said as he hanged limply in Bakura's hands.

Bakura grinned. "You might actually be glad that I let you live, I could have fed you to the monsters of the Shadow Realm"

Snape mentally paled, if these kids could do tricks like turning someone onto a plushie, he wouldn't want to know what those monsters were…

Ryou laughed joyfully as he took the Snape-Plushie in to his book bag. "-Hey! What are you— Mhpf! -" Plushie-Snape said as he was roughly pushed it to Ryou's book bag.

Ryou looked at Bakura happily. "You know Bakura…"

"Yes?" Bakura asked questionably.

"Normally I would be very angry if you did something like this, but right now I want to thank you" He smiled sweetly to Bakura.

Bakura grinned. "No problem" He said as he gave his hikari a half-hug. "Anytime for you" he added in afterthought.

"Come on, where late for our next lesson. Let's go!" Ryou said happily as he took Bakura's hand, tugging a slightly blushing Bakura with him…

(A/N: Hehehhehe… as you can see, I'm not a Snape fan… nor am I a Snape hater… I guess he just needs to be punished for being an asshole sometimes 8D )


When all of their lessons were over, Ryou and Bakura went to the Great Hall to eat. Bakura sighed tiredly as he sat next to Ryou and waited for dinner.

After their lesson with Snape (who was still stuffed in Ryou's book bag), they had Care of Magical Creatures from Professor Grubbly-Plank. Bakura thought it was a cool lesson because they all had to take care of a giant snake with one eye. But even if he liked the lesson, it still made him very tired.

When they were done with their food, they gently had some short conversations and were just relaxing…… they walked to the Gryffindor room to sit on a couth that was close by the fire…

Bakura glanced at Ryou, who looked equally tired at the warm burning fire. Ryou always looked a little sad when he was tired. Bakura smiled slightly as he wrapped his arms around Ryou in a gentle hug…

\\ Are you alright, my precious hikari?\\

Ryou smiled gently at Bakura. / I'm fine Bakura, just a little tired…/

\\ Were you thinking of something…?\\

Ryou yawned sleepily. / Yeah… I was thinking about those statues… you don't think we are going to get caught do you/

Bakura smirked. \\ Hey! You are forgetting that I'm the greatest thief ever, of course we won't get caught!\\

Ryou rolled his eyes. / Sure you are Bakura/

Bakura grinned. \\ Glad you're agreeing with me\\

/ I wasn't agreeing with you/

Bakura squeezed Ryou's smaller body closer to him. \\ Hehehehe… of course you where, you're my hikari. And hikari's always agree with their yami's\\

/ No we don't/

\\ Yes you are…\\

Bakura grinned lazily as he hold Ryou's body closer to him some more, pushing Ryou's warm chest against his own.

Wrapping his one arm around Ryou's waist and his other around his hikari's neck he began to pull Ryou's head closer to his. Ryou wrapped his arms around Bakura's neck, looking in to his yami's warm lilac eyes…

Ryou shivered at their closeness, while moving his head closer to Bakura's…

Their lips were almost touching each other when…

"Oh my God! They are going to kiss!"

"I know, isn't that sooooo cute!"

"Yeah… (sigh) Yaoi is just sooo cute…"

"I agree with you, when I went home I bought some Yaoi manga to read when I would go back to Hogwarts…"

"I always let my family owl some Yaoi doujinshi to me…"

"I don't have Yaoi doujinshi's… can I borrow some from you Josie?"

"Of course you can!"

All these unknown voices belonged to the female Gryffindor students that were spying on our favourite white haired bishies the whole day…

The girls where Hermione, Lavender, Angelina, Josie, Parvati and Ginny …

"U-uh… what!" Ryou stuttered softly as he looked at all the girls. He quickly loosened his arms from Bakura's neck, and almost tried to hide behind Bakura's arms…

Bakura only looked irritated as the girls began to giggle as they began to sit around them. 'Damn… this time I was so close, that I was almost kissing him…'

Lavender giggled as she sat next to Ryou. "Sooooo how long are you two together with each other?"

Ginny blushed softly. "I think that you two are cute together…"

Ryou turned red. First he was almost kissing with Bakura… and then all these girls came out of nowhere, asking very personal questions about him and Bakura… wait a second… He was almost kissing with Bakura! What the hell!

The girls around them rambled on and on…

"Can I make a photograph with you two kissing?"

"Yeah! That would be really cute!"

"I'll go get my camera"

"Me too!"

Lavender and Angelina quickly ran to the girl's dorm room to get their cameras, while Hermione, Josie, Parvati and Ginny asked more questions to the white haired duo…

Meanwhile, Bakura was really getting irritated. Those girls made his Ryou uncomfortable, and he started to get annoyed with the girls too. He wrapped his arms more possessively around the slightly smaller hikari.

Suddenly Bakura stood up, while taking Ryou with him.

"B-bakura?" Ryou said softly, while blushing as Bakura's warm hands where holding his.

"We are leaving… NOW " Bakura said irritated, as he took Ryou to the boys dorm room.

"Hey! Where are you going!"

"Yeah!" Angelina said as she was coming down the stairs. "I just wanted to make an photograph of you two kissing"

"Aaawww… come on! Can you two stay a little longer?"

Ignoring the pleas of the girls, Ryou and Bakura went to the room they shared. When they were inside Ryou let himself fall to the bed they shared tiredly, while Bakura locked the door in case the girls decided to follow them.

After locking the door, Bakura gently let himself fall next to Ryou. "So… now I know how you fell when you have your school-fan club around you…"

Ryou grinned lazily. "Some things never change…" He sighed deeply "Although I will never get used to it…"

Bakura smiled that gentle smile only Ryou knew. "I will protect you from it hikari…"

Ryou smiled giving Bakura a warm hug. "Thank you yami…"

"Hmmm… anytime hikari"

There was a comfortable silence between them as they both enjoyed the hug, but after a while Bakura asked. "You know Ryou, I've been thinking about what you said earlier…"

"What do you mean?" Ryou said looking Bakura in the eye.

"I thought about the statues… we still haven't looked in to the manual…"

Ryou smiled gently. "You're right… let's do that now…" He said as he moved overt to grab the manual that they had put on their nightstand.

"Hmmm… Let's see what makes our statues so special" Bakura said as he grabbed the old book out of Ryou's hands.

Ryou grinned. "Lets"

To Be Continued…


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