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Chapter One – A Time for Thought

Remus slowly made his way down Privet Drive towards number four where Harry lived. He had a letter inside of his cloak, while thoughts swirled through his head.

The past couple of days had been eventful to say the least. Shortly after the school year had ended he had received two letters. One of them was in his cloak and the other was for him to read.

One of the biggest surprises was the fact that the letter he received was from Narcissa Black, formerly Narcissa Malfoy. She was Sirius' youngest cousin and he never really knew her because she was a couple of years behind the Marauders in school. Inside of the letter it explained how she had enough of losing family members and that it was time for her to do something about the situation.

She said that she knew that it was time for her to do something of her own choosing and that choice was to help Harry. The letter told Remus that she wanted to help Harry to make his own choices instead of allowing Dumbledore to blindly lead him in one direction or the other. Narcissa also stated that she wanted to meet Harry in a few days and that she would explain some things to Harry in the other letter. She understood if Remus thought that Harry would need a bodyguard in case something happens but she told him to make sure it was someone trustworthy and that would not betray Harry.

These thoughts came to an abrupt halt as he saw Harry outside weeding the front of number four Privet Drive. "Hello Harry. Do you mind if I have a word with you inside?"

"Moony?" asked Harry, bewildered by seeing his former professor standing in front of him. "What are you doing here? I thought that Dumbledore didn't want anyone to talk to me for a while."

"No… he does not want anybody to talk to you right now," said Moony. "But… there are a few things that are important to talk about."

"Um… okay," said Harry slowly. "Up to my room I guess." He then led Remus into the house and up to his room where Hedwig was sleeping with her beak tucked underneath one of her wings.

Remus closed the door and took a seat before he began by saying, "Harry there are some things that you need to know and unfortunately some of them are things that you are going to hate. Last year Ron, Hermione, and Ginny began spying on you and reporting to Dumbledore about things concerning you. Now neither Sirius nor I knew anything about this. Only Dumbledore, those three, and Mr. and Mrs. Weasley knew about this taking place."

Harry's blood was beginning to boil. His supposed friends had betrayed him. They had tossed away his friendship so easily just because the headmaster wanted them to help him.

Seeing this Remus continued, "I know this is just worse because Sirius has just died and now you find out that the people you thought were your friends were lying to you and manipulating you for certain purposes. Look I know that this might seem like I am being a jerk but I have some important things to talk about with you. The first is after I leave I want you to read this letter."

On that note he withdrew the letter from his cloak and handed it to Harry. Harry just looked confused by this but took the letter and put it to the side for the moment and waited for Remus to continue.

"The person who wrote you that letter wants to help you Harry," said Remus without skipping a beat. "Now I don't know exactly how they plan to help you and unfortunately I will not be here to find out. Dumbledore is sending me away on a mission and in order to make him think that I am still following him I need to go and try and do this mission."

Harry was about to say something but was cut off when he heard Moony say, "Now don't worry I have arranged so that a couple of people will be watching you carefully. I got that letter along with another one a couple of days ago and then after I made the discovery of your former friends I went around talking to a few people."

"I got Tonks, Moody, and Kingsley of the Order to promise that they would watch over you while I am away. None of them will betray you to the headmaster because they all have there own reasons."

"Kingsley is on duty tonight and in that letter it will talk to you about going to meet this person face-to-face. Take him with you as some protection and then after you leave the meeting talk to him about what transpired. Now unfortunately cub I have to go and pack in order to leave for this mission."

"Ok Moony," said Harry with a solemn expression on his face as he saw his parent's last real friend that he knew prepare to leave.

Once Moony had left Harry opened the letter that was next to him on his bed. After looking over the letter, which basically told him what Moony had said with the exception of meeting this person at Godric's Hollow at 7:00 that night.

Harry lay there for about half hour thinking about whether or not he should go and meet this person. "What do I have to lose if I go? Moony said that Kingsley would go with me and that he wouldn't tell anyone about me going."

He then got up off of his bed and went back outside in order to talk to his guard. "Psst… who is on duty today?"

"Kingsley…," said the auror hidden under an invisibility cloak. "What do you need Harry? Remus was just here so I bet this is about the meeting tonight, right?"

"Um… yeah it is about that. I was just wondering why you agreed to help me out and not tell Dumbledore," said Harry as he shifted uncomfortably.

"It is really simple Harry," said Kingsley. "You have been through more then anybody should ever have to go through and it has been hell. Now to find out that some of the people you thought were closest to you are betraying you I just can't stand that. I grew up with a tough life and from all I heard from Remus and Sirius, before he passed away, I came to the realization that if I could help you in any manner possible I will give you my help."

