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WARNING: MAJOR ANZU/TEA BASHING AND VERY SMALL HINTS OF YAMI/YUGI SHONEN AI You have been warned, no likey? Then what are you doing here?

3rd Person, Yami's POV...
After the incedent that morning, the day seemed rather uneventful, at least for Domino High and its occupants. Some of Yami's friends, Marik and Bakura, tried to do the world a favor and blow up the cafeteria. Unfortunatly, or fortuantly depending on how you looked at it, they was caught before they could complete their plans. Classes, both before lunch and after, were dull and extrememly tedious.

Instead of listening to what his teachers were saying, Yami thought about his newest friend. Yugi was, to say the least, an enigma wrapped up in a small package and once Yami really thought about it, a very beautiful package. In his last class, study hall, Yami started to daydream, after all he had gotten homework done and deserved a break.

His mind started to wander immediatly to Yugi. His thoughts took an unexpected turn when he absentmindedly began to describe the younger teen, both physically and otherwise. Creamy white skin that was as soft as silk, thick, shiny hair that looked to be as soft as his skin, enormous amathyst (R: did i spell that right? Y.R: how sad, you dont know how to spell your own birthstone) eyes that shone with a deep sense of innocense and, strangly, wisdom. His small body had not the large muscles that someone who worked out a lot had, but instead sleek, small ones that were very strong.

As intreging as his contradictions in apperance were, Yugi's personality was just as contradicting. One day, he's extremely quiet and shy, stuttering with ever sentance, confidant and calm with a very commanding air the next.

The bell rang, signalling the jail birds...um students, that the were free to escape...er go home. On his way to his locker, Yami decided that he wanted to know Yugi a lot better. Energized with his new purpose, Yami set out to find Yugi.

With Yugi, 3rd person...
With the ringing of the bell, Yugi slowly gathered his books, not looking forward to getting out into the halls. He knew that Anzu would be looking for him, to make him pay for what had happened earlier that morning. He didnt normally do things like that, it only made people dislike him more, but he couldnt stand how arrogant the evil witch was, so he made an exception.

As he walked to his locker, he slowly began to relax. So far, no one had showed up to exact revenge, so he thought maybe he could get out of there before he was noticed. However, fate had other plans, but not the plans he had thought would happen.

After grabbing the books that he needed to do his homework and shoving them into his backpack, he headed for the door. Just as he reached for the handle on the door, another hand appeared and opened it for him.

"Can I walk home with you?" Yami's deep, soothing voice came from just behind Yugi.

Turning, Yugi smiled wanly at the crimson-eyed teen. "Sure, if you dont mind your rep being totally ruined."

"Ah, who cares about that? I certainly dont want it." Yugi laughed at the face Yami pulled when he said that.

"Ok, if youre sure." At Yami's nod, the pair walked out into the rather bright light. Sheilding thier eyes, they started to walk towards the shabby neighborhood where Yugi lived.

Along the way, Yami started to ask Yugi all kinds of questions: where he had lived before, what his last school was like, did he have any friends at it, what they were like, where he had learned to use the moves hed used on Anzu. Finally, as they approached the depalpitated building, he asked the question that had been bugging him the most.

"Yugi, why do you live here?"

"Simple, I dont have anywhere else to live. I have no family, my parents were killed in an archeological accident not long after I was born, I was their first child and after they died, I was sent to live with my elderly grandfather. Soon after my 16th birthday, he died of heart failure and Ive been on my own since. Most of the money my parents left me was put into a trust that i cant access until im 21, and i refused, point blank, to have a guardian appointed to me and even more so refused to go into the foster care system. So ive lived on my own since then."

"Wow, thats quite a story"

"Yeah, but it was ok, i still keep contact with my old friends back in Tokyo, and we all get to talk a lot so its not so bad."

"Hey, Yugi, why dont you come stay the night at my place tonight, im sure my folks wouldnt mind and its gotta be better than staying in an empty flat by yourself."

"Um, sure, thanks, but dont you think that you should ask them before we make any definate plans?"

"Ill call them on my cell phone while you pack a bag for tonight."

"Wow, you are really gung ho about this. Why do you care so much?"

"Ive been on my own at night a lot and i know its not very pleasant. My father is the president of a very big company in town and mom often goes with him to company parties, leaving me at home with the house staff, none of whom i can really talk to, so its the same as being all by myself."

"Well, if youre sure that they wont mind, i guess ill go along, after all, i have nothing better to do.

"Great, you go pack and ill call mom."

Meanwhile, else where...
Anzu paced and glared at her wristwatch. The bakas were late, again. Why she put up with this, she had no idea, after all, she was the most popular girl in school(R: yeah right! you wish!), she could hang out with anyone she wanted too, but she was waiting by the docks for two completely hopeless idiots to show up.

Harsh panting caught her attention. Without turning around, she barked (R: like the bitch she is) "Youre late... again!"

Behind her, a tall boy with messy blonde hair and brown eyes leaned his hands on his thighs, trying to catch his breath. Next to him, sitting on the ground, another tall young man with brown hair that stood up in a single spike at the front of his head and grey eyes was trying to calm his heartrate, which had been pushed hard in an attempt to get to the docks on time.

"Sorry... Anzu... teacher... needed to talk...to us." The blonde said. Joey Wheeler was not at all into working for the brunette, but since the she threatened to spread rumors about his sister, Serenity, again, he reluctantly agreed to do her dirty work. After all, he would do anything to protect his sister. As for the other, well, Tristan Taylor was just helping his buddy out.

"Ok, heres the job, the kids name is Yugi Mutou. Hes new here and a little too upity for his own good. Make sure he regrets ever coming here."

"What did he do?"

"Thats none of your concern!"

"Woah, ok..."

At Yami's house...
"Well, here we are."

Yugi just stared. The house was enourmous, two wings branching off of the main structure, four floors each, not including the roof top garden. (R. Ah, thats my dream house, well, sort of)

"You live here?"

"Yeah, home sweet home."

"How do you not get lost in there? I know i sure would."

Yami just laughed and explained that he had lived there his whole life, in fact, hed been born in it.

"Come on, moms waiting for us."

With that, the two boys walked up the path to the front door...

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