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I've been wanting to write a story about the doughboys just trying to get by in the normal world for some time. I like the way this came out and hope you do too!

D-boy had learned many things as a human; How to use a phone, not to throw TVs out of the window (Eff had made him stop when he smashed the 3ard TV they had bought with a hammer.) and how to cook simple things that Eff and he both liked. But the most important thing he had learned was this: everyone needed a job or you ran out of money and became a bum. You need money or you could live as a human, simple as that. For the 1st few weeks as humans Johnny had left them money from people he had killed under their door step but that slowly stopped as Johnny lost interest. They then tried the method of not eating. This did not work out well. Eff had had the idea of killing people and stealing their money like Nny did, but D-boy decided that they had enough troubles already.

This was why D-boy was sitting at the table looking at the "jobs" section of the news paper. Eff was sitting across from him and looked like he was thinking. He sucked a spoon as if there was food on it. Most of the ads were stupid or didn't pay anything. D-boy didn't really have any skills he could think of so he had to find something simple. All he could really do was read and cook things that came frozen in a box. D-boy knew what he had to do and it wasn't pretty. "Find anything?" said Eff, shaking him out of his grim thoughts. "Yeah" he answered putting down the paper and shaking his head "I just don't want to do it." Eff rolled his red eyes and stood up, popping the spoon out of his mouth. "Well I'm sure you'll be good at it, whatever it is." And with that he walked out of the room. D-boy got up from the table and grabed his back-pack. It was going to be a great day.

D-boy stood outside dragon books. He stubbed out his cigarette and walked in. A woman was sitting at the counter; she had short black hair, thin lips and was pale. She a pair of black shorts on over black fishnets, a black shirt that read "bingo- it's not just for old ladies any more." She was banging her black boots on the floor which made a "thump thump" sound each time it hit. As he got closer he saw she was drawing a picture of a boy with dread locks in one of the sketch books they sold by the counter. D-boy rang the bell on the counter and the girl looked up, D-boy realized she couldn't have been more then 14. "Um, welcome to dragon books, how can I help you today?" D-boy smiled to himself at her politeness. "I'm looking for a job," said D-boy "are any free here?" the girl adjusted her large blue glasses and squinted up at him. "Yeah, ever since Devi quit and Tonya jumped out the window in a fit of rage I'm like the only one working here." She disappeared behind the desk and came back with a form in her hands. "Fill this out and bring it back tomorrow. Then I need to give it to the big boss man and he'll see if your right for this" she rolled her eyes "'complex' job." D-boy took the form from the top of the desk and stuck it in his pack. "Thanks, I'll be back tomorrow with it." He said as he walked out of shop. He sighed, that had gone better then he expected it too. Back in the shop the girl was shaking her head "He's doomed" she said to herself and went back to drawing.

Sorry for the short chapter people. Oh BTW the girl is somewhat based on me because I'm lazy and couldn't think of a new one. Reveiw my darlings, it feeds my muse!

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