Title? I pretty much hate every title I've thought of. I suppose I'll come up with something…

Author: mechante fille

Rating: T, probably K+ but I'm not good at rating stuff.

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry or Bill. Just borrowing.

Pairing: Very innocent Bill + Harry, a little Harry + Bill. Hints of Harry + Prof. McGonagall, and Harry + wet paint.

Summary: One-Shot. Bill meets Harry for the first time when they both come to the Burrow for the International Quidditch Cup. Something about the boy makes it hard for Bill to think of anything else. Birthday fic for me! Mild shounen-ai, Bill + Harry, Harry + Bill, Harry + wet paint. R&R, please.

A/N: So, I wrote this quickly months ago, and decided to type up and post it in honor of me being a year older today. All hail me, the Birthday Girl!

The Story:

Bill watched as Harry stumbled out of the fireplace, attempted not to fall, and was lugged to his feet by one of the twins. The younger boys talked excitedly about the results the family trip to pick up Harry for the International Quidditch Cup. There had, apparently, been some unexpected difficulties. You could never plan well enough when dealing with Muggles.

His younger brothers eventually stepped back to introduce The Boy Who Lived to he and Charlie, and Bill caught his first real look at Harry.

He took in the messy black hair, the lightning bolt scar, and the bright green eyes while the fourteen-year-old wizard greeted Charlie, so he did not miss out on the startled expression as Harry turned his attention to Bill. He watched him as the younger boy took in the long red hair, earring, and dragonskin boots. The treasure hunter smiled as Harry continued to stare. The famous young wizard was awfully cute.

Something about meeting Harry put Bill in an inexplicably young and lighthearted mood. He easily pulled Charlie into the spirit as well, and they enacted a grand battle in the air with the tables for the outdoor dinner. The battle could not have been better timed, as Harry appeared just in time to be awed, not only by Bill's destructive power and prowess in battle, but also his ability to easily repair the damage to the besieged table. Bill even conjured bright tablecloths to cover the newly repaired furniture.

As they sat at the tables and ate dinner, Bill tried to block out the sound of his middle brother's voice, going on and on about his new job with the Ministry. It was much more pleasant to watch Harry watch him.

That lasted only until his mother noticed the direction of Harry's gaze as well, and began to nag him about his earring and ponytail. When Bill had fought off her good intentions with a little help from Ginny, Harry was engrossed in a conversation with Ron and Hermione. He wondered at the feeling of disappointment that came with the removal of the youth's attention.

Early the next morning, he lay sleepless in the twins' room as he listened to the others' attempts to be quiet as they left to walk to the port key site. He was grateful that the ability to apparate meant he could sleep in. He had yet to fall asleep as he continued to wonder at his strange attraction to the famous fourteen-year-old boy.


As Bagman called the plays during what was obviously an exciting Quidditch match, Bill's thoughts continue to wander. Bagman had nearly spilled the news about the Tri-Wizard Tournament earlier, and Bill couldn't help but wish that he had. He would love to talk to Harry about it. He had already been thinking it would be fun to watch at least one of the tasks. How much better would it be to sit with Harry and watch? He shook himself and attempted to refocus on the action over the pitch, but found himself staring, instead, past the blur of redheads to the crown of wind-tossed black hair.


His quiet watching of the boy continued over the next week. It had not gone as unnoticed as he had hoped. The last night that he and Harry would be in the same house, he again lay, sleepless, in the twins' room, Charlie asleep in the bed across the room. He felt torn, not believing he would be unable to see Harry regularly after they dropped him off at the Hogwart's Express in just a few hours, and yet, relieved that he could return to Egypt and seek peace and sanity. He wiggled in the bed, and pulled the sheet over him. It was not as hot as it had been in previous nights, and he was dressed only in his boxers. He felt bad for the boys on the fifth floor; it must still be sweltering up there.

As if in answer to this thought, Harry appeared, dressed as scantily as himself, hair damp and sticking to his forehead and neck, chest slightly glistening. Bill watched as Harry stood silently in the doorway.

"Can't sleep?"

Harry nodded. Bill waiting for him to say or do something else, but the green-eyed boy only continued to stand, watching him.

"It's been awhile since I've had a sibling slip into my room at night. Bad dream?" Bill tried to keep his voice light and normal despite the emotions flooding his brain.

Harry rocked back at these words and his eyebrows came together as he frowned. "I'm not a sibling." He stated it simply and then was quiet once more.

