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The vehicles got home in good condition, Cyborg's leg was repaired, and Starfire's face was healed. Once Raven came out of a grim trance, she floated the Titan's bodies back to the Tower, placing them into the safety of their own rooms. Slade's body was handed over to the police... whether this was his end was unanswered, at least to her.

She left Beast Boy's room after mending his arms that were broken in three places (how she found the energy to do all of this was a enigma to her) and finally rested against the large bay window in the front room. The moonlight on the sea was too beautiful to watch with a numbed vision.

Raven pressed her forehead against the cool glass and would have fell asleep there if the doors nearby hadn't opened with a loud swoosh. She didn't bother to move any part of her except her left hand that gently touched the person standing close by. "Mmm…" she observed, "cape….. mask… I'm sure I know this person…" His vague laugh was sweet, sweet music to her ears tonight.

Robin sat down and rubbed her exposed shoulder, thinking that she needed comfort. "Rumor is that you got your powers back."

"For the moment," she replied.


"I felt something. Before I knew it, Slade was crushed. I think I've got my powers for good this time."

Robin inquired, "Why aren't you asleep?"

"I should be." She peeled her face off from the glass, glancing at him with slight concern. "Are you alright?"

"I can take a hit, or several in this case," he joked, flashing his trademark smirk. She began giggling, then covered it up by coughing.

"...I think I'm sleep-deprived."

Robin shrugged. "It's nice to hear you laugh. Like in Gotham."

"I never said sorry-"

"You don't have to be, Raven." His tone was slightly icy.

The empath winced at it. He said softly, trying to cover his slip up, "I talked to Star."

"About what?"

"I broke it off."

Her mouth dropped open. "...You can't," she said. "I didn't want to hurt Starfire-"

Robin cut her off, "You have no say in this. You really don't. We both decided that maybe it was time to reconsider our relationship. I'll always love Starfire at the bottom of my heart and she's one of my best friends... but she can't fill the space that's been taken recent by someone else."

She flushed painfully dark.

"But, she can't forget when a boy breaks up with her," Raven insisted. "You were her first boyfriend here... and now Starfire will hate me."

He said exasperated, "Raven, she doesn't hate you. I know she doesn't."

"She might not hate me but she won't forgive me…"

Robin blinked and then smiled unexpectedly.

"I like the outfit."

He had noticed when the light hit her that she was wearing one of Starfire's shirts and his green leotard bottoms. The result of her temporary sanity loss earlier. Her face became so heated that he could feel it. "Um…" She cleared her throat nervously. "...um, I think you and I have a similar built."

"It suits you."

He smirked at her obvious embarrassment, but she didn't cover herself with her cloak that was within easy reach. She retaliated, "So, Dick, what are we suppose to do about us?"


"That's your name, isn't it? I heard Bruce Wayne say it, everyone did... I guess I'm the only one who wants to use it."

His face turned serious as he took her by the shoulders.

"I'm not Dick, I'm Robin. That's what Bruce calls me, people who knew me in the past called me that."

Raven said understandingly, "I won't call you Dick," she added furtively,."But you'll change your mind."

With a swift hand, she undid his mask. He closed his eyes immediately to that. Raven would catch him with them open one day. She was confident. Gently and tentatively, Raven leaned forward to kissed his eyelids before slipping his mask back into place. It gave her an expression that he was shocked to the core.

That's when hot breath tickled her ear.

"I'm looking forward to our future."

Raven felt the sensation of his warm mouth pressed against hers. And just like that, it was gone.



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