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Ship: Blaise/Hermione

Genre: Drama/Romance

Chapter Twenty: Love's Labors Loss


It had been two weeks since the attack, and Hermione was visiting Blaise at St. Mungo's. The curse had affected him, he had been near death, but he was alive, and that was the only thing that mattered.

"Blaise," Hermione smiled, running over to his side and giving him a quick kiss. "Oh, Blaise…"

"I'm getting out today," Blaise told her proudly, grinning. "Healer Thumpkin said it was alright."

"Awesome." Hermione told him. "I am very glad."

And she was. The last two weeks at Hogwarts had been awful. With the return of Dumbledore and the death of the Transfiguration teacher and assistant Headmistress, along with Jorge Zabini's death, the school had been in terror. Luckily, it had quieted down. Hermione hated being locked up in that dorm by herself. But now that Blaise was coming back, things would finally begin to lighten up.

"Do you want to help me pack?" Blaise asked her, snapping her back to the present. Hermione nodded. Blaise rose off his bed and stood up. He was still weak from the curse, and Thumpkin said he might never be the same energetic Quidditch-playing teenager again. But Hermione didn't care. As long as he was the same Blaise Zabini she fell in love with she would never care.

And she had no idea how much that meant to Blaise.


He looked up from his bed. It had been exactly two weeks since Blaise had left and his father had been killed. Exactly two weeks since the day Draco met Lord Voldemort face-to-face to receive his Dark Mark.

Lord Voldemort had given him two orders; orders that Draco knew he could perform easily and with flair.

Give this ring to Blaise Zabini.

The ring was interesting, silver, with an emerald incrusted in the middle. It was old and chipped in places, but just holding it in his hand made him feel powerful; he was a Death Eater, and he was fulfilling Lord Voldemort's, the greatest wizard to ever walk the Earth, orders. He had been warned not to wear the ring at all.

The second was simple.

Play dumb with Hermione Granger… And then kill her when she least expects it.

Draco smiled at this one. So Granger was a mudblood, but she wasn't ugly. If she was in Slytherin, he might have dated her- if she didn't turn out to be such a know it all.

But she had no idea about her and Blaise's fate.


Allowing herself to accept everything that had happened was hard; but realizing the harm it did to Harry was even harder. He had murdered someone, and it had taken a toll on him. He had stopped talking, and he had stopped smiling… He hadn't even kissed her in the last two weeks. Something had to be done.

And for the first time, Ginny realized she wasn't the one to do it.

Harry had to solve this problem. And he had to solve it alone.


Minerva McGonagall's funeral took place the day after Blaise returned from St. Mungo's.

The attendance was wild- the entire Hogwarts population and many from Hogsmeade and London. Dumbledore spread her ashes into the wind, the way McGonagall had always wanted, to be free.

It rained the entire time. Hermione and Blaise sat next to each other, holding hands, somber and solemn, respectful as was expected. Thankful that they were alive and together.

Ginny and Harry sat next to them, stiff and quiet. Harry could barely think. Ginny looked uncomfortable.

Pansy sat next to Blaise, but next to her was Ron. They had been holding hands through the entire ceremony like Blaise and Hermione.

Draco Malfoy was not present.

The death of a teacher never affected him.

Like he cared, anyway.

And throughout the entire funeral, it rained.