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Finding My Way Back To You

It had been a week... and there was nothing I could think about anymore. Sitting, thinking about what had happened. We hadn't even been gone that long, but it happened soon enough, too soon. Too soon for anyone. Not for Vlad though… Vlad who was laughing when he found me crying over the top of Danny, lying there motionless. But Vlad to me, wasn't anyone, just an evil spirit, that is all he was. When I got up after he had tormented me for a few minutes to attack him, he disappeared, and I hadn't seen him since.

I still felt like I could have done something. There was something I could have done, I just know it. I knew there could have been a way for me to have prevented all of it from happening. But no, there wasn't a reason I could have thought of when it happened. I wished he wouldn't have come to save me, now I was more miserable then ever since he had left. I would have rather died, so that at least he could be alive, and I wouldn't have to go through the misery. Danny was put through a lot before he died to, which wasn't fair to him.

"Sam! Dinner hun!" I heard my helper call to me as she opened up my door. Yes, my helper. My mom put me in a facility for people that had people pass away, and couldn't deal with it. I only had a week left, and then my mom was going to take me out and try again with the outside world for me. Although, I didn't like either. Returning back to Amity was just going to arise all of the thoughts of Danny and I. I could never forget Danny though, and all those memories traveled with me everywhere I went. These people here tried to make me forget, which really wasn't helping at all. They told my mom that I needed to stay in a few more months, but my mom said she would let me try.

The other people here had seen deaths, but I knew none of them had seen what I had. None of them had to hear the person scream as the plummeted down the side of a cliff, or have to watch as Vlad carried him out of the pit, all torn up to pieces.

I could feel a tear streak down my face, and I let my hands hang loose, after I realized I was squeezing them together, in a fist. I was angry with not only Vlad, but also myself. I sat up, and walked to the doorway, where she greeted me. We all had out own rooms, and we were to stay there, until we were called to something. We weren't allowed to leave, so your helper was outside the door, or they locked you up at night. I had never attempted to escape, no matter how much I hated the place.

"Are you Ok hun?" She asked me, and attempted to take my hand, but I pulled away from her, I hated it when they treated you like a little kid.

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be?" I exaggerated, and looked to the ground. My hair was hanging in my face, but I chose to not pay attention to it. It was better for me to not be able to see people, or anything around me. Everything now was harder than ever for me. These people would never leave me alone, and I had put up fights with them a million times, and they even called me dangerous, so I was stuck down a separate hall from the people that were just going through hard times. I was stuck down the "insane" isle, which I found offending. I wasn't insane, except, they thought I was, when I started to talk to them about Danny…

"Sam, did something else happen? Is there anything you would like to talk to me about?" She asked me, and images shot back into my head. I closed my eyes, and shook them out. Jazz always had asked Danny that, always. He hated that question.

"No… Mind your own business Jazz," I said, thinking of what he said, and then I realized what I had done, "No…"

"What was that all about?" She asked, stopping me in the hallway. I turned to look at her, but my eyes still stared at the ground, afraid to look at her.

"Nothing… Just memories," I said, and tried to start walking again, but she opened up the door next to us, and we stepped inside. The room was a familiar surrounding, with just a table in it, with chairs surrounding it, all of them made of a dark, smooth wood. I took a seat irritated, since they always had to pry into your life, and what was going on. Just like Danny… he didn't like to get his life pried into either.

"Sam, now will you talk to me about this? Tell me where this came from?"

"Danny used to get bugged by his sister, Ok? I don't want to talk about it."

"Sam, you need to talk about it, or your not going to lunch."

"Why should I care? Starve me, like I really care," I said, but then froze, and images came back into my head again. Danny had gotten extremely skinny, did I want to look like that?

"Sam, are you OK?"

"YES! Can you just LEAVE ME ALONE!" I yelled at her, and sat up from the table, but she grabbed for my arm, and I ripped it away, causing her nails to dig into my skin, and I got a cut from it. I didn't care though. The whole reason why I was put here was because of cuts. I cut my wrists the day after Danny had left. It didn't really hurt, it felt more like comfort, even though before, I thought that was a crazy thing to do. But now though, when I did it, it was a comfort, and caused no pain at all.

"I'm so sorry hun. Are you Ok? I will go get you a Band-Aid," she said, and rushed out of the room. I looked down at my wrists, the scars that were left on both of them from before. What was I turning into? Before I was taken here, I had those sweat bracelets, that had all the sudden become a hit again, with skulls on them around my wrists to not let people see them, but when I was moved into here, I had to take off all jewelry, and switch into their boring clothes. The reason being is they didn't want me to have one way to kill myself. They even said that they would shove a tube down my throat before I starved to death.

