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Set after Birthmark.


Solitude. She savored the feeling of her own company as the blackness of her room greeted her opened lids. Nothing but darkness... matching her soul... if such a thing existed within her.

A knock came from the opposite side of the bedroom.

Raven cast one violet eye to her left, and muttered, "You have five seconds to state your business; if you're Beast Boy, prepared to be fried."

"It's Robin."

Her eyelids trembled as they closed. Slightly confused on why her breathing had quickened, Raven said in her monotone voice, "What do you want?"

"Well, I... I was wondering…."

He was clearing his throat. Time to play smooth leader.

"Actually, we- the team, I mean- were wondering if you'd like to come out with us tonight. We were thinking of going dancing in Jump City and than having dinner. Starfire-"

She responded mildly with a "I don't dance."

"C'mon, Raven. You've been held up in your room for weeks. The last time I remember you doing that was because of Malchior."

"Robin, I told you already that I would not come with. Go away before I knock you several centuries out of your way."

There was only eerie silence at this but she knew that Robin hadn't left. She could still feel his presence hovering by her steel door. The beeping of buttons echoed through her hollowed space. Someone pressing a code. Her head snapped up.

'He wouldn't dare.'

The beep-beep-beep continued and Raven's eyes widened a little further.

The bastard. The entire and complete bastard. What nerve could possibly possess him to break into the shelter of her room? Her room was sacred. Her own. No one else's. No one had permission on any account to enter this God-forsaken vacuum.

She hoped he enjoyed waking up without any arms.

'Azarath…Metrion…Zinthos… focus, Raven… Azarath…Metrion…..'

The steel door slid open and Robin stood in her doorway. She climbed off her bed and clenched her fists, several of the nearby books glowing a black color. "What do you think you're doing?"

His masked eyes stared directly at her. He said nothing.

"What are you, deaf and stupid?" She asked soullessly.

"No, but I wish you would talk to me about whatever is bothering you. It's written all over your face, Raven." She was momentarily startled by this statement. Raven had been meditating all these weeks... How could she be showing emotion? It was impossible.

Robin frowned, creating a crease in his forehead. "You don't trust me enough, do you? Was it something to do with Slade? You never really told us what happened to you that night."

She found her voice. "I don't have to explain myself to you."

"Raven, talk to me. We could figure it out together."

Her lip curled. "Right. I already have 'figured it out', and believe me, you wouldn't want to know the entirety of it. Once you know, you can't go back." He crossed his long arms at her stubbornly. "I'm going to have to hurt you for coming into my room, you realize that, right?"

He actually smirked. "Technically, I never set a foot on the carpet. I only opened the door."

Raven mentally sighed.

'Damn it all.'

"I'll tell Star to find an outfit," he said, before turning away from the bedroom entrance.

She was very tempted to lift her desk and throw it at the back of his head, but instead she returned to her bed and floated gently above it.

'stupid boy... Zinthos…Azarath…Metrion…Zinthos…'


A/N: I never thought I'd be writing a TT fanfic. Well, it's my first one and I'm pretty fond of the RaeRob pairing but flexible with RobStar and RaeBB. This is a RaeRob and focusing on mostly them. I'm ignoring 'The Prophecy' and kinda making my own thing. Hey, it's fan fiction right? Sorry it was so short; it's a bad habit. I hope you enjoyed the first chapter, Teen Titans fans!