Bill blinked. "No, you're not." The treasure hunter let that hang in the air, and stayed as quiet as Harry, waiting for the younger boy to say why he had come. Finally Harry stepped to one side, his head cocking that way as well.

"You notice me."

Bill nodded, and waited for Harry to continue.

"I… everybody stares, no one notices. It… feels nice." Harry's lip curved up on one side, along with one eyebrow, a crooked, questioning smile.

Bill considered this a moment before responding. "I would never want to do anything that makes you uncomfortable."

Harry nodded. He shifted to one foot; the other cupped the muscle of his opposite calf. He nibbled his bottom lip as he swayed one legged in the doorway. The sweat was cooling on his skin and he shivered just a bit.

A snore from Charlie broke the silence. Bill smiled and Harry laughed nervously, then gave another shudder.

"Well, we can't have you just stand there, shaking. Come here off the bare floor." Bill scooted over on the bed and lifted the sheet. A voice in the back of his head questioned his sanity, but he ignored it as Harry walked to the bed, lip still between his teeth and his eyes on Bill's. At the bed he turned, sat, swung his legs up under the sheet and lay his head down on Bill's pillow.

Bill turned on his side and propped his head on his elbow so he could look down at Harry. His chest was exposed above the sheet. Bill could see the beginnings of definition in the muscles there, and in his arms, breaking up the smoothness of youth with the promise of approaching manhood. Bill sighed a bit in relief as he found himself far more attracted that promise than to the still present softness of boyhood. He could still go for a bit of snogging, but he had no interest in shagging Harry until he was a bit more of a man.

Bill pulled the sheet up over them a bit more and rubbed Harry's outside arm through the fabric. "Better?"

Harry nodded, and released his lip. Bill found himself staring at it, wet and slightly swollen, with a renewed sense of temptation. With an effort he dragged his eyes up to meet Harry's.

Harry's green eyes were open wide. It was hard to tell in the moonlight, but Bill was pretty sure that Harry was blushing under his gaze. Bill repeated again, "I would never do anything that made you uncomfortable, Harry."

"I'm not… uncomfortable…"

"Just?" Bill prompted after a moment.

"Just unsure… I need to know: what's going on? I don't want to assume, but, well… I am in your bed."

Bill's eyes crinkled, but he did not want Harry to think he was laughing at him. "A most pleasing circumstance. But, I think, a little premature."

"What?" Harry face screwed up adorably.

"Well, as much as I like have you in my bed, I'd like to wait until sometime in the future to take advantage of it. I think… after your graduation. Yes," Bill was caught up in the sudden vision. "I'll come for the graduation, of course. But after, you and Ron and Hermione can come back with me to Egypt for a holiday. And then," Bill bent his head lower, to whisper directly into Harry's ear, "I'll ask again if you want to come to my bed."

Harry looked startled. Bill thought perhaps that had been too forward and was very glad he had not whispered 'and then I'll give you your present in private.' That would either have shocked the boy too much, or perhaps he would not have understood. Bill was the one shocked though, when Harry voiced his true concern.

"But that's in four years! Why so long?" Harry stared up at Bill's stunned expression, his own swiftly changing as his quick temper flared, a true testament to the teen he was. "I am not a child, you know!"

Bill sighed, and rubbed his hand along Harry's arm absently. "No, but you are not an adult yet either." He watched Harry fight the pout that threatened to demonstrate the truth of Bill's words. "Harry, what would you think of Charlie if he took up after Hermione?"

Harry's face answered for him, the idea obviously startled and disturbed him.

"Exactly what people would think of me if I didn't give you time to grow up a bit, make up your mind about certain things. Actually, they would probably think even worse."

Harry seemed to give this some thought, and then slowly nodded, his eyes focused on some point beyond Bill's shoulder. Then he turned to look at the treasure hunter, his temper banked and the curious, questioning expression back on his face.

"You do like me, then? You're not just humoring me?" Harry's delicate fourteen-year-old self-esteem hung in the balance of this question. Bill considered that he was crossing a boundary with Harry that he should not have, but, it was rather late to think of it now. Better to be honest.

"I like you, very much." Bill watched Harry's face break into a bright smile and considered leaving it at that, but felt he should qualify the statement a little. "I believe my feelings will… intensify as you get older."

Bill was quite sure he could have worded that better as he watched Harry's face, radiant with pleasure, pale as though he'd seen a boggart. Harry flipped away from Bill, rolling halfway into a ball. Bill was at a loss for a moment, then considered what may have caused this reaction from the teen.

He leaned close, but consciously tried to keep his breath from brushing Harry's skin. "Try thinking of McGonagall in her tartan dressing gown."

