Bad as she wants me to be

Chapter 1: Broken Hearts, Broken Trust

Author: RoguesKnight

Rating: MA…sexual situations and drinking…probably language too.

Disclaimer: Kim Possible and all related characters, likenesses, etc. are the property of Disney. Since I have no desire to tangle with the Mouse's lawyers, I'm not trying to make a profit here. Please don't sue, I just graduated college and still can't find work, which means I really have no money.

Author's note: Yes, I'm still working on my Buffy/X-Men Crossover, The More Things Change, but I've been bingeing on KP for some reason lately and this fic wouldn't let me rest until I got it out. Should be noted that this is my first KP fic…be kind, but if you must flame, make sure they're made of green plasma. Thanks. As always, dedicated to my wonderful fiancée.

" Well, Rufus, ole buddy tonight's the night," Ron Stoppable exclaimed, checking his appearance in the bathroom mirror. His small, pink legs dangling off the bathroom counter's edge, Rufus simply rolled his eyes expressively, as if to say he'd heard it before and wasn't buying it. " Hey!" Ron cried defensively, affecting a hurt tone, " I saw that. This year's going to be different, I swear. Tonight I'm going to tell Kim just how I feel about her. It'll be perfect, the villains have been laying surprisingly low recently, so no danger of getting a hit on the website and being called off to save the world…" Rufus sent him a meaningful glance. " Ok, so no being called off to try not to screw up too badly while Kim saves the world," he amended before continuing, " And since that huge fight Kim and Mankey had a few weeks ago, she hasn't mentioned him once. I think it's safe to say he's out of the picture. What could possibly go wrong?" He gave himself a once over, straightening the navy blue tie it'd taken him nearly fifteen minutes to get perfectly tied, before stepping back for inspection. " So, what do you think?" he asked his naked companion, the nervousness in his voice clearly at conflict with the confidence he was trying to project.

Rufus scampered back from the edge of the counter to get a better look at his old friend, finally climbing out onto the faucet and sitting down again for the best vantage point. At eighteen years old, the years of training and fighting alongside Kim Possible had clearly left a mark on Ron. He'd lost the pudge that had haunted him the majority of his high school career, developing a much leaner, and toned frame, he'd also shot up a couple of inches in the past year or so and his shoulders had broadened nicely as well. And somewhere along the way he'd obviously picked up some fashion sense as well, not that it showed on a daily basis of course, but on rare occasions Ron could definitely turn heads; tonight it seemed was going to be one of those occasions. Gone was his usual ensemble of baggy khaki pants, black turtleneck and red over shirt. Tonight Ron was dressed to…well not quite the nines…but at least an eight point five. He was wearing a simple black suit that fit his lean frame well, with a white shirt that he'd actually bothered to iron, and a navy blue tie. After a few moments of serious consideration, Rufus scampered back off the faucet, and located a small jar of hair gel, pushing it to the edge of the counter.

" Oh, good call" Ron agreed, opening the gel and taking a small amount, smoothing his blond hair back in one fluid motion. " How's that?"

" Yup! Looks good" Rufus nodded energetically, giving Ron two enthusiastic thumbs up.

"Thanks Rufus" Ron said with a smile. He knew that despite the mole rat's eye rolling and disbelief he would always have his back on the important matters. Ron washed the residual hair gel from his hand and headed back out of the bathroom and down the hall into his bedroom, Rufus following quickly behind him. " Ok, Ron," he said to himself, taking a seat on his bed, " You can do it tonight. You've known KP for years, you trust her, she trusts you, there is no reason in the world why you can't just tell her that you love her…well maybe should ease her into it…let her know I like her, a lot. That should work." A sudden shifting of weight on the bed drew his attention downward to Rufus, who appeared ready to go out himself, having found a bow tie to wear. Ron smiled and lifted his little friend onto his shoulder. " Sorry buddy," he smiled apologetically, " Antonio's takes a much dimmer view on people who bring in naked mole rats than Bueno Nacho does." Rufus's head dropped dejectedly and Ron tucked a finger under his chin, bringing it back up. " Hey now, I wouldn't plan a special evening with one of my best friends and leave out the other. I picked up a grande size naco and a chimerito for you earlier; they're downstairs in the fridge for when you get hungry later. Just ask mom to pop them in the microwave for you"

Rufus immediately brightened, scurrying along Ron's shoulder and hugging his neck. " Mmmm..naco…mmmm..chimerito…thank you!" he chirped happily.

