I growl in frustration, combing the black hair die into my white streak, an annoying thing I have to do every friggin morning just because Lykouleon wants me to fit in. Well, Raseleane wants me to fit in, too, but she can be easily ignored.

It isn't my fault I'm a suicidal, psychotic maniac. In fact, if I had any say at all, I'd say it was my father's.

Of course, people believe I can't remember my father, and I prefer it that way. From what I've heard, they know that he'd been doing research on DNA, trying to make the perfect human or something. If they knew I actually know everything, that I have a perfect memory (Photographic, perfect, whatever -- it's all the same.) from the day I was given a brain, still in the test-tube, the government might come back to check up on me.

They haven't done that in years, but you never know.

I laugh to myself; that same, bitter laugh I use for everything, as though the world is laughing at me and I know it. I'd just been so cute and . . . believable when I was younger.

I can still catch people off guard and make myself cute occasionally, but I no longer do it all the time.

I snort to myself, trying to get the fumes out of my nose as I exit my private bathroom.

I know my father isn't really dead. I've seen him at the park, white hair glaring as his helper carried his two physically/mentally-enhanced birds. Kharl would always stop, turning to me, and then smile, watching his creation stop to study him.

The last time that happened I'd killed one of his birds.

Kharl left me alone after that, and I couldn't help but give myself a pat on the back at the crushed face of my father.

Fire and Light are sitting on my bed, mewling for food. My bitter smile softens into a real one as I change the cat's water and food, checking the kittens.

Earth is sleeping, Wind cocks his head to the side and blinks, and Water is trying to pounce on Earth's tail(. . . and he's usually so uptight . . .).

I used to have a Dark, too, just to even things out, but he'd somehow wandered outside and never returned.

I pick up my backpack, running down the stairs and passing the boarders in a blur.

Lykouleon doesn't actually need to make extra money, but he has a kind heart and lets those who want to use his house as a home . . . as long as they pay a small fee.

A very small fee.

I skid to a stop outside the kitchen. I always run past the boarders. A previous one had tried to befriend me and ended up in the hospital.

I hadn't meant to do that, but the man questioned me about my father.

I know their names, at least. Rune, Thatz, Gil, and Bierrez. The one with long hair . . . Rune, I think, (I thought he was gay before learning about his girlfriend in a coma back home) had once tried to talk to me. He never tried it afterward as all I would do was throw books at him every time he opened his mouth.

I learned an important lesson that day. Never get on the bad side of Rune.

I open a drawer, scattering the silverware every-which-way in an attempt to find a spoon.

We have millions of dollars, and don't have a thingy to separate silverware.


The door opens behind me and I tense, tightening my grip on a butter knife.

"Hey, could you get us some bowls?"

Oh. Thatz.

I fix a disarming smile on my face, reaching into a cupboard and taking out six bowls, two spoons in hand.

I turn around, still with that same smile. I'm sure Rune's mouth is dislocated as it hit the floor. I pass out the bowls, handing one to Kaistern the others haven't noticed is behind them.

He smiles at me too, his glasses hanging off his shirt. "Thanks, Rath," he mutters, walking with me to the dining room. Alfeegi and Ruwalk are already there, talking with Tetheus about Lykouleon's obvious spiral into self hatred.

I feel a sick sense of pride before squashing it down. Even I can disgust myself sometimes.

"I think it all has to do with not being able to give Raseleane a child," says Alfeegi, flicking back his long hair.

Tetheus glowers. "It has more to do with Nadil." Such a grouch!

The boarders are behind us, and they've never heard me talk before. Nobody really has, but I don't think they know that. They'll probably want me to join in on their conversation.

I pour in Coco-Puffs, handing it off to Bierrez without a second's thought. He seems surprised that I know he likes them (since I've never had breakfast with them before), but takes them all the same.

Fire and Light are rubbing against my leg. I pick them up and put them on the table, rubbing their ears around their heads. They purr gratefully, sniffing around my bowl for the milk. I push it slightly away from myself and they lap at it gratefully.

I lean back in my chair, waiting for the explosion.

Waiting. . . .

Waiting. . . .


Ah, there we go.

I open my eyes, smiling that same disarming smile.

"WHAT ARE CATS DOING ON THE -ACHOO!- TABLE!" Alfeegi yells, slamming his hands on the table.

Ruwalk tries to calm him down. "N-Now Alfeegi, it's not all that bad-"

"IT'S A CAT! I'M ALLERGIC!" Alfeegi scuttles away from the table, sneezing all the way.

I smile.

Ruwalk sighs, looking at me. "Rath, please put the cats on the ground."

I pretend not to hear him, choosing instead to walk away, picking up my backpack on the way out. The cats follow anyway, and I hear Ruwalk and Kaistern sigh in relief.

They follow all the way outside. I veer off the path, going to Crewgers little home off to the side.

The doghouse is big enough for him, and he's rather huge. I can walk through the door barely bending down. I scratch Crewger's head and he makes a noise in the back of his throat. He tries to roll over, but the chain is wrapped around his legs and he falls instead.

I snicker to myself, helping him up.

He glares.

"Sorry, Crewger," I say in a low voice. He seems to accept this and bends over to stretch. I turn back to the cats. "Keep him company while I'm gone."

I swear they roll their eyes.

I walk across the garden again, coming to a stop in front of a white van, big for transportation of ten people.

The boarders came in the middle of summer, and today is the first day of school. Last year only Thatz was here, and he's a pretty good guy. A little lazy, but he never really bothers me, so he's okay.

Kaistern wanders outside, clicking that little clicker-button-thingy that unlocks the doors to the limousine-like van. I slide into the passenger seat, letting the boarders arrange themselves behind me. Kaistern buckles up, turning halfway around to smile at them. "Ready to go?" They give noises of consent.

He turns back around, looking at me out of the corner of his eye as he slowly backs up, trying to gouge whether I'm ready for today or not. I can't blame him. Last year I went crazy in the cafeteria on the first day.

Once again, not really my fault.

I feel almost sorry for him. He's always chosen to represent me in school. I suppose you could call him my mini-lawyer. He must hate me by now, but maybe he doesn't. I don't know. I know I hate him, but I'm not known for being able to read other people. I can't even tell what I'm thinking sometimes.

. . . But I don't think he knows what I'm thinking, either, because I'm smiling like no tomorrow.

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