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Tsutanai Waaurufu

Chapter 7

Kieuseru, Masuta!

!$$$ TITANS TOWER !$$$

"Okay," Gizmo said to his temporary team, "We need Jinx, A, alive, and B, as a werewolf. She'll need to be standing still while I perform the incantation. Everybody got it?" He was answered by affirmative nods. "Alright, we just need one more person…"

!$$$ HIVE !$$$

Mammoth snapped his head up at the familiar sound of his communicator going off. Who could be calling me? He flicked it open revealing the face of his deceased friend. "Gizmo?"

"Who where you expecting, Gandhi?" the face replied.

"Oh my God. I've gone insane with grief."

"Why would talking to me make you insane?"

"We tho- You're dead!"

"I am not dead!"

"Yes, you are; Jinx said you died."

"No, Jinx thought I died. See, she's a werewolf."

After a long pause Mammoth screamed, "What are you talking about!"

"It's kind of a long story…"

!$$$ A WHILE LATER !$$$

"… Do you believe me now?"

"I want to, man… I really do. But… It just seems too far-fetched to be true…"

"Would you rather me be dead; Or would you like to help me turn Jinx back to normal?"

"Jinx just left, Giz… She just said she was going 'Out'. You'll never find her…"

Gizmo was silent for a while and then said, "Yes, we will. These communicators have a tracking device built in; We just need your help, Mammoth."

"Point me in the right direction! We gonna open up a can of whoop-ass on that basterd!"

!$$$ AN ALLEY !$$$

"Don't cry, girl. It's not becoming, you know…" Masuta growled to his head, where Jinx lay dormant.

Another tear rushed down her face, I can't help it… You killed him… I- I loved him!

"I know you did, dear. That's what makes my life so enjoyable…"

"Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but…" Masuta whirled his body around to see a boy. The boy was no taller than he, but he seemed to have a glowing pink aura surrounding him. Masuta knew who this was; he knew far too well.

"You! I killed you. Go away; I care not for specters."

"I'm no ghost… Masuta."

"Clever; How do you know my name?"

"A friend told me about you… She knows much about creatures, such as yourself…"

"And who is this… Friend?"

"Azerath Metrion Zinthos!" An inky black reiki grasped around the canine's lithe form.

"Nice timing, Raven."

"Thank you. Now! Say the incantation before he breaks free!" As if on cue the magenta wolf leapt out of the reiki's hold. With a howl, a group of black dogs came and surrounded Raven, distracting her from unleashing another spell on Masuta.

"It'll take more than a few magic tricks to stop me, boy."

"Hah!" A green light whizzed past Masuta's ear, burning it slightly. Another few Starbolts were fired (and expertly dodged), as Starfire landed next to Gizmo. "Do not worry; I can handle him!" Starfire flew head-on as the wolf howled again, summoning another group of dogs to hold off his attacker.

A green wolf rushed at the pink one, trying to bite Masuta to immobilize it for a time. But each time, Beastboy missed by mere inches. Masuta leapt back and howled once again, trapping Beastboy in a circle of black werewolves.

A lanky dark-haired boy ran at the wolf, drawing a long staff. Masuta managed to dodge most of the expertly done attacks. Robin threw a Birdarang at his opponent, striking Masuta's shoulder, causing a stream of blood to trickle down his arm. ("We're not trying to kill her, damn it!") Masuta contemplated attacking this… nuisance, but, no. This boy isn't my villain; the young one is! With another howl, another group of dogs trapped Robin.

"Looks like it's my turn," A deep voice said, walking up to Gizmo's side. An aqua colored laser shot out of Cyborg's arm, causing Masuta to get knocked into the back of the alley. "Now, man!" But before Gizmo could start saying the incantation, the wolf got to his feet and howled. With Cyborg trapped, Gizmo hoped Mammoth would arrive soon.

Masuta advanced at Gizmo, a low growl barely auditable above the Titans' various war cries. Suddenly, Masuta stopped and in Jinx's normal voice said, "Gizmo, Mammoth!" Gizmo looked over; Mammoth was indeed standing next to him. "Attack pattern Epsilon!" Masuta took back over, and lunged at the duo, who dodged. Mammoth grabbed the wolf by the hind-legs and hoisted Masuta into his arms.

"Giz! Now!"

"Man refuse the beast

Beast leave this man

Rejoin your family

Return to your pack

Return your home

Return to the wild

Break this bond

Refuse this joining

Spirit of Evil depart

Eyes of darkness turn away

One becomes two

And go your separate ways!"

A pink light engulfed the alley, a defining scream coming from Masuta and the other wolves. The sound faded and the only people left were the Titans, Mammoth, an exhausted Gizmo, and in the middle of it all, Jinx, looking as beautiful and cat-like as before.

"Come," Raven said walking over to Jinx. "We should make sure the incantation worked."

"Mmhmm," Jinx mused.

!$$$ TITANS TOWER !$$$

"Well, you seem to be fine," Cyborg said as Jinx sat up on her bed.

"Thanks Cy…" Jinx said with a small blush.

"No, problem…"

Gizmo turned around and started to walk off, not wanted to be a bother to the 'happy couple'.

"Gizmo, wait!" Jinx called from her bed. He only started to run.

Arriving in the main room, Raven addressed him by saying, "Did you tell her you love her?"

"I couldn't. She looked so happy with Cyborg… I wish them many happy years… Together…"

"But I don't love him," Jinx said from behind him.

Gizmo turned around to face her. "You don't?"

"No; I love you." With that, Jinx kneeled on the floor and kissed her friend.

Starfire, who had been watching the whole thing, turned to Robin and followed Jinx's example.

Beastboy made a gagging noise and left with a bouquet of roses to bring to Terra's statue.

"I'm going to run off and get a bite to eat," Mammoth said to anyone who cared to listen.

With a sigh, Cyborg sat on the couch next to Raven and said, "Looks like everyone has someone, but us."

Cyborg turned to Raven. And Raven turned to Cyborg. "Don't. Even. Think. About it."


"Who the fuck came up with this ending!"

!$$$ AUTHOR'S NOTE !$$$

Ah! It's over! OMG! I know that was a really weird way to end it… But I actually couldn't think of anything better… (Sweat drop)


Kieuseru, Masuta! (Die, Masuta!)

Reiki (Aura)

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