Ron laughed, " Hey, I got your back too Rufus. Besides, you were an integral part of that first mission. No anniversary celebration would be complete if one of the key players was left out, now would it?" Rufus, it seemed, was too stunned at the thought of all that Bueno Nacho-y goodness to respond. Shaking his head in amusement, at his little friend's reaction, Ron reached over to the night stand by his bed and gingerly picked up the picture frame he kept there; it was a picture of him and Kim of course, arms wrapped around each other and smiles plastered on their faces, taken at his cousins wedding reception. " Can't believe it's been five years that we've been doing this Rufus," he whispered, smiling and brushing his index finger over Kim's picture, " Five years and we're still together, going strong…maybe we're strong enough to be able to take our relationship to the next level without it being too awk-weird." Putting the picture back in it's place on the nightstand, he looked at the alarm clock next to his bed. " Only one way to find out. I told KP that I'd pick her up at 7:30…I should get going" Ron gently lifted Rufus from his perch on Ron's shoulder and set him on the bed with a nervous smile. " Wish me luck pal, I'm definitely going to need it tonight" he said.

"Good luck!" Rufus replied, once again flashing thumbs up at Ron reassuringly. Ron smiled in return and headed out the door and down the stairs. Rufus scampered to the window in time to see his old friend fire up his scooter and head down the street. He hoped that Ron would find that Kim returned the feelings he had for her tonight. He was a good kid and Kim could certainly do worse. His introspection was cut short however by a rumbling in his stomach and a grin split his mole rat features " Mmmmm…naco" he said happily before scampering out of the room and down the stairs himself.

It was getting close to 7:30 when Ron pulled up in front of the Possible residence. The very empty looking Possible residence. The family's car was gone and there were no lights on that he could see anywhere in the building. Calm down Ron he thought, fighting a sudden surge of insecurity KP wouldn't just bail on you without good cause. And if she had to bail, she'd call you beforehand. You know how polite she is about those kinds of things. She's probably just getting everything perfect for you; you stud you. Give her five more minutes Despite the upbeat tone of his thoughts, a deeply uneasy feeling settled into the pit of his stomach. " Just nerves, yea…big confession time, it's gotta be the nerves" he muttered, his eyes fixed on the Possible's front door. Five minutes seemed to take forever to pass, and when Kim hadn't come through the door, Ron's bad feeling grew steadily stronger. That's it he thought, pulling out his Kimmunicator and turning it on, breathing a sigh of relief when Wade's image appeared on the screen.

" Oh, hey Ron, looking sharp! What's up?" the young computer genius asked

" Look Wade, I'm probably being hypersensitive here, and Kim will tease me mercilessly later for it, but I was supposed to pick Kim up for our anniversary dinner at 7:30, now it's almost 7:40. Do you think you could, I dunno, maybe scan her house and see if she's there?" Ron asked, realizing that he was probably being a little short with the younger man and making a mental note to take him out to Bueno Nacho sometime to make up for it. Well…make up for it and finally meet him in person he conceded to himself.

"No problem Ron," the young man said, typing a command into his computer.

"Please and thank you" Ron said, unconsciously echoing the phrase he'd heard Kim use so many times when dealing with Wade and anyone else she asked a favor of.

Moments later a snakelike sensor extended from the Kimmunicator and oriented itself towards the Possible's house, slowly scanning across the building, " Have you tried calling?" Wade asked as the data streamed back to his computer, " She could be on the phone with Monique or something. You know how girls can be."

