Okay, I've watched Teen Titans for like a month now and I must say they have the most interesting villains I've ever seen in my life. I especially like the HIVE. That's just me, but I've also noticed, NO ONE WRITES ABOUT THEM! I was figuring someone needs to do SOMETHING. So rather than waiting on my ass; I decided to take an active role. So I did and thus this story was born. If I make any big error, (and I almost know I will) point it out to me, but don't be an ass about it.

Summery: During a mission, Jinx gets bit by a strange dog. It didn't seem to do anything to her, but why is there now a dog roaming the HIVE Academy during the full moon?

Genre: Horror/Mystery/Supernatural/Romance and a pinch of Humor

Rating: T

Parings: Well, it's going to be a pretty main part of the story, so I figured I'd give you a heads up. There will be Jinx/Gizmo. (Gets hit with rotten tomatoes.) Damn you all!

Disclaimer: I don't own anything. If I did, Jinx and Gizmo would be a couple. (Gets hit with more tomatoes.) Where do they keep getting them from?

Tsutanai Waaurufu

Chapter 1


&#&(#$$ THE HIVE &#&(#$$

The HIVEs three top students walked through the hallway towards the main door, talking amongst themselves. They were recently assigned to steal a very valuable diamond from the Jump City Museum. Reaching their destination, the only girl among them smiled and said, "Good thing it's a nice night. The moon's full and there's not a cloud in the sky. I didn't know our luck could be that good."

The smallest of the trio rolled his eyes, "Luck, shmuck! Jinx, the weatherman's been saying tonight was going to be clear for a week. That's why we're stealing the diamond tonight."

"Gizmo…" Jinx groaned. "Just because you don't believe in luck doesn't mean it doesn't exist. After all, how would my powers work if luck didn't exist?"

The tallest spoke up next. "Guys, let's not fight. Jinx's jubaku blades must have some basis in luck, otherwise they wouldn't work right. And Gizmo's right; the weatherman did say tonight was a clear night…"

"Mammoth, for someone who could probably snap us in half, you are way to peaceful," Jinx said with a smile.

"Let's stop talking; I want to be able to get home early so I can, I don't know, do a little thing I like to call 'sleep'!" Gizmo said frustrated.

Jinx laughed at her short friend. "Hai. Let's go."

The three set off to the museum jumping (and in Gizmo's case, flying) from rooftop to rooftop until they landed on the museum's roof. "Alright," Jinx said, "you guys are going to stay up here and watch my back. Radio me if you see something." She jumped down off the roof and landed in an ally on all fours, looking almost cat like.

Jinx started to walk to the mouth of the ally, when she heard a slight growling sound from behind her. Her radio crackled. "Jinx here. What's up? Over." she said into it.

"Jinx," Gizmo said into his radio on top of the roof, "my scanners are picking up a life form in that ally. Watch yourself. Over."

"Yeah, I think I heard it a bit ago. I think it was… growling. Over."

"Growling? No it couldn't have been. It looks human on my scanners. Over."

"I'll check it out, then. Don't worry; I can handle myself. Over." With that Jinx put her radio back on her belt and walked towards the sound. A big black dog jumped out from behind a trashcan and growled louder at the strange intruder. "Don't worry, big fella. I'm not going to hurt you…" It growled even louder and started to bare its teeth at Jinx. "Don't worry. I'm friendly." The dog barked a dangerous warning at her. Jinx backed away from it, her fear that it would try to bite her becoming more and more of a possibility.

Hearing the bark, Gizmo radioed Jinx again. "Jinx? Are you there? Jinx!"

"What's going on, Gizmo?" Mammoth said looking worried.

"I'm not sure…" The duo heard another bark this time with rapid footsteps. Then a high-pitched scream. Jinx's scream. Gizmo jumped down off the roof, landing with much less grace (read: on his ass). He ran over to see the dog biting Jinx's slender neck. Gizmo grabbed a stick laying near-by and threw it at the creature, causing it to run off. "Jinx. Are you okay?"

"Stupid question," she whispered.

"Good point. We need to get you back home so someone can look at your neck. Do you think you can walk?" He realized that his question fell on deaf ears for Jinx had fallen unconscious from the lack of blood.

"Guys!" Mammoth said from the museum roof. "Titans at 10 o'clock!"

"Damn it!" Thinking quickly, Gizmo lifted Jinx off the ground and called back up to Mammoth. "Hey! I can't carry her very quickly, you'll need to do it!" Mammoth jumped down into the ally and grabbed Jinx from Gizmo's arms.

"Please, strange bald midget and giant man with huge hair, give me back whomever you are kidnapping so we can bring her to her rightful home," Starfire said to Gizmo and Mammoth.

