wow, chapter 2. Now that school is over many more chapter will be up, and sooner too.


Eff's attention span had snapped about 5 minutes after d-boy had left the house to look for work. He had seen what was on TV for a minute before he realized the only thing on was day time talk shows, reality TV and shows about pop star's problems. He had passed around the room for about 30 seconds and then decided to take a walk to the record store. Eff didn't have money but he had wanted to see a new record Johnny had ranted about for an hour when he had come over one day. He looked at all the people as he walked to the store. the man who yelled at someone for short changing him for coffee, the woman who was looking in a garbage can for god knows what, the boy who was too young to be sitting on the ground like he was, the woman who was holding her little boy in a way that no mother should, the girls who danced life away on the corner. 'This is real reality' thought eff 'not 10 assholes fucking each other on some island.'

Finally eff made it to the record store. In the window was a ripped 'help wanted' sign. 'Hey, maybe a can get a job and make some money without having to do some stupid burger joint job!' thought Eff happily as he went into a murky little store. He went over to the high counter where a short boy was sitting. He had tanish skin, and half white half black hair that was choppily cut. He wore black baggy pants and had a plain black shirt that was dotted with stray paint. He looked up at Eff and he saw the boy couldn't have been more then 5 feet tall (even though he must have been at least 15). "yeah?" asked the boy "Um I saw the help wanted sign out there and wanted to know if that was still going on?" the boy looked eff up and down and he smirked a bit. Another boy came into the room; he had spiky blue hair and was also in all black. "No but that's alright." said the boy at the counter. He looked over at the blue haired boy "Jimmy your fired!" he said "I'm sure you understand" the other boy looked over at Eff "yes sir…" said the boy and went to walk out. Eff had the feeling something was going on he didn't exactly understand and wanted to keep it that way. "Welcome aboard, I'm Shore and you are?" Eff flushed he hadn't thought of a name (would you tell someone your name was eff?) "I'm Sam." said Eff off the top of his head. "Alright, I'll give you your work plan, you can have Jimmy's, and you can be off until your next shift." he dug through a large pile of papers until he came out with a small card that had a list of dates and times. Shore looked at it for a second and then gave it to Eff, "Your next shift is in 2 days at 3:00 PM, is that alright?" Eff nodded "I'm not very busy during the day." Said Eff, smiling "oh really, are you busy during the night?" asked shore, looking over his square sun glasses. "I have to check." Said Eff, who was thankful the store was dark as to hide his growing blush. Shore laughed "see ya in 2 day, Sam!" Eff was already out the door.

This chapter makes me laugh so hard for somew reason. Shore is based on a real person but I won't say who. tell me what you think, I eat flames but good ones make me write faster. I can always use ideas too.