" No cell phone," Ron admitted coloring slightly, " Parents don't see the need for me to have one when about the only person I ever talk to is Kim and we have these anyway."

" Gotcha," Wade replied. A beep from off screen caught his attention and he frowned, " Well I've got good news and bad news for you. The good news is that she's home. According to the scan she's in her bedroom. The bad news, her kimmunicator's non-responsive. I tried calling for you. I mean it's more than in the off position, I can't even remote start it…something, or someone's disabled it."

" Thanks Wade," Ron said grimly, the uneasy feeling making it's way towards all out panic. Calm down Stoppable he ordered himself, KP could be in serious trouble. This is not the time for you to flip out . He was brought out of his thoughts by Wade's voice but he couldn't quite catch the words. " Could you repeat that Wade, I kind of missed it?" he queried.

" No prob," the boy genius answered, " I'm worried about her too. Do you want me to call any back up? I can have the Middleton police there in a matter of minutes"

" Why don't we keep that open as a plan B," Ron said, " We could be worrying about nothing here. I'm going to go in myself. If you haven't heard from me in, let's say 10 minutes, then call for back up." He suddenly wished he had any of the gadgets that he and Kim took on missions with him, however, they were all back at his house with his mission clothes. This is going to go well he thought glumly, slipping out of the suit jacket and taking off his helmet.

" You got it Ron. Good Luck" Wade said, the frown still firmly in place as the screen on the Kimmunicator went dark.

Ron slipped the device back into his back pocket and crossed the street to the Possible's residence, noticing how the entire neighborhood seemed eerily quiet as he did so. Oh, why does it always have to get quiet right before something bad happens? he wondered. Approaching the front door he could see that it was slightly ajar and had to fight his first instinct to run in, guns blazing so to speak, to Kim's rescue. Grasping the door, he pushed it open quietly and stepped into the Possible's living room, allowing his eyes to adjust to the dim light before making his way to the stairs cautiously. No signs of a fight. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing he thought darkly. Either Kim was fine and would tease him to no end for the whole stealth entry, or whoever had left the door open had been able to take Kim down without any trouble, which meant there probably wouldn't be anything he could do against them. Reaching the top of the stairs, his ears picked up on a low feminine moan distinctly coming from the direction of Kim's bedroom. " Hang on KP" he muttered determinedly, " Help is on the way". Slowly he edged his way down the hall towards Kim's room. After what seemed like forever, he reached the end of the hall and peeked around the corner to scope the situation out before rushing in. His first thought was that he was lucky that Kim had left her bedroom door wide open. Then the reality of the cause of the moan slammed into him, freezing him in place. There, on the bed was Kim Possible, and completely naked. Her back was to the door, but from her motion causing her beautiful long hair to bounce up and down along her back and the pair of legs sticking out from beneath her, it was clear just what he was seeing, even to an eighteen year old virgin. He quickly whipped his head back around the corner and slumped to the floor. " Oh KP," he whispered huskily, tears brimming at the edges of his vision. His Kim, the girl he'd been secretly in love with for years, was having sex with another man. Well…guess I waited too long he thought wiping angrily at his eyes, trying to find the strength to sneak back out and leave her clueless to the fact he'd caught her in such an intimate act. I just hope it's not… His thoughts were interrupted once again by Kim's voice.

" Oh yes, there!…Oh Josh..harder…I'm so close" she cried out.

It was too much for Ron, feeling his heart shatter in his chest. The tears began to stream down his cheeks unabated. Make up sex he realized bitterly Even though he cheated on her with Bonnie of all people, she still wants him He pushed himself to his feet and ran down the hall and back down the stairs, not caring if the couple in the bed room heard him or not. He flew out the front door, making sure it slammed shut behind him, and ran to his scooter, popping on his helmet and starting the engine up almost on instinct. " I've got to get out of here," he said, his voice raw with emotion. He wiped halfheartedly at his eyes, trying to clear them and sped off, his vision still blurry, into the night, not caring where he was going.