"Here, put this on," she said, handing me a Band-Aid after she had returned all the sudden. I didn't even lift my hand up to grab it, I didn't care if I was bleeding, and to me, that seemed like she was telling me to put it on, not offering. I didn't like it when they told me to do things, they weren't the boss of me.

"Sam, please cooperate. You only have a week left here, it isn't that bad. Besides, if we get in all the help possible this week, then maybe you will feel a lot better."

"Would you feel a lot better? If you watched your friend die right in front of your eyes, would you feel better? If you watched him fall off a bridge, would you feel better? If you could still hear the screams in your head, would you feel better?" I asked, but could barely get it all out, because tears were streaming down my face again, and I felt like needing someone. Danny.. That is who I needed. He had always been there for me, and I felt as though he always would be, and he even told me that. So far though, he has done nothing for me, but I don't blame him.

"Sam, you can get better from this. We will help you make it through this, Ok?"
"NO, it isn't OK! It isn't FINE! You know what? Can't you just fucking leave me alone!"
"Now, Sam, you need to settle down," she cautioned, slowly backing away from me.

"DO you think I'm dangerous? Why are you scared of me? I'm harmless…"

"I know you are Sam, but you have been known to get out of control hun."

"Could you please stop calling me hun? That is so frickin annoying."

"Look Sam, I will take you to lunch, but please remember, I will try and talk to you later. You will also be talking in your groups, so you can maybe get some things out there, Ok?"
"Whatever. I wish you people could just leave me alone," I cried, and wiped the tears away from my already tear stained face. My eyes were still watery, but I managed to hold the tears back.

She walked towards the door, and opened it up, allowing me to slip through it, and out into the halls again.

Once in the lunchroom, I was given a salad, since that was all I would eat that they had to offer. I sat there and poked at it, like I did every day, knowing that even though I was hungry, I couldn't eat. Something wouldn't let me, maybe because I wanted to go through what Danny had to.

"You need to eat Samantha," she told me, and my fury swept up again from it's settled position.

"I hate being called Samantha, Ok? Danny was the only one that could call me that, and he still didn't. You don't have anywhere near the rights he did!"
"Sam… Please settle down."

"You say that all the time! Don't you have a wider vocabulary?"
"Yes, I do. I just don't know what to say to you. Maybe we should call up the groups, and get into them now. I think you need to talk again. It will help you, I promise.

"Fine, Whatever."

She took me down to a room, where I sat, and waited for the other five people that were in my group, one of which was trying to get over the loss of her dog, and had no clue what I was going through. She thought we were all nuts over crying about people dying.

"All right, I have called this because I think Sam needs to talk to us," she said, and sat down in the corner, with a notebook in front of her, where she could write down what the group talked about, and the stuff that went on.

All eyes were locked on me, but unlike normally, I didn't feel the least bit nervous, because I was mad at all of them for even looking at me. I was the youngest one in the room, and the rest of them were at least 30 and older. They should have a teen group, because I knew of other teens in the building that I had come across a couple of times, but I never managed to say anything to them.

"Fine, I miss Danny, the end."

"There has to be more than that. Why do you miss Danny?" A short, fat, bald guy asked. I didn't know how he could have cared for anyone, because he was pretty much the ugliest thing I had seen in my life. He always asked questions, and never seemed sad, so I figured he was just a person they had in there to ask the questions.

"Because, he was my best friend."
"Was he more than that?"
"Why should I tell you?"
"Ok then… What happened to him?"

"Nothing… I don't want to talk about it," I said, and faced the floor, taking my eyes off the people that were looking at me.

"He died… and I watched him. I was sitting there in the hospital with him, and he told me he wasn't going to last much longer. I didn't think that was true, but it was. He died there, with me crying over the top of him. I hugged him before he left, but he was paralyzed, so I didn't know if he wanted to return it. He told me though, that he would always be there for me, and I believe he still will be… someday. He keeps his promises, and I know he will come back for me."

"Very nice. But, he can't come back for you hun," My helper told me, while sitting in the corner.

"Yes he can!" I said, and tears of pain ran down the sides of my cheeks. I couldn't believe I had gotten that out, and now it hurt so much."

"Hun, there is no way for him to come back for you. He is gone, off to heaven, but you will meet him once again someday."

"No, he is here on Earth, right now, waiting for me…"

"Sam, that can't happen. There are no such things as ghosts, or spirits, he is gone."

"Yes, there are such things as ghosts," I picked up my tone, and I could feel anger in my voice, and then the lights in the room flashed, and the bulbs broke into pieces….

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