Title: Letters
Author: kawaii-kirei "KK"
Rating: K
Pairing: TysonKai, KaiTyson

Disclaimer: BeyBlade and all of it's characters is not and will never be mine. If it was, TyKa would be canon, damnit! And the letter is not mine, nyah.

Author's Notes: 4:30 AM... damn, I'm sleepy. XD Just a random thing I thought about. Yay for random things. Yay for crappy titles. But I want you guys to know that the words to the letter is not mine. No, I don't own it. Because I just stole it from a text message I read at my sister's phone. -sweatdrop- err... please review! I'll give you cookies if you do. :3


Ray watched as Tyson walked in the kitchen with a big smile on his face, before grabbing a piece of toast. Munching on it happily, Tyson hummed some cheerful tune under his breath and skipped his way out of the kitchen with the same smile still plastered on his face, not noticing the fact that the toast for this morning was obviously burnt.

Ray blinked once. Twice. Before leaning to his side to mutter his opinion to the person sitting next to him, without letting his eyes leave the doorway. "Is it just me or is Tyson rather... too cheery today?"

Max looked at him with an amused expression, "You didn't know?"

"Know what?"

"Kai sent him a letter today."

Ray's eyes widened, "He did?" Then he laughed under his breath, "Now I know why Tyson's so happy."

"Yup." Max grinned, "It's been such a long time since Kai wrote, ne? So I'm guessing Tyson must be overjoyed!"

Ray grinned as well, "How long have those two been together? It's been too long that I've forgotten already! Man, I think we're getting old!"

"Nope, we're still young as ever!" Max cheered, "3 years, Ray! They've been together for three years!"

"Too bad, though, Kai had to leave a year later for Russia to rebuild and take care of Biovolt." Ray sighed, remembering Tyson's face when the boy first heard the news that Kai had to leave. "When did we last see him anyway?"

"I think 8 months ago." Max let out a thoughtful look, "Then the last letter he sent Tyson was 5 months ago."

Ray chuckled, "I wonder what Kai has to say to Tyson this time."

Tyson grinned, lying on his futon as he clutched the white envelope in his hands, just above his face. His smile never wavering, he kissed the envelope and began opening it carefully. He couldn't wait to see what Kai has to say to him! He could just imagine all those words of love and care, and those I Miss You's that one would never think that Kai Hiwatari would actually say.

But Tyson knows that Kai can be romantic when he wanted to. He should. He was the first to see the romantic side of their emotionless leader. He unfolded the piece of paper, his smile widening as he read the first sentence.

It's sad how busy we can get sometimes and forget to keep in touch with each other...

Typical Kai. No formal first greetings, no Dear, Tyson and whatnot. Tyson loved him for it.

But I want you to know that...

Tyson's smile widened and he could almost feel his heart melt.

Nothing's changed.

I'm still gorgeous.


The next morning, Ray and Max watched as Tyson came into the kitchen, stomping across the room to get a glass of water. They raised an eyebrow as Tyson walked out, too busy grumbling death threats under his breath to take notice that his teammates have been staring at him the whole time.

And somewhere in Russia, Kai sneezed.