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to try and make it a little easier to read im going to try marking thoughts like this: Kyou's thoughts


Tohru started to stir very lightly in her sleep. With the warmth of Kyou next to her, it had started to wake something up inside of her she had never really felt before. Her body seemed like it was on fire. The heat was so intense that she woke up. Looking around she noticed Kyou sleeping form. She slowly slip from underneath him to take a cold shower.

After about a minute after Tohru left for the shower, the sound of the running water woke up Kyou. He looked around.

I wonder where Tohru went. Kyou stood up. His mind still a bit dazed and half asleep.

Tohru stepping out of the shower realized that she had forgotten to grab clothing to put on. Thinking Kyou was still asleep she slowly walked out of the bathroom, trying to not make any sounds to wake him up.

As she did Kyou heard the sound and immediately turned towards the sound of the door opening. There standing in nothing but a towel was Tohru. Kyou was too shocked to move or say anything. He just stood there. Something inside of Tohru's head was telling her to go to him, take him, to release her desires for him.

Tohru was shocked. Never before had her mind thought such things. But here before her stood the man she loved. And to say the least she could tell that he wanted her too. Heat started to rise through her body again as she looked him up and down. She slowly started to walk towards him. She wanted to know how he would react.

Kyou just stood there. In a mesmerized state. He was over taken by the beauty that stood now before him. Inside he could feel the fire of desire for her burn so deep that he felt like it might overflow.

Tohru started to speak quietly, "Kyou, I love you, and I want to share the one thing that I can only share once in a life time with you."

Kyou was speechless to say the least. His mind was now racing so fast he barely could make out what his mind was telling him. You know you want her. Fullfil her request. Take her now. Just walk up to her and say how much she means to you.

They were not really sure who made the first move but they were only inches apart from each other now. Standing in front of the bed. Kyou slowly put his hand on her cheek and kissed her ever so tenderly. "Tohru I love you so much. I don't ever want to lose you." Kyou whisper back to her. Then they kissed.

During the kiss they both started to slowly inch their way to the bed. Not wanting the kiss to stop. Tohru now had both hands wrapped around Kyou neck. Slowly the towel fell to the ground. As they hit the edge of the bed, Kyou stoped the kiss and asked Tohru if she was sure she wanted this now. Tohru looked him deeply in the eyes and answered yes.

Slowly Kyou laid her onto the bed. He planted kisses all the way down her neck. She shivered lightly from the pleasure he was giving her. He cupped one of her breasts in his hand and started to massage it ever so gently. Tohru started to moan under the minastrations. While playing with one breast to the next, he slowly moved his free hand down the soft skin. Placing a finger right above her mound he played there softly wanting to arouse her even more. He moved one finger inside slowly moving it in and out to give her even more pleasurable experence. Tohru was not sure just how much more she could handle. The heat inside of her was unbearable. Tohru moved her hands down and slowly removed his pants and boxers ever so carefully. She could feel his hard member brushing lightly against her skin. Not quite sure of what she was doing she softly wrapped her hand around it. Moving it up and down. A small blush forming on her cheeks at her boldness. Kyou was a bit startled when she put her hand there. But when she started moving it, he couldn't help but moan from pleasure.

Kyou could feel that she was more then wet enough down below. He started to plant butterfly kisses back up her neck and lips. At the same time he moved himself so that he was resting right above her now. Looking deep into her eyes, Kyou asked her again, "Tohru are you aure you want to go all the way?"

Tohru just blushed and nodded her head yes. Still lost for words at his minstrations to her and her boldness.

Kyou looked into her eyes and told her that it might hurt a little at first since she was still a vergon. Still Tohru layed there and said nothing but nodded in response, but a sweet kiss to his lips. Taking this as a good oportunity he slowly entered her, while they engaged in the kiss. He could feel the barrior marking that this was her first time. He quickly pushed in deeper to make the pain go fast. Tohru whimpered a little. Kyou could then feel her start to relax around him. Slowly he moved in and out of her. As the pace quickened, the louder her moans got. Kyou kissed her in a attempt to quiet her down just a little. As he could feel both himself and Tohru getting there, he gave one hard push deep inside her as his seed released. As they both came in unison, there was a bright glow all of a sudden surrounded them both. Neither of them noticeing. They were both to caught up with each other. Kyou slowly collasped beside Tohru. Pulling the covers over them, placed a single solf kiss on her lips. "Tohru, I love you," he said softly. Tohru looking into his eyes and replying back, "And I love you."

They both feel into a deep sleep wrapped in each others arms.

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