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Sakura- Cherry

The class groaned as the teacher told them that there would be homework over the long weekend. The teacher laughed at the opinions of the students about her announcement, then told them to get out of there.

The teens stood up, bowed respectfully to the teacher, and then, with a collective shout, ran out of the room as if it was on fire. The only one who didn't participate in the impromptu activity was a small, 16-year-old with a thick mane of spiky, tricolored hair. Mostly ebony and deep crimson in color, the bangs were golden. He stood slowly and trudged out of class.

Feeling very uncomfortable because he was being stared at, the young man ducked his head and moved quickly towards his locker. Whispers followed him as he opened the lock and put his books in it. "Look at the new kid." "Who is he?" "Who cares? He's just a freak."

Tears welled up in large, amethyst eyes as the young man listen to the comments being made about him. Yugi Mutou had just moved into the town of Domino and had no friends there. He closed his locker and hurried outside. On the way out, he bumped into a leather-clad chest. Mumbling an apology, the teen looked up into vivid, ruby-colored eyes. Upon closer inspection, he realized that the person he had bumped into looked a great deal like him. Darker skinned, eyes slightly more defined and his hair had more gold in it, with streaks of it like lightning going up into the black, but otherwise they looked completely alike. Backing up slowly, Yugi turned and ran from the school grounds.

The person Yugi had bumped into was Yami Minamoto, one of the most popular young men in Domino High. He stared after his slightly smaller look alike. Deciding to find out why the boy had had tears in his eyes, Yami started to follow him.

Yami followed the boy into a nearby park and to a wooden bench overlooking a pond. Hiding behind a sakura tree, and watching the smaller teen, Yami watch curiously as Yugi knelt next to the flowers surrounding the pond. Yami didn't know the names of any of the flowers, but Yugi seemed to be actually talking to them, and handling them very gently. Finally finished with his inspection of the flowers, Yugi sat on the bench, which was under the branches of the tree Yami was hiding behind.

Yugi dug around in his backpack and found his IPod. He pressed the Play button, and closed his eyes as the music started to flow out of the small device. As he started to relax, he also started to sing along with the music. Behind the sakura tree, Yami listened as a sweet, very soft tenor voice began to sing the lyrics to a song only he could hear, though Yami could almost hear the music too.

Just rescue me,

Just stay with me,

I don't wanna go

Yami couldn't believe what he was hearing. Such an innocent, and apparently sweet a person, singing such a depressing song, it wasn't right. Deciding that it wasn't right, standing there and listening without telling the boy that he was there, Yami walked out from behind the tree and slowly towards the amethyst-eyed boy. At first, he didn't notice his visitor, but after a few minutes, he got the feeling that he was being watched. Startled, he looked up, into slightly familiar ruby-colored eyes.

"Sorry for bothering you, I just wanted to make sure you were alright after what happened at school earlier." Yami said quietly.

Yugi looked at the crimson-eyed youth and started to back away, slowly.

Yami noticed this and smiled gently. His soft baritone voice rang out "You don't have to be afraid, it's not like I'm going to hurt you."

"T-th-that'd be a f-first," Yugi stuttered, almost inaudibly.

"Why do you say that?"

"Well, n-n-no one has ever s-s-said that before. Th-they all like to p-p-pick on me because I'm s-s-sm-small and w-w-weak."

Yami, for some strange reason he couldn't understand, felt very angry that this had happened to Yugi. It didn't seem fair that someone was picked on because he couldn't put up a fight.

"Well, you don't have to worry about that with me, and I'll help you deal with these people. You shouldn't be picked on because you can't fight back."

Yugi stared at him like he had grown another head.

"W-wh-why are you d-doing this? R-r-risking your popularity for a n-n-n-nobody like me, it d-d-d-doesn't make s-s-s-sense."

"If being popular means that I have to be cruel to a person who didn't do anything to me, then I don't want it."

"You r-r-really want to be my f-f-friend?" The disbelieving look in Yugi's amethyst eyes was very evident.

"Yeah, why not? You seem like a nice enough person, plus I'd like to get to know my look alike better. It's not every day that you find someone who looks just like you." With that said, Yami smiled and held out his hand for Yugi to shake.

"Th-thanks" Yugi took the offered hand and gingerly shook it.

So began a very unusual friendship, but that's another story.