"We're not kidnapping anyone, damn it!" Seconds after he had said that, the other four Titans had surrounded him and Mammoth.

"Titans, go!" Robin said charging at the Mammoth, drawing his Bo staff. Before he could strike Mammoth, Gizmo tackled him.

"I already told you! We're not doing anything illegal! Now, if you want Jinx to -" That's when realization sunk in. If he didn't act fast enough, Jinx would die. "Look, I need you to trust me."

"Why should we trust you?" Cyborg yelled at Gizmo. "You stole my car, you sick son of a bitch!"

"Hey! I also saved your life! You owe me a favor!" Gizmo's voice softened. "Please." Tears formed in his eyes. "If you don't let us leave, Jinx will die."

"Dude!" Beastboy said bursting out into laughter. "You soooooo have a crush on her!"

Raven rolled her eyes and used her powers to put Beastboy in a sound proof shield. "I'm very sorry about him. We're considering getting him neutered if this behavior keeps up." Beastboy paled and started banging on the sides of the shield.

Gizmo, who was bright red by this point in time, sighed and said, "Look, just let me and Mammoth go! This is important; just go home to your giant T!"

"Robin, we should help them!" Starfire said.

"Star? I don't know if that's a good idea…" He replied.

"If we do not help them, they will end up like Romeo and Juliet!"

"And the alien reads Shakespeare," Gizmo said rolling his eyes. "C'mon Mammoth; we don't have time for this!" He grabbed Mammoth's arm and started leading him down the ally at a shocking speed.

"Best of luck, love-sick midget!" Starfire said waving at the duo as they left.

&#&(#$$ JINX'S MIND &#&(#$$

Another bark and another one of the infinite black dogs leapt at Jinx's lithe form. She did a backhand spring and shot a jubaku blade at it, a making it melt and bubble into a puddle of black ooze. Another dog attempted the same, reaching the same fate. Damn it! When will these things end?

A larger dog stepped forward and smiled wickedly. It stood up onto its back legs and spoke to Jinx. "You cannot fight us for long, girl. You will become one of us. You will become a werewolf like us, and you will kill the one person on this miserable planet that you care for." I can't do it! I can't kill - "You can and will, girl! He's not as strong as you are now, what makes you think he can stand up to you as a hideous beast?"

No. Please no. Help me… "Nothing can save you now!" The dogs moved into a circle, surrounding Jinx, who curled into the fetal position and burst out sobbing. The dogs cackled and leapt at her all at once engulfing her in an inky blackness.

&#&(#$$ AUTHOR'S NOTE &#&(#$$

I'm sure many of you are confused as to why I made the Teen Titans a bunch of insolent pricks. This is my reasoning: they are. The more in depth version of my reasoning: Due to the fact that this is a story centered around the HIVE, the Teen Titans need to be more 'bad-guy ish'. I.E. Rather then helping Gizmo, Jinx and Mammoth (like I'm sure they would in the actual show if this happened), they decided to just let them leave. Also, considering the fact that they won't be here that often, they are going to be the official 'Humor Mongers'. They'll supply the comic relief, unlike in the show where that's Gizmo's job.

While on the subject of Gizmo, did you notice something majorly different about the way he talks? I'm sure you did. I'm positive you did. Knowing that, I wanted to say this actually doesn't take place in the 'here and now' of Jump City, so to speak. This could be in some strange dimension where the writers aren't as retarded and don't try to curse any way they can. Or it could take place one, two years in the future when Gizmo's a bit more mature. You decide.

About Mammoth, I figured he can't be all big, bad, and tough all the time, so I made him about as meek as a rabbit, but with the power of a tank. (A tabbit?)

I know for a fact that I didn't put a lot of detail into what the inside of Jinx's head looked like. But I picture it being pure white, no definite floor, ceiling, or walls. But now that she's been bitten, it's starting to get blacker and darker because of the presence of those black dogs. Also in the following chapters, Jinx will start going crazy (not like Beastboy crazy, like Raven when Trigon was in her mind crazy) so I also wanted to say the more she fights the werewolf-ness (black dogs) the worse her mental state gets because of the black ooze that just stays in her mind.

Language issues! I happen to know Japanese and I like to use words in my writing. So I'll give you a dictionary for the words I use.

Hai Yes (I used it like the word 'yeah' but same idea)

Jubaku Curse; Spell (so jubaku blades are Jinx's powers, get it?)

Mangetsu Full moon (which is why the chapter's named that)

Tsutanai Waaurufu Unlucky werewolf (get it?)

I'd love to get a review so I can fix things I screwed up on and (better yet) people who say they like it and want me to update. . 'Till next time!

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