Harry's eyes squeezed shut and he made a sound between a moan and a whimper. Bill could see Harry's visible cheek blazing. He smiled, remembering what it was like to be a hormonal teen. He was glad he had not tried to use Snape as the distraction. That image would probably have been more scarring. Though, he did not envy Harry the next time he attended Transformations class.

He was even more sure of his decision to wait for Harry to grow up. He certainly wanted to be sure that any reaction from Harry was really about him, not a hormonal response. He certainly did not want to be on a turn-on level with Professor McGonagall and watching paint dry.

Bill wanted to comfort Harry, let him know not to be embarrassed, but knew better than to touch him, or put his foot in his mouth again trying to say something. So, instead, he fell back on the scared sibling pretext, and, remembering Percy's fear of the dark, not so many years ago, began to hum.

Several minutes and three lullabies' later, Harry turned back toward him. His cheeks were still pink, and his lip once again swollen and wet from being chewed. Bill didn't think before he brought a finger up to trace one cheek, and then run his thumb across the abused lip. Harry only blinked slowly, though, and continued to stare at Bill, with green eyes now drooping sleepily.

Bill knew he should send him up to bed now, but there was more to be said first. "Now, I don't want you to even think about this. I'll remind you, after you graduate, and you can decide. Until then, just put it out of your mind—"

"You know, I'll turn seventeen the summer before my seventh year. I'll be legally an adult and I'll be able to apparate. I can visit you then." The last word raised in pitch, turning the bold statement into a shy question.

Bill smiled and merely shook his head in answer. "Until your graduation, I want you to just enjoy growing up. Take a girl or two into Hogsmeade. Or a guy if you want. Sneak out after curfew to snog in the shadow of a statue. Live it up! I sure did. It's amazing what you can get away with when you are Head Boy." Bill smiled, remembering his 'wild' youth.

Harry's quizzical look returned. "Will you… that is, will you date, too?"

Bill caught the guarded tone of the question, but did not need to tip-toe around the answer to spare Harry's feelings. "Probably as much as I've done in the past four years, which is to say, none. It takes someone pretty special to catch my eye." Bill smiled. "Of course, Mom thinks I've had a string of pretty girls as near misses for the role of Mrs. William Weasley. Just friends, the lot of them. I enjoy female companionship, just not in that way."

Bill supposed he could tell his mother that he preferred men… it just didn't seem to be important when he didn't have any relationships to show for it. Though, if, someday, he could bring home Harry as his boyfriend, Bill was sure his mother would be overjoyed. She adored Harry. Yes, that would be the perfect way to come out.

Harry's eyes began to droop, and Bill could swear he saw Harry's thumb twitch just a bit towards his mouth. "Time for you to get up to bed, before you fall asleep or someone notices you are missing."

Harry only nodded sleepily. Bill leaned in and kissed him lightly on the forehead, just as he had done with siblings in the past. But Harry was right: he was no sibling, and the kiss meant something very different. Harry smiled dreamily, and with a light shove from Bill, rose and left the room.

Bill stared at the ceiling, still as wide awake as before, contemplating the events of the last hour. The bed beside him creaked and he remembered that Charlie was in the room, asleep.

"You should probably put a memory charm on him, if you don't want him to think about it for the next four years." Or maybe not asleep. Charlie turned completely to face Bill. "Why Bill, I had no idea you were such the cradle-robbing Casanova."

"Oh, shut up! …maybe I should use a memory charm on you, too."

Charlie yawned loudly. "You wouldn't dare. Besides, it's not like I've learned anything I didn't already know from watching you two the past week. Except, perhaps, Harry's fondness for tartan dressing gowns."

Charlie smothered his laughter with the pillow Bill threw at him, then rolled over, quiet once more.

Bill instantly regretted throwing the pillow. It would be much harder to fall asleep without it. But Charlie was now spooning it, and his regular breathing seemed to indicate that he was, in fact, asleep now.

As his listened to the deep even breathing of his dragon-taming brother, he considered his advice. Perhaps he would use a memory charm on Harry. Not so that he would forget, but so he would remember it as a strange, sweet dream. At least until Bill was ready to reawaken the memory.

A smile on his lips thinking about Harry under the hot desert sun, Bill himself passed gently into the realm of dreams.


I hope that was enjoyable. I had fun writing it. I tried hard (for 5 minutes) to come up with a wizarding world equivalent of watching paint dry. I would love to hear your thoughts, and may use your suggestion if I ever edit or repost this. Thanks! Please tell me what you think.