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It had been millions of years since Zophar's assault and defeat on Lunar, and all knowledge of him had long since been lost. Magic existed only in fantasy books and movies. Humanity now relied heavily on technology and science to get them through life. There were still many good humans, but humanity had begun to fall prey to greed and corruption.

Ghaleon thought about this as he looked down at the city called New York. It amazed him how the humans had changed since his time. He was curious of the new inventions made since he had last left the world of the living and found himself wanting to try them. He sighed and shook his head. He could think about technology later. If they reached the girl and told her who she was before he could, all hope of accomplishing his goal would be lost.

Sighing, Ghaleon went into the city and began his search.

Even though she knew she should be sleeping, Phara found herself unable to do so. She sat looking out the window of the hotel, worrying about the girl.

She had been searching for her for several days now and had almost found her. She had managed to figure out her name, Alena, but she hadn't yet found where she lived.

She would find her soon, though... but would she be in time? She had to be found before Ghaleon reached her. Otherwise...

Phara shivered. She didn't want to think about what would happen if she failed.