Harry stood there and just pondered what he was told for a minute before saying, "Thank you Kingsley. It is nice to finally have a few people who actually will let me make my own choices and will help me no matter what choices I make."

"Don't worry Harry the few who support you want to help you make your own decisions," said Kingsley. "Now here before you head back inside take this."

He tossed Harry a wand holster that strapped on his forearm. "Strap it on and come over here so that way I can charm it so that nobody will know that it is there. Don't worry even if someone manages to discover that it is there they can't withdraw it through magic… so they have to take it out of the holster physically."

Harry strapped on the holster, placed his wand into it and walked over to Kingsley so that it could be charmed to blend in with his forearm. "Thanks for this Kingsley; I'll come back out around 6:30 so we can leave for where my parents used to live."

Kingsley just watched Harry go back into the house and began to think about what could possibly happen later that night between Harry and Ms. Black.

Harry flopped down onto his bed and thought about the events that had happened so far today. He no longer was friends with Ron, Hermione, and Ginny even though they had no clue that he knew that they were spying on him for Dumbledore. Then there was this mystery person that wanted to meet him tonight to talk.

"Nothing in my life can ever be simple can it?" Harry said out loud to himself. Almost everything in his life had to be difficult. His date with Cho, the Yule Ball with Parvati, his parents, Sirius, Snape's lessons, and not to mention everything that he had put up with being the Boy-Who-Lived.

Slowly the afternoon wasted away with Harry just thinking over the things that happened to him up until now. Finally it was 6:30 so Harry grabbed some food and headed out the door silently so that the Dursleys wouldn't know that he had left the house.

"Come on Harry we need to walk a block or two before we call the night bus," said Kingsley underneath an invisibility cloak. "Just so that Mrs. Figg doesn't know that you have left the area mind you now come on lets hurry. Better to be there early instead of late.

The two of them walked in silence for about two blocks before Harry felt a hand on his shoulder signaling it was time to stop. Kingsley pulled off the invisibility cloak and held out his wand hand to signal for the bus.

With a bang the Night Bus appeared and Stan opened the door and said, "Welcome to the Night Bus, where can I take you two?"

"Godric's Hollow, and we will just be paying for the ride, nothing more," said Kingsley before Harry could open his mouth.

"Alright sir," said Stan. "That will be one galleon and two sickles for the both of you. Now come on get inside."

Before Kingsley could say anything Harry pulled out the money and dropped it into the box at the front and then proceeded to make towards a couple of empty seats.

"So… do you know who this person is that I am supposed to meet tonight?" asked Harry hoping to get a little information other then the fact that this person knew Sirius and that Sirius was innocent, was not a death eater, and wanted to help him.

"Nothing that I can tell you Harry," said Kingsley "but that is only because this person wanted to introduce themselves to you and not let you hear there name before hand."

"Damn," thought Harry. "I take it this person has some important things to discuss with me and would rather make sure that I am there in person to discuss these matters."

"Yeah I am sorry about that Harry."

Harry just nodded his head and sat their in silence as the bus ride continued. It was 6:55 when they finally got off the Night Bus and Kingsley had put the invisibility cloak back over himself in order to remain hidden.

The two quietly made their way to the place that Harry's parents' house used to stand before that fateful night over fourteen years ago. There was a hooded figure already waiting there for him so Harry approached cautiously not sure of what would take place.

"Hello Harry," said the soft feminine voice. "I am glad to see that you came here tonight. There are a few things that I would like to talk to you about and I thought that this would be a quiet place and it would also be nice for you to at least once see where your parents' lived."

"Yes I came," said Harry calmly. "Now, who are you and what exactly is it that you wish to talk to me about?"

"Well no point in beating around the bush here with you then," said the female. She then lifted her hands to the hood of her cloak to reveal her face and hair.

Long blonde hair fell out of the back of the hood as a beautiful face that Harry recognized from the Quiditch World Cup a couple of years ago appeared. "Mrs. Malfoy?"

"Actually it is Narcissa Black," said Narcissa "and I would prefer if you call me Narcissa. I am no longer married to Lucius because very simply he broke the marriage contract by being sent to Azkaban and because of that the two of us are no longer married. Now relax as I explained in the letter to you we have some things that I want to talk to you about."

Harry just stared utterly shocked that he saw the mom of his school rival standing in front of him. It took several minutes before Harry finally regained his voice and said, "Yeah alright but if you even try to pull anything here I swear you